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  1. Hey there, I ordered what I thought was the right adaptor from amazon, turns out the Coax side was too small for me TV. I didn't know there were different sizes. Can anyone drop a link to purchase one the would be appropriate for the purpose of hooking an 800XL up to a modern TV? I'd hate to pick out another one, wait for it to be shipped, only to discover there was some other nuance I did not understand...
  2. Thanks for the quick response! RF output is how it would connect to a tv with the little switch box, right? How would I hook that up now? Is there a special adapter I need to buy?? Also, FYI I did not get audio at all. I will try the video in the audio in though.
  3. Hi guys! I dug out my 800XL from my mom's house this past week and hooked it up to my Plasma TV using one of these Atari to Composite cables: https://www.8bitclassics.com/Atari-800-XL-XE-5-Pin-DIN-S-Video-Cable.html?search=AXL-SVIDEO However I cannot get it to work. The 800XL power light comes on but the TV just says no signal. I tried with both composite (Yellow, Red, White) and S-Video connections on the cables, and also tried composite on another LCDTV in the house. I also have two of the same cable converters linked above and both had same results. Same thing for all tests, "no signal" on TV. I am not sure what to do next. Is it likely that there is an issue with the monitor out on the 800XL? Or is it just that my TV's cannot recognize the signal? Maybe I need a different converter? What steps should I take next? I appreciate your help 8-biters! Gabriel
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