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  1. Great guy to deal with!
  2. T.A.P.


    jgkspsx is a great guy to deal with!
  3. My brother recently got a Turbo Duo, and I want to get him some games for it. Looking for games in good shape with manuals/cases. Let me know what you've got for sale. Here are a bunch I would like to get for him: Cartridge: Devil's Crush Double Dungeons Dungeon Explorer Keith Courage Legendary Axe 1 Legendary Axe 2 Military Madness Ninja Spirit Time Cruise CD: Fighting Street Final Zone 2 Last Alert Riot Zone Shapeshifter
  4. expanding my search a little, if anyone can help me out.
  5. I think F-14 by Absolute also uses them.
  6. Updated my list. Just 3 more 2600 games to go!
  7. I may be interested in one of these once they become available again.
  8. It's very tempting, although a couple of the 2600 games I have are ones like Star Master that need the Black & White button, and as far as I can tell the 7800 doesn't have one.
  9. Anybody got a spare 2600?
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