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  1. Fantastic news. Hope it comes to fruition. That would sell like hot cakes. Those rarer 7800 titles are so damn expensive and I just want to play them! Lol
  2. Hey - yeah, I cant believe it. Luckily I got a full refund and got to keep the unit. The thing works perfectly and would love to UAV mod this thing and find it a new home. You can see how it was packed. Box barely surrounded unit with bubbles on top so the front plate was absolutely destroyed beyond gorilla glue capabilities. Had to be 20 pieces at least.
  3. Hello - I bought a 2 port unit on eBay and the seller decided that a box that barely fit around the outside of the unit would suffice. So the entire front of the shell was destroyed (where the controller port openings are). Does anyone have a non functioning or 2 port shell theyre willing to part with? A four port shell would work as well, I would just have to fabricate something to close the other two ports. Thanks everyone!
  4. Looks great. The information being scattered was always an issue. Maybe a future iteration can show the best ways to pull down audio signals. Most here know, but just a thought. Thanks!
  5. Hi everyone - hoping someone has experience with this. I did a standard composite mod and it works perfectly. Nice video, 5v at all checkpoints, including TIA, RIOT and 6507. All of the standard carts including some modern home brews work fine. When I plug in my harmony cart, I get solid colors, sometimes with loud screech noises. Once in a great while I can see a few lines of text, then it goes to black. Ive replaced the riot and tia chips and same results. Anyone have any ideas as to why this is happening? The harmony cart works fine with all my other systems. Thanks in advance.
  6. Yes, Bryan made an Ultimate Audio board (I believe that is the name). I asked and he said he doesnt have them available anymore, but I certainly dont want to put words into his mouth.
  7. I can't wait! I am considering picking up the Lynx SD cart as well. Some of the games are just so damn expensive, and for the most part, I just want to play the games (even though I am a collector). My concern is that I have a Lynx I and am concerned about damaging the cart if/when I have to pull the thing out. I may have to pick up a Lynx II and McWill one of those. Less worry about the carts and tearing off paint every time I open the damn cart door.
  8. That's unfortunate. If he's not going to be able to produce them, he should release the schematics to someone who can build them. I'm sure there's another willing to pick it up!
  9. Forgive me, I've not been 100% invested in the boards at the moment, since my employer blocks the AA forums (DAMN YOU!). Anyway, I know there has been much desire over the possibility of the Harmony Concerto, and I see a few Betas out there. I also read that there are no preorders, etc. Does anyone have a definitive date of release, or if it is a self build, where to get the parts? Pardon my ignorance if already mentioned somewhere else. Thanks!
  10. Excellent news! The boards are too excellent to not be produced! Thanks for letting us know.
  11. Bought DK PK- came nicely packaged. Excellent communication and awesome game. Definitely Recommend.
  12. I can’t seem to update the topic title on this one. Oh well. Thanks for the head’s up anyway.
  13. Hey - sorry I forgot to update this post. I was able to source a loose one locally to be sacrificed in honor of DK PK. lol. Thank you anyway
  14. Hi. I finally sourced a Ballblazer cart. Do you still have availability to make another? Thanks!
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