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  1. Checked all the voltages on the main RAM bank and found 3 places where I had lifted traces, repaired those with wire. Now the 130XE is back to immediate Memory Test on boot, RAM blocks 1-15 show green and at RAM block 16, the screen goes blank. Star Raiders does boot. Any suggestions NOW.
  2. What are the wires actually connected to, all of the pictures are taken from the wrong side of the mobo to show clearly.
  3. Now that I have replaced all of the RAM, I am back to a dead screen, no color or anything else. I get a flash of green when I turn the computer on. Plugging in Star Raiders makes no difference. I will start trouble shooting with my volt meter in the near future. I now have an almost completely socketed 130XE that doesn't work.
  4. I have been working on it off and on, two hours sounds about right. I have two chips to go and so far I have only lifted one trace. If I replaced the extended ram chips with 32K chips, would the computer recognize it as additional RAM.
  5. Changed out the ANTIC screen cleared up and went straight to self test. Mem test would go to 15 blocks all green then blank screen. I did the resistor cross deal then every other square was red. Now I am working on adding sockets for new RAM.
  6. I have a 130XE without the wires. I picked up another one with the wires and the video will not come up properly. I took our the wires and the video completely vanished. The 130XE with the wires and the one without the wires did not have the resistor. Are three of the connections made to IC pins.
  7. I would be willing to send the disk that I have, what is the address and Person to Contact.
  8. I have an Atari 130XE that boots but has problems. When it boots it has green horizontal bars that rapidly flicker like an old TV with the vertical hold out of adjustment, with a Star Raiders cart installed, the screen shows a screen full of white and light blue characters. I am including photos. The characters really aren't readily visible in the photos. Chip switching is very difficult because 130XEs are not socketed. I would like to have a good idea where I could start adding sockets to switch some chips.
  9. I really like the device. I had a Lothorek SIO2SD and I was never happy with it. Instructions were NIL and for me, using the SIO2SD was not intuitive. The ARM is small, no cable to get in the way, and I can easily copy a file or a disk from the designated drive to a real floppy, I haven't tried to copy a floppy to the ARM. The only improvement I would like to see would be an external switch to change the ARM from drive 1 to drive 2.
  10. I am not using an sio2pc. I have never done that. I downloaded disk wizard to a disk emulator then copied the program to a real floppy.
  11. I have tried to perform the actions using real floppies and when I run the Disk Wizard it tells me that all of the sectors are bad. I am way out of my league here. I have never done anything with SIO2PC. Is there a copy program that can be put on a floppy that will copy the original AWP disk. I will try to familiarize myself with the SIO2PC stuff. I would like to make this program available to anyone who wants it. I find it hard to believe that no one else among all of the Atari enthusiasts that read these forums has ever used or owned this program. I have even tried to track down David Young and other people who created OmniView and the modified AWP but have been unsuccessful.
  12. The 24 pin omniview was probably for the 1200XL, it had two 24 pin OS chips.
  13. I have an original RAMBO but it is installed in a 1200XL. I have a piggyback OmniView that was installed in an 800XL, I took it out of the XL and tried it in an XE. It works fine in the XE and with the Atariwriter+ 80 which was modified by David Young to work with Omniview. The AW+80 will not work with the 1200XL or the 800XL. I tried the AW+80 on an 800XL with wiztronics 256 and omniview; the program would not load. I tried AW+80 on a 1200XL with RAMBO and 32-n-1 omniview; the program would load but the screen was subject to rapid flickering and would not work. I then tried AW+80 on an 800XL and the Omniview Piggyback setup. The results were the same as on the 1200XL. I concluded that the AW+80 will only work on a 130XE with omniview. The RAMBO and Wiztronics upgrades are supposed to be XE compatible but they are not compatible in ALL cases.
  14. For some reason, my pictures did not show up as pictures. I thought I was following the directions for adding images but apparently not. Would someone care to remind me of the correct procedure for posting images.
  15. I recently bought an 800XL that had a switch on the side that was marked XL and 80. The 80 turned out to be Omniview 256. the OS chips are piggybacked and the chip on top did not have a label, so I don't know if it was an original from CDY or a copy. I haven't been able to find any reference to this set up anywhere in the forums or on line anywhere. I suppose someone with a good knowledge of electronics just knew where to place the resistors and which pin to eliminate. I am attaching pictures. I would like to duplicate this setup and use it in a 130XE.
  16. That is what I had in my 1200XL and my sockets were 24 pin but the silkscreen shows the pattern for 24 and 28 pin. I replaced the sockets with 28 pin for the 31-in-1 OS upgrade.
  17. Correction to a previous post, my RAMBO is an original, I have a Bits-of-the-Past on an XL.
  18. I will give that idea some thought. I would worry somewhat about losing the only copy that I personally know still exists, but I might be willing to make an effort for the greater good. I would want the copier to make me several back-ups. Is there any way to break copy protection and create an ATR of a protected disk?
  19. I just installed my new 32-in-1, OS in a 1200XL and it is giving me some problems. When I first went to set it up I would power on while pressing SELECT and nothing would happen until I pressed reset then I would get the menu screen. I specifically purchases this item for the OMNIVIEW OS. After selecting OMNIVIEW I would get a screen that showed OMNIVIEW XE in the top left corner of the screen. When I pressed a key I would get a column of garbage characters. I could get to the 80 column screen but it did not respond to any commands such as DOS or anything else. Going back to the 40 column screen yielded the same results. At first I did not have any problems with the XL XE OS but now the system has frozen up and when I boot up I get nothing but a green screen. I finally inserted a cartridge and powered on and the cart booted. I was then able to reboot without the cart and switch from Omniview to XL/XE and the system seems to work again. The problem is that I really wanted Omniview because I have speedscript 80 and hopefully Atariwriter Plus 80. Does the 32-in-1 have any compatibility problems with RAMBO 256 because I have that installed and I have also done the Supervideo modification to this 1200XL. I wasn't able to get anything to work with omniview, I didn't think to try it with a basic cartridge installed. Maybe I'll try that tomorrow.
  20. The disk is copy protected, I have tried to copy with regular DOS 2.5, and with a happy drive and no success. I don't have an Archiver or anything that is supposed to be able to copy the uncopiable disks. If I knew that the Archiver would definitely work, I might be tempted to purchase an upgrade.
  21. Now I need to find an ACE 80 cartridge and a bit 3 board to complete my collection.
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