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  1. My 130XE with the UAV had the vertical bands (when viewed on my Dell monitor) and yesterday I decided to connect a ground from the split pad on the board to the DIN ground and the vertical bands went away.
  2. I have never had any issue with Best Electronics. Brad is helpful when I don't know exactly what I need and tries to make sure that I get the correct part for the particular computer that I am working on.
  3. I don't know how I can explain it in any more detail than I already have. The computer with a UAV doesn't work with the cvbs connector on the flat screen TV, it does work with the composite connector on the Dell monitor. The computer with a Supervideo 2.1 upgrade works with the cvbs connector on the flat screen TV and it works with the composite connector on the Dell monitor.
  4. The best UAV instructions I have seen are located in this forum. The problem is digging out the relevant dozen or so posts from the 50 plus pages.
  5. Bottom line, the computer with the UAV gives me a composite picture on my Dell monitor, it does not give me a picture on the flat screen TV through the CVBS connector. The same computer gives me a picture when I run my composite video through a converter with a HDMI output. A different computer without the UAV gives me a composite picture on the Dell monitor, and on the flat screen TV through the CVBS connector, and through the converter. Both computers using the same power supply and same AV cable.
  6. I just installed a UAV in a 130XE and decided to see how it looked on a flat screen TV; when I hooked it up to the cvbs connector I got a "no signal" message on the TV. I get a composite picture on my DELL monitor and I when I go through a HDMI converter with composite I also get a picture. Another 130XE that has the SV 2.1 mod gives a very good picture on the flat screen TV. Does anyone know why this happens and is there a fix.
  7. The instructions are still way below the standard that has been set by many of the contributors to these forums. Very few of the pictures supplied are of very good quality.
  8. I just finished installing a composite video mod in my 7800. The mod kit was less than $10 and the picture is very good on a dell monitor and a flat screen TV. I don't know if I will bother with the UAV.
  9. How do you boot from a real floppy, the computer automatically goes to the SDrive when it's turned on.
  10. The SDrive and the SDrive max would be infinitely more useful to the casual user like me if you could designate it as drive 2 then if you were using a word processor or spreadsheet program you could save the files to the SDrive. There may be a way to do that with SpartaDOS or some of the other DOSes but I am not familiar with them.
  11. You can copy files to the SDrive but once you have done it I'm not sure how to access them.
  12. I'm planning to use the same cables that I use with my Atari computers. My monitor of choice is a Commodore that has luma, chroma, and composite inputs.
  13. I recently purchased my first 7800 and I plan to install the UAV right away. I noticed that the online instructions have a S-video connector pictured for luma/chroma and RCA connectors for composite and audio. Has anyone done this mod and used the 5-pin DIN.
  14. I bought two 800XLs foe $63 plus $42 shipping. Both are working.
  15. The "easier to repair" depends on what needs repairing. The mechanical key switches are sometimes hard to find and semi expensive. The circuit boards are easy to repair most of the time.
  16. Is there a thread that discusses the FN's capabilities and operation.
  17. Will these units be available for purchase?
  18. I recently purchased an 800XL for parts or repair. It will not boot to basic. It will boot with a PAC MAN cart and a POLE POSITION cart. It will not boot with a STAR RAIDERS nor a BASIC cart. With no cart it boots to a blue screen with a white square but no READY prompt. The RAM and the 40 pin chips are the only ones with sockets. Does anyone have a hint where I should start desoldering chips and installing sockets?
  19. I am very late getting to this topic but I would definitely plan to purchase one of these. The ability to utilize the cartridges is a big plus.
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