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  1. Anyone have a list of everything the sale applies to? Here's what I was able to get the discount to work on: Recharged Games: Asteroids: Recharged Black Widow: Recharged Breakout: Recharged Centipede: Recharged Gravatar: Recharged Missile Command: Recharged Other VCS games: Atari VCS Vault 2 Kombinera Tempest 4000 7800 Games: Alien Brigade 7800 Asteroids: 7800 Basketbrawl: 7800 Centipede: 7800 Dark Chambers: 7800 Desert Falcon: 7800 Fatal Run: 7800 Food Fight: 7800 Motor Psycho: 7800 Ninja Golf: 7800 Planet Smashers: 7800 Scrapyard Dog: 7800 Super Huey: 7800 Real Sports Baseball: 7800 Dosbox: Ancient War In The Skies: Dosbox Crusade In Europe: DOSBox Dogfight: Dosbox Harrier Jump Jet: DOSBox MicroProse Soccer I didn't try the 2600 games, since those are already in the Vault collections.
  2. I bought a bunch of games and had a few problems. I was charged twice for one game I bought, and another four I purchased are not added to my account, even though I was charged for them. I reached out to customer service on the Atari site, so hopefully I can get this sorted out.
  3. I keep getting error messages. I really hope I'm not getting charged multiple times for the same game.
  4. Their site is crapping out for me in Chrome and FireFox, so I don't know what else to try. Anyone have their email?
  5. Is Mortoff still around? I get all kinds of errors when I try to register or even just add stuff to my cart. I've already gotten burned once by this kind of situation, and I don't want to have it happen to me again.
  6. Are these the same type? https://www.ebay.com/itm/255578044897?hash=item3b81a379e1:g:TdMAAOSws-9ipPIY https://www.ebay.com/itm/134087341525?hash=item1f383a75d5:g:WYUAAOSwnL5iWe0O https://www.ebay.com/itm/325024412435?hash=item4bacf6f313:g:7wsAAOSwL81h91bT
  7. If it's too much effort, then you can just skip it.
  8. It depends on overall condition (and if they work). Send me some pictures and maybe we can cut a deal.
  9. Are you willing to part with it? If so, send me a PM.
  10. Trying to hunt down anything old these days isn't very fun.
  11. Ooops! I forgot it didn't post my location. I'm in Southeast Michigan.
  12. I'm looking for a Commodore 1702 Monitor in good physical and working condition. Let me know what you have. I'd also love to track down a nice small CRT television, ideally one with that lovely fake woodgrain look. It's for a little project to go with my Atari 2600. I'm located in Michigan.
  13. Like those clear plastic cases they sell for other systems, like Jaguar and SNES? I'd love to get a few of those for my handful of cardboard box cd games.
  14. I've managed to knock a lot of stuff off my list, but there are still a few things I'm after.
  15. My dad bought a super-cheap looking copy of Time Pilot for the Colecovision in a blister pack in the 90s. Had the crummiest looking label I ever saw.
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