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  1. A 600XL that is missing two keycaps and a space-bar. I hope to do a SV 2.1 and a memory upgrade on it. If I botch the SV, I will install a UAV.
  2. I don't have any of those type switches. Best Electronics is your best bet.
  3. That is a memory upgrade that I haven't seen before. It will be hard to troubleshoot. I would try swapping chips into a working computer if you have one.
  4. You can usually get switches and key caps from Best electronics. I have some spare switches and I would give you one if I have the same switch. Take a really close up picture and post it.
  5. I have sold many of these machines and I have always wondered why the seller didn't care enough to at least clean the exterior.
  6. Maybe it isn't unusual for 1 pin out of 40 to stop working.
  7. I removed, checked, and reinserted the PIA and nothing changed so I replaced the PIA and that solved the problem.
  8. I have touched up the solder joints for the joystick pins, checked the pins and they are all present and none are bent.
  9. I have a 600XL that screen objects will not respond to an UP movement from JOYSTICK #2. I have tried multiple joysticks. The objects will move left, right, and down.
  10. I saw a mention of a 256K RAM upgrade on the Best Electronics web site. Has anyone have any experience/knowledge with it?
  11. I gave up and installed a UAV,never could get composite.
  12. I just finished upgrading a 600XL with Supervideo 2.1. The S-Video is great but I can't get composite. I have a ferrite bead in L12, everything appears to ne installed correctly. The composite cut off switch is supposed to be connected to the holes of L13I didn't want to add the switch so I put a ferrite bead in the holes. No composite with the bead, no composite without the bead. Does anyone know where composite originates so I could pick off the signal and run a wire directly to the monitor jack.
  13. I have decided to work on this mod. I have a spare 1200XL MB and a spare keyboard. I wish I could find a 1200XL case or a dead 1200XL for a reasonable price.
  14. Thanks for the advice, I went one extra step and folded some emery paper and rubbed it up and down in the slot. Now everything works as it should.
  15. I can run a disk loaded game so the problem is specific to carts. I have tried 5 different ones.
  16. I have reseated the ones that are socketed I am going to try and load a game from disk and if that works I may be able to eliminate a few options.
  17. I have a different 800XL with a similar problem. The computer boots, BASIC works. Carts will not boot so I can't run supersalt. Usually when I plug in a cart, I get nothing but a blank screen. On a couple of occasions I got some random characters on the screen. Star Raiders doesn't boot.
  18. I bought a Dell 2001FP monitor to use with my 1024ST. It works with high res and low res color. It also has composite and S Video so I can use it with my XLs and XEs. There are vertical bands with the S-Video. I may try an upscaler to see if it will eliminate them.
  19. The Element flat screen TV has a VGA input and the cable gives me a decent black and white image with the 1040ST. When I press the switch button I get a "UNSUPPORTED MODE" message on the TV screen. I tried 2 different VGA to HDMI converters and got nothing. Does the converter have to be specifically designed for the 15 khz input?
  20. One of the converters I used was VGA to HDMI, maybe I connected something incorrectly.
  21. OK, I purchased the cable from Best. The adapter is currently unavailable. Does the adapter give a color image with any VGA monitor or does it require a special monitor. I have tried 2 different converters with my element flat screen tv and I can't get color. One converter has a vga output and the other has a hdmi output.
  22. How about downloading software, is there something comparable to ATR files.
  23. Is there anything available for the ST that serves a function similar to the Sdrives for 8 bit machines?
  24. I The cable sounds like a good idea, I was concerned because it appears to me that the UAV makes contact with the resistor and capacitor wires in the 600XL and even if a layer of insulation is added it will eventually wear through.
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