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  1. I have an 800XL that does not respond to keyboard inputs for ESC, and the 1-6 keys. I thought I had a bad mylar but I tried two different mylars and a mechanical keyboard. When I used the mylars and the keyboard on a different computer, everything worked as it should. Where do I start my search for the problem?
  2. Here are more pictures. I had to drill two holes in the PCB to make it fit and be secure.
  3. I will attempt to attach some pictures of my first successful attempt. I had do some modifications to the case and I also used some wood strips as spacers. I used the wood because I needed to elevate the drive by 1/4 of an inch and I have the carpentry tools to get spacing pretty exact. I will use a file to smooth out the opening for the drive selector. I wish I hadn't used a case that was chipped. I did it because I didn't know if I would be able to make everything work and I didn't want to ruin a good case.
  4. Thanks for the information, I will try to get that done in the next week or two.
  5. I don't have anything yet and I definitely don't have any files. I could probably come up with a mock up in a couple of weeks. If I actually knew anything about 3D printing I could probably get the job done locally.
  6. Does anyone know where I or anyone else could get something 3D printed from a prototype or a sketch. I don't have the knowledge to make a print file but I could make a prototype out of cardboard or wood and I could also make a detailed sketch. What I am interested in making is a set of panels to glue to the front and back of a SF315/354 case so I could install a standard 3.5 floppy in those cases and have them look like they belong in the case.
  7. Check out this thread. IDEA:External Atari ST drive transformed to 8-bit (XF551 internals).
  8. An Atari SF354 disk drive, I believe I can convert this one to an 8-bit drive.
  9. I just realized that I have been using .1uf 50V multi layer capacitors where I should have been using .1uf 100V multi layer capacitors. I have done this on three boards and they are performing well. Does anyone know what effect will this have on the long term life of the board and should I replace them all?
  10. I did not try it on any equipment. I always check power supplies with a multimeter before I use them.
  11. The transformer is sold by Tpower. You can find the on eBay, Amazon and numerous other places.
  12. I meant to say that the transformer that I bought does not have an output amperage nor a VA listed. The only thing that it gives is the output voltage of 9-12 volts. It is advertised as being a replacement for the C017945.
  13. I can't find where the list an output amp, guess I'll have to hook it up and test it.
  14. I recently bought a power supply that was advertised as a replacement for the 9VAC Atari power supply. I tested it and my two multimeters show 11.3 and 11.4 VAC. Is that acceptable or am I going to fry my computer/disk drive if I use it?
  15. Thanks for the info, I will try using the 1770s on my mixed parts boards and save the 1772s for the SF boards.
  16. Will the 1770 IC work with this PCB and the XF551? I ask because several of the XF551s that I have were equipped with that IC on the original PCB and they are much cheaper.
  17. Will the 1770 IC work with this particular setup and/or the mixed parts board that was designed for the XF551? I ask because several of the XF551s that I have were equipped with that IC on the original PCB and they are much cheaper.
  18. Finally finished my prototype. It involved some major work on the inside of the case and I would not have been able to accomplish it without some woodworking experience and tools. Now that I have done one, the next one should be easier, quicker and better. I posted an album but I don't know how to link it to this topic.
  19. hueyjones70

    SF354 Repurposed

    First time posting an album and everything is in reversed order of what I intended.
  20. hueyjones70

    SF354 Repurposed

    I finished the repurposing of a SF354 drive today. The only thing that I have been able to salvage from this project is the SF354 case itself. There are at least 3 different types of cases. I bought 7 or 8 SF354s. Only four of the ones I bought had the 34 pin cable connector. I wasn't able to get any of them to work reliably with the new PCB. Sometimes they would boot and sometimes not. I have one that will boot DOS 2.5 single density about 1 in four tries. Another problem with the drives was that only one of the four with the right connectors would fit inside the case with the PCB. I decided to focus on modifying the case to fit a more modern 3.5 floppy. I cut the rectangular hole in the front of a SF354 case that had the slanted openings and the large centered eject button. The distance between the top and botton of the existing holes was just about percect for the floppy that I had. I cut the hole with a cabinet makers saw and filed down the edges. I am going to work on a way to make the opening more precise. I would also like to make a plate for the rear of the case that could be glued on and have holes that more closely matched the required holes for switches and connectors.
  21. I have decided that the only way to make something good come out of this is to cut a rectangular opening for a standard 3.5 floppy in the front of the case of those drives with the slanted openings (unless you happen to have a drive that is working). I have no slanty drives that will boot or even read a disk. I did this to one case. Now I need to raise the drive up 1/4 inch above the present supports. I am thinking small wooden strips or some small vinyl washers. Then find a way to secure the board. I would also like to get a 3D printed rectangular rear plate cut specifically for the connectors of the new boards.
  22. This os one project that I regret having become involved with. I believe that the drives or the boards or the firmware are affected by atmospheric pressure or something. I can get a system working; booting, reading, and writing, turn everything off and an hour later the drive might not do anything correctly. The standard drives are less quirky but it order to use them, either the case or the drive will require some major modifications.
  23. How much would it cost to have a 1050 or a 551 case 3D printed?
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