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  1. is this device used as an additional disk drive?
  2. Further-further update. I noticed that after the computer is powered on for a minute or two, the antic chip gets warm, I swapped out for another antic chip and the problem persists. I also found that I can rub my fingers across the antic chip after the screen goes blank and the screen will come back on. I would suspect that I must have fried a resistor or something when I was applying the upgrade, there must be some Atari expert out there that knows enough about trouble shooting to give some advice about what needs to be examined.
  3. Further update, I test booted the motherboard today and it booted ok and stayed on for about 2 minutes, then the screen went blank. I rebooted several times and each time it took less time for the screen to go blank. Evidently something is heating up and shorting out and I can't find where any of my solder joints may have bridged to another circuit.
  4. Update on my attempt at Quick & Easy for the 800XL. I removed all of the piggybacked resistors and disconnected the wire connecting the chroma output. I disconnected the front end of the wire that connects C3 with the front hole of L5. Now when I power on, the screen flickers for a second or two then boots up but then goes blank after 5 to 10 seconds. I booted with a pacman cartridge installed and with nothing and got the same results. I figure that I must have fried some component when I was soldering. I will attach pictures later.
  5. I attempted the Quick & easy upgrade and when I power on the computer the monitor flickers through some gray and orange static then settles down to solid gray. I would like to start over but I removed L5 and I can't find it, probably trashed it, I read on another thread that it was an 82 OHM inductor; does anyone have any more specifics about the item and where is a good site to purchase resistors, inductors etc. There isn't a Radio Shack within 100 miles of my home and I haven't been able to find any electronic parts places. I know I can buy on line but I would like to buy quality instead of quantity.
  6. I took out the resistors and lprint and list "p:*" worked. Time will tell because the problem was intermittent.
  7. I can't get my 130xe to lprint or to list a program t o my xmm801 printer. I always get an error 138. I have tried using open before i use either print command and nothing works. Everything works fine when I am using a word processor.
  8. Are there any experts out there who can verify whether or not you can damage a cartridge by removing it while the power is on. I have done it on an XL with no negative results but I have been told that I was just lucky.
  9. Thanks for the replies, they told me what I needed to know.
  10. Does anyone know where I could buy some SIO connectors to repair cables and to make some short cables out of longer cables. I looked at Lotharek but his shipping is way to high because he will only sell in sets of 4.
  11. As it turns out the disk drive has just gone BAD, the one I substituted was either already bad or went bad about the 2nd time it tried to read a disk. I took them apart, cleaned the drive heads and watched them try to read a disk then tried both drives on an 800XL and a regular 800 and they were NOGO. Now I guess I will try to sell them for parts because I don't know enough about electronics to repair them and I don't know of anyone that does repairs anymore.
  12. I changed disk drives and the problem remained.
  13. When I try to run the APE trial version (when I click the ICON), nothing happens and I hesitate to purchase the real thing when the trial version doesn't work.
  14. I am using a 130XE with two XF551 drives and I was formatting some old diskettes that had nothing worthwhile on them. After I had formatted 5 or 6 disks, I got an error 173 so I figured bad disk, then it happened on the next 3 I tried, I went back to one of the earlier disks and drive 2 gave me an error 144 when I tried to get a disk directory. I switched out SIO cables and then hooked up a 1050 as drive 2. Same results, drive 2 will not work correctly. I tried formatting one of the bad disks in drive 1 and everything worked perfectly. What could be the source of the problem, I have read some blogs about SIO problems with the 130XE due to resistors located near the SIO out port. HELP!
  15. I recently purchased a SIO2PC USB from AtariMax, the trial version of APE will not get started and email to Atarimax has gone unanswered. Are there any written instructions anywhere out there that will tell me what I need to do in order to use the hardware to accomplish ANYTHING. I am very new at this, I just want to be able to download a few files.
  16. I just bought a SIO2PC from AtariMax, I only have the trial version of APE. Are there any written instructions that tell how to get started. Their website is of no use.
  17. When the instructions say to remove a component, should I just cut it out or unsolved and remove?
  18. Thanks for the link. Do you mean for the program to work or for the link to work.
  19. Thanks for the link. Do you mean for the program to work or for the link to work.
  20. Does anyone know where I can find a copy of the speedscript 80 word processing program, I don't care if I have to type it in myself, I did that with the original superscript.
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