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  1. Is it still possible to get the UAV, I would like to get two to four more.
  2. How do I use the different drives D1, D2 etc on the SDrive and how do I utilize the LEDs?
  3. Does DOS 2.5 automatically set up a ramdisk if your computer has extra memory?
  4. If you find any solution, please post it. I have a similar issue with an 800XL, but I get a blue screen. Total blue, no border, no sound, no clicks to indicate an effort to boot. The only indication of life is response to adjusting the color pot. I have also changed every socketed chip and I am in the process of socketing the chips that aren't.
  5. The first thing I did was take the motherboard out of the computer. The keyboard was never an issue.
  6. I don't know if this is progress or not, I noticed that the OS ROM was getting very hot so I swapped it out with one that I know is good. Now I get a black screen. The computer doesn't seem to be making any effort to boot. Next I am going to test the BASIC chip and the MMU.
  7. Did you install the UAV in both 1200XLs. I did a SV 2.1 on mine and the video is so good I don't believe the UAV would make it any better. I would like to know if anyone has done the UAV and SV2.1 so they could compare.
  8. The 800XL tech manual says to replace U2, that is a 74SL138 chip. Should I be able to use one from an 800 ROM. I check voltages on each pin on the chip in the blue screen computer and they were all significantly lower than the same voltages on the pins of a chip in a working computer.
  9. I have attempted to use the channel switch to turn composite on and off but that switch is just not very reliable so I prefer to add a toggle switch to do the job.
  10. All blue and inserting a cart has no effect.
  11. I have an 800XL that powers on to a blank blue screen. The screen color can be changed with the color pot. I have swapped out the RAM,GTIA,ANTIC,and Sally. Anyone have any suggestions for further troubleshooting.
  12. I added a s-video connecter to an 800XL and the results were not satisfactory. I was picking up some interference from something that caused horizontal bands of wavy lines to move up and down the screen. Rather than spending a lot of time troubleshooting, I decided that the concept just wasn't worth the effort.
  13. ​I just finished installing the the Rambo 256 upgrade to my 1200XL. I am posting pictures so anyone that does this in the future can possible use the visual aid. I had to modify the shield in two places for the Rambo. The shield was touching the Rambo card and rather that solder the ribbon cable to the pins on the PIA chip, I cut 5 connectors off of a chip socket and soldered the ribbon cable to the socket. Now if I decide for some reason to uninstall the Rambo, I won't have to desolder the ribbon cable from the PIA.
  14. I just finished applying the supervideo 2.1 to my 1200XL and the color and clarity is fantastic. I can read the 80 column print from The Last Word with no trouble at all. I was not able to do that with my upgraded 800XL, the upgraded 130XE, or the 800XL with the UAV-D. I also removed the RF modulator box. I don't know if that had any effect or not but I am going to remove the RF next time I do a mod on an 800XL.
  15. I know about the chroma-luma and I know about the cables, I had one with the s-video connection and it didn't work, I don't think it was wired correctly. The probably used the composite video for the chroma and I have composite disabled. I want to have a dedicated s-video jack that I know will work as intended.
  16. Has anyone attached a S-video connector to an 800XL. I am considering doing that after I finish my next Super Video 2.1 upgrade and I just wondered where would be the best place to attach the wires. Could I connect to the din plug, the din connectors on the foil side of the board or is there a more direct method that would not cause any degradation to the signal.
  17. Is it because there is no 5V on some particular pin of the SIO?
  18. Is there any particular reason why my 1200XL does not recognize my SDrive-ARM. The 1200 has the standard OS and has the RAMbo 256K memory upgrade.
  19. Quadrunner, you may have been correct. I gave the keyboard a small flex and the problem seems to have cleared up. It booted correctly 10 straight times. Another question, I recently saw a post by someone who had written a BASIC program that tested extended memory but with my limited memory I can't remember where I saw it and search hasn't yielded the proper results. ANYONE have a better memory?
  20. I have just finished installing a Rambo 256K upgrade on my 1200XL and there is a problem somewhere. When I turn on the computer with a basic cartridge, I get a loud beep and then a blank blue screen. If I press a key I get the sound of a keypress but nothing appears on the screen. After a minute or so, (I haven't timed it to see if it is the same every time) I get the sound that the computer makes when booting something, and a BOOT ERROR message. Then the ready prompt appears and everything seems to be normal. I have tested all the keys and have run a short basic program while NORMAL. I assume that I must have a jumper wrong or something. Any trouble shooting tips. I will post a picture of my install in the near future.
  21. Is there a set of updated instructions for the supervideo 2.1 upgrade for the 1200XL? I know there is one for the 800XL which instructs the user to replace resistors rather that piggybacking in order to achieve the desired resistance.
  22. How do you, or is it possible to change/convert a ROM file to an ATR file
  23. Sam's manual says to check C2 for 5v, I know where C2 is and I can check it but I can't find any reference to what the nomenclature is for the capacitor in case I need to replace it. Does the 130XE generally have the same part designators as the 800XL; I have a parts list for the 800XL.
  24. Yes it has worked, as a matter of fact while I was checking resistance on the switch it came on, so Now I have to worry about it burning something out if I turn it on to check something.
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