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  1. Hi, unfortunately i had a lot of stress at work during the last weeks, but there will be an update soon with (hopefully) good news So long Sven
  2. Hi, sure, the battery will become a placeholder. So long, Sven
  3. Hi all, yesterday my eclaireXL mini arrived and today I had the opportunity for a first test. It works great! Even one of the Turbo Freezer prototypes works :-) Attached two pictures. See you Sven
  4. Hi all, i wanted to give you a brief update: In the meantime I have successfully built up the 2011 and 2016 layouts, see attached images. The respective freezers run almost error-free. Currently, with the help of HiassofT, i'm looking for a problem with the freezer if the backup battery is missing. As soon as this has been solved, I will implement my own layout and if this also works, i can start a small batch. So long Sven
  5. Hi Panos, thank you, i am already very curious So long, Sven
  6. Hi all, another short update: Some of the parts are still on the road, but should be arriving soon. The board of santosp from 2016 has arrived in the meantime too, see photo. tf_hh borrowed a Turbo Freezer 2011, thanks for that! So long Sven
  7. Hi all, short Update: The boards of the old version from 2011 have arrived in the meantime, see photos. I order the needed parts now and assemble the board as soon as they are there. I also ordered the boards for the 2016 version. These should also arrive in the next few days. Stay tuned... Can someone lend me a Turbo Freezer 2011? I would like to compare the new boards with an old version before connecting them for the first time. So long Sven
  8. Hi, the price is currently not 100% clear, but I estimate 65€ +/- 5€. But it's only an estimate so far! So long Sven
  9. Hi all, once again a small update: The boards of the old version from 2011 are now almost there, but are currently hold at customs I've talked to santosp about whether I can build on his version and he kindly allowed me that. Thank you santosp for that! All those who are interested so far, I will contact you as soon as I can foresee a timetable. Many thanks to everyone for their comments and suggestions! So long Sven
  10. Hi Guus, i will probably solve the problem with the different ports with an adapter board, as with the Freezer 2011. I am not worried about soldering SMD components, I have enough experience with them. For example, I'm also building expansion boards for the MiSTer. Would be great if I could get back to you with any questions you might have. So long Sven
  11. Hi all, short update: The boards of the old version are ordered. As soon as they arrive, I'll assemble and test them. Best regards Sven
  12. Hi guus, currently I am only planning a verison for XL/XE, because these are the only computers I have here. But thank you for your comments, if it's running I'll see what else works. Best regards Sven
  13. Hi Keneg, Currently I think that I will land in the same price region as then, so about 60€.
  14. Hi Guus, I am already in contact with the original developers. My goal is not a 1:1 copy, but a new design with only one board instead of two.
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