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  1. Good idea. I'll give it a try. Thanks!
  2. That’s correct. The issue is obviously more prevalent on the Concerto menu screen, but it does happen after the rom has loaded. I’ll try and do some videos tonight or tomorrow to show the issue.
  3. So that’s the strange thing - I have tried on newer homebrews as well as the harmony cart and older 7800 carts with no issues. Unfortunately here in Belgium I don’t have all my soldering tools handy, and as you would expect, the unit is UAV composite modded. I have my meter. I can check continuity on the RIOT, but if it was that, wouldn’t it affect all carts/ROMs? Thanks all.
  4. Hey everyone, Late to the party as usual. I just updated the bios to the .95 with no flash. It seems to be working fine except for one issue (which I've had since the beginning). No matter what controller I use (edladdin stick, genesis, atari or WICO), on the menu and in game, about half the time when I press the stick in a certain direction, it will move two spaces. For example, in menu I'll press down one (very quickly - not holding it down), and it'll skip an entry and go to the third, and so on. This is also affecting gameplay. I've scrubbed this thread and I don't see anyone with similar issues. Has anyone had this issue, and if so, how did you remedy it? Thanks!
  5. I just hope there won’t be much scalping of these....though it wouldn’t surprise me if they were.
  6. Holy crap. I got the last one! That’s what I get for waking up late here in Europe. Ordered. Thanks Batari!
  7. I’m so excited for this product that I will be purchasing the product from Europe, using a step down transformer for my retro consoles I’m bringing over with me.
  8. This is very exciting news @batari. Good luck and congrats!
  9. I’m also dying to get my hands on one and test. @batari, if you need beta testers, I’d love to be a part of your project. My unit is also UAV modded, rev D.
  10. Slightly off topic, but I just bought the 2018 version AP3280...I like it a lot better than the original 2016 iteration. A few questions (and maybe it's already been answered). Does anyone get a buzzing sound out of certain games (like built in Pac Man)? It only seems to happen with a few games. Also, has anyone found a screen protector that works well with it? I never put one on my 2016 model and I'm wishing I had. Thanks!
  11. It is what I was thinking of. Thank you. And again, apologies for posting in the wrong forum. Meant no harm.
  12. My apologies. Didn’t mean to offend. I must be mistaking it for a different publisher. Admin - please remove the topic.
  13. Hello everyone, forgive me, I'm a relative newbie to the SGM scene. I remember a while back Team Pixelboy was selling their complete SGM romset for $79, I believe. Does anyone know if that deal is still around? I found this link and downloaded these great games, but I'm just wondering if that download package is still around somewhere or if it will be offered again? TIA.
  14. Fantastic news. Hope it comes to fruition. That would sell like hot cakes. Those rarer 7800 titles are so damn expensive and I just want to play them! Lol
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