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  1. The UAV worked out great. I guess prefer the component by component method for the same reasons a person would choose to make a cake from scratch instead of using a mix. Another reason is that I usually buy these computers on eBay, refurbish, modify, repair, and upgrade them for resale. The cost of the components is probably less than $5 and I can resell them for less and still make enough profit to indulge my hobby.

  2. I recently attempted the SV 2.1 on a 1200XL and somehow managed to botch it up.  I couldn't get a video signal at all so I inserted a UAV to sweep my errors under the rug.  I have another that I plan to try once more to perform the mod correctly. When I do that I will remove the RF and use that hole for the Composite cut-off switch and use the channel switch to allow for a two OS (XL and Omniview) configuration.

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  3. The Option, Select, Start, and Reset work as they should with PAC-MAN.  If I pull the basic EPROM, the computer does the same thing as it does with the EPROM installed.  I have used 2 different EPROMS. I got them from NEZGAR and I have used maybe a dozen of them and had no problems.  Here are some pictures of the mod.  When I changed EPROMs I decided to use a connector instead of soldering to the IC.  I used tiny pieces of a dual wipe socket. I did two of the wires on the underside of the MB.



    1200XL OS mod a.jpg

  4. On 3/6/2019 at 11:23 AM, Gunstar said:

    Since Steve at Atarimax sells a 1200XL kit (for 32-in-1 OS) which includes a new MMU and an EPROM of BASIC C, I suspect he would have them. Email him, he may be willing to sell you just BASIC C eprom separately.


    EDIT: I am assuming you meant a 28-pin eprom, which is 14-pins per side. The original socket on the 1200XL is a 24-pin socket, but the board has room for 28-pin, but some jumpers have to be moved and the MMU swapped out too. I'm not sure if you are planning on using the BASIC eprom on a 1200XL or not, just pointing this stuff out considering the thread title.

    I should have given you a "thank you" for the info. I decided to go with the 32-in-1 on that 1200XL. Now I am working on another and I want to do the internal basic and use an eprom with the XL/XE OS and Omniview XL

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  5. OK, today I tried out the UAV with the jumpers positioned correctly. On my first test the colors were off when I booted pole position.  The sky was green, the road was light gray, and the grass was dark green. When I booted with BASIC the screen was light blue and the text was dark blue. I tried another UAV and everything worked exactly as it should. So now I know that I have a defective UAV.

  6. I just installed a UAV in a 1200XL and the color is really bad.  There is way too much black.  After installation I inserted a Pole Position to check our the color.  The grass was almost black, all of the darker spots in the clouds were black.  All of the other colors except for the blue sky were way too dark.  I tried another UAV and got the same results.  I tried to adjust the color with the monitor controls and that didn't help much.  I am using a Dell monitor that has s-video and composite inputs.  When I boot without a cart, the Atari Logo screen has all of the colors but they are darker than usual.  I tried two different carts so I know it isn't the cart nor the UAV.  Has anyone experienced a similar problem.

  7. Where are you in NC?  I am in NC also about 25 miles east of Raleigh. I have repaired dozens of 800XLs and I would be glad to see if I could figure out what exactly is wrong with the DOA. If you are going to get seriously into the Atari community you probably want to fix it yourself. The first step would be to solder sockets into the place where they are missing. Then you insert working chips into the missing spaces. If the computer is still dead, you start swapping chips from the dead one to the working one until you find the culprit.  I could mail you the sockets if you want to become a regular Atari freak/nerd.

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  8. I know it is possible to replace a ribbon cable but I don't know if replacements exist anywhere. You should just get a new keyboard from Best. There new improved mylar type keyboards are supposed to be very good and long lasting. Sell replacement keycaps on eBay. You can probably sell them for $5 each. You could also sell the key switches on eBay. It might take a while to recoup your cost but it is possible.

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