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  1. I have a SIO2SD drive by Lotharek, and an ARM drive. Does anyone know if there is any way to write/save files to these devices from the 8-bit computer? I have an 800, 800XL, 1200XL and 130XE.
  2. OK, the lock/unlock on the adapter is the write protection; that problem is solved. NOW,can anyone tell me how I save files to the ARM from the Atari. I have loaded AtariWriter and SynCalc to the ARM, after I create a document or a spreadsheet is there a way to save them to the ARM?
  3. Time has nothing to do with the issue, there just isn't adequate documentation. The instructions above give me more info than I have had since my purchase. This is the first time I have seen any info concerning the use of the sio2sd keys. I am not critical of the device. If it had good documentation that made it easy to use, I would recommend them to every Atari user. They are cheaper than mechanical disk drives and should last a lot longer.
  4. This problem occurs when I load the drive into my PC and try to add files or folders so it shouldn't have anything to do with a switch on the drive. How do I unprotect the folder in the SD card?
  5. In relation to the previous post, I have not been able to add folders or files to the drive because of the write protection limitation. What/where is the RW/RO switch?
  6. I have been trying to learn how to use Lotharek's SIO2SD disk drive emulator. I have had limited success. The drive came with a card that has about a zillion games on it. I have been able to load a few and I have been unable to load some of the others. I downloaded Syncalc and loaded it one time. The next time I tried to load, it would not. Many of the games would appear to load and then nothing but colorful garbage on the screen. I tried with holding down option, I tried without holding option and I tried multiple times with each game that was unsuccessful. I figure it might have something to do with what shows up on the LCD screen of the drive but I have not been able to figure out any repeatable sequence of key strokes or anything that will give repeated success. I am about ready to sell it (BUYER BEWARE).
  7. What is the procedure for downloading programs from Atarimania and saving them to the ARM so that I can run them from the Atari. I am especially interested is a couple of utilities such as SynCalc and Atariwriter.
  8. Do I have to use my PC to create another folder on the ARM? Can I access the ARM if it is daisy chained by being plugged into another device such as a disk drive, and is there a way to save files directly to the ARM from my 800XL
  9. These instructions along with some screen shots or screen diagrams would have made this whole experience pleasant instead of frustrating. Thanks for the detailed information.
  10. I moved the SDrive to an 800XL and was able to get to the point where I got a game moved to the D1, when I pressed the inverse key the computer made the normal boot noise, when it finished all I have is a blank dark screen. I tried with two different games and got the same results. Frankly the absence of comprehensive instructions makes this thing way too much trouble; maybe I can sell it on eBay. I was hoping to get a device that could be used like a super large disk drive but this is not really worth the frustration.
  11. The only thing that I can do is move SDDRIVE.ATR to D1, when I press reset, the computer resets to the screen with SDDRIVE.ATR in D1. I still get the continuous clicking sound and nothing else responds. I have used the joystick. My computer works with everything else that I have.
  12. I used the one that came with the ARM
  13. when I boot by 130XE with the ARM attached I get the attached screen, the computer continues to make a sound as if a disk is loading and it continues . I have not been able to get the computer to respond to any key commands. Select moves the highlighted bar on the screen but nothing else happens. what do I need to do
  14. I received my fully assembled unit today. Any chance of getting some set up instructions?
  15. How do you get those color test screens that I saw on the first page.
  16. Are there any XL/XE power supplies that have a smaller footprint?
  17. Thanks to everyone who replied I now have the jumpers in correctly and the picture is great. Three questions remain, where is the best place to attach the ground, does UAV eliminate the RF output, and could I just as well take out the ferrite beads.
  18. I have just finished installing a UAV Rev. D in one of my 800XLs. Frankly I am disappointed. It is very difficult to get the colors to match what they are supposed to be and the picture clarity does not seem to me to be as good as I get with the SuperVideo 2.0 modification. I tested the computer on a Commodor 1701 and a Magnavox (?). Both monitors have seperate inputs for chroma and luma. Maybe I wired something wrong but the only thing that could be in question there is the ground. I wasn't sure where the ground should go with the RF box still intact. This is a picture of my installation.
  19. I have decided to can the idea of using DOS XE. Dos 2.5 is much more user friendly and gets the job done. I just enjoy trying to make things work the way they are intended and then trying to get a little more out of them than was intended.
  20. I ran setup.com then the configuration changed to both drives being 810. I don't see anywhere I have the ability to change anything other than the number of drives.
  21. I have just started to try and use DOSXE. I am using a 130XE and two XF551 drives. When I first booted up, (using a unprotected copy) the configuration told me that my drive 1 was a 810, drive 2 was XF551 and I had no ram disk. Does anyone know enough about DOSXE to give me some pointers.
  22. Am I reading this correctly that I will not have audio with my monitor cable after I install the UAV rev D
  23. Are there any complete written instructions for installing this up grade? How about a picture of a completed upgrade for an 800XL?
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