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  2. I didn't see anything physically wrong, but it was the internal power supply. I swapped it out with the PS board on my old, broken TI99, and it's working fine now. I think it had a bad capacitor.
  3. My power is going out about every other use on my TI99/4a. The power comes on, I use it for five minutes to an hour, turn it off, then the computer will not turn back on for several hours. But it will turn on again the next day, and the cycle continues. If you were a bettin' man, would you say that was an internal or external PS problem?
  4. sgtdave

    MST 2600

    Just played this MegaMania hack for the first time. Love it. I recognize the references to Pod People, Robot Monster, and Deep 13. Can anyone tell me what films all the other levels refer to?
  5. It's a bummer that this has turned into another sham. Ataribox = Coleco Chameleon = Ouya.
  6. I'm working in the Plano/Richardson area this week. Are there any good retro shops or thrift stores I should chech out. Looking for anything Atari 2600, 400, 800; Colecovision; C64; TI; or handhelds.
  7. I'm trying to play Epyx Summer Games on the 2600. I cannot for the life of me figure out gymnastics. How do you dismount? Every time we try, he falls.
  8. Full disclosure: my Colecovision (along with my VCS expansion) is busted right now so I can't test these. These are all my duplicates from various lots I bought on eBay. I know most of them work, but an asterisk (*) means I couldn't get them to work last time I tried them. About half have rough labels. Since I can't guarantee their condition, I'm selling each lot for $15 with free shipping in the US. Both lots for $25 (still free shipping). ATARI 2600: Pac Man Enduro* Enduro* Warlords Combat Video Pinball Berserk Maze Craze Yar's Revenge* Star Raiders Freeway Space Invaders Kangaroo Battlezone* COLECOVISION: Donkey Kong Mouse Trap Mr. Do Mr. Do Turbo* (I think it boots up as Cosmic Avenger) Zaxxon Cosmic Avenger* Q Bert Smurf
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    For Sale

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    Hagane for SFC
  11. Super Famicom cartridge only. Bought in Japan. Tested and works on my RetroBit. $55. Free economy shipping in lower 48 states.
  12. I own an Atari 400 and 800XL, and carts, tapes, and disks are getting more unreliable and cost prohibitive. Googling is coming up with just too many choices. What are your recommendations for modern alternatives to run games/programs on my Atari 8-bit computer? Atari 400: --cartridge ROMs --cassettes Atari 800XL: --cartridge ROMs --floppies
  13. I accidentally picked up a couple boxes of 3M High Density floppies, which are no good for my C64. I notched them and actually ran them through a C64 quick format program before realizing my mistake (one is accidentally double-notched, so I'm not sure if that side will work), and I used the labels. But you'll have 19 (maybe 20) double sided, high density 5 1/4" floppies for any early PC that can take them. Just pay shipping, which should be cheap in the US via Media Mail. If interested, send me your zip code so I can get you a shipping quote.
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