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  1. Does anyone have a link or a copy of Atariwriter Plus modified to work with Omniview 80?
  2. If you find one on ebay that is working you will definitely pay more than $50. I check their stuff several times a week. Those listed as not working usually sell for$40 or more and then there is $20 - $40 shipping.
  3. What kind of is the nomenclature of the RAM chips that I need to purchase in order to do a wiztronics or Rambo upgrade. (what numbers would be written on the top of the chip) I know the installed chips have a number that ends in 64. I would like to buy them separately from the upgrade boards because I believe they would be much cheaper.
  4. It seems that I had two bad cords. Probably have to recheck the solder connections.
  5. I will give that a try, thanks for the info.
  6. The speedscript 80 looks pretty good. I think the type is easier to read than the Last Word but that is probably due to the screen colors. If Last Word used white on black it would probably be much easier to read.
  7. I read that the company that sold omniview would modify your atariwriter plus for 80 columns. Does anyone have a link for a download of that program or does anyone have a copy they are willing to sell?
  8. The makers of Omnimon had a patch to convert atariwriter plus to an 80 column version. Does anyone have a link yo a download or someone willing yo share a copy of that. I have omniwtiter but I really loved Atariwriter plus.
  9. I finally found an 800XL with the Omniview80 installed. It is the omniview256. Does anyone know where I can find a manual or set of instructions for this OS.
  10. I have used two different cables on two different monitors.
  11. I have an 800XL that suddenly is having audio problems. The volume will be OK for a few minutes then will go almost completely out. The problem occurs only with the monitor cable. The RF audio output seems to be constant. Any ideas about where I could start trouble shooting.
  12. I have recently bought one of the old wizztronics upgrade boards, (pre Best Electronics) it has a 7-wire ribbon cable whereas the Best version needs only 6 wires, does anyone know where I could find instructions for the OLD wizztronics installation?
  13. I have a game cartridge for FOOTBALL that has the XE colors and is dated 1987. I have no instruction manual or instruction sheet. I have no clue how to get started with the game. Does anyone know how to find a copy of some instructions. Atarimania does not have anything.
  14. I have an Atari 800 and an 810 disk drive that are fully functional but the plastic cases were destroyed by the USPS about two weeks ago. Looking to find cases for them or sell them to someone who has cases and wants a computer to install.
  15. Is it still possible to get the UAV, I would like to get two to four more.
  16. How do I use the different drives D1, D2 etc on the SDrive and how do I utilize the LEDs?
  17. Does DOS 2.5 automatically set up a ramdisk if your computer has extra memory?
  18. If you find any solution, please post it. I have a similar issue with an 800XL, but I get a blue screen. Total blue, no border, no sound, no clicks to indicate an effort to boot. The only indication of life is response to adjusting the color pot. I have also changed every socketed chip and I am in the process of socketing the chips that aren't.
  19. The first thing I did was take the motherboard out of the computer. The keyboard was never an issue.
  20. I don't know if this is progress or not, I noticed that the OS ROM was getting very hot so I swapped it out with one that I know is good. Now I get a black screen. The computer doesn't seem to be making any effort to boot. Next I am going to test the BASIC chip and the MMU.
  21. Did you install the UAV in both 1200XLs. I did a SV 2.1 on mine and the video is so good I don't believe the UAV would make it any better. I would like to know if anyone has done the UAV and SV2.1 so they could compare.
  22. The 800XL tech manual says to replace U2, that is a 74SL138 chip. Should I be able to use one from an 800 ROM. I check voltages on each pin on the chip in the blue screen computer and they were all significantly lower than the same voltages on the pins of a chip in a working computer.
  23. I have attempted to use the channel switch to turn composite on and off but that switch is just not very reliable so I prefer to add a toggle switch to do the job.
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