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  1. My brother recently got a Turbo Duo, and I want to get him some games for it.


    Looking for games in good shape with manuals/cases. Let me know what you've got for sale.


    Here are a bunch I would like to get for him:



    Devil's Crush

    Double Dungeons

    Dungeon Explorer

    Keith Courage

    Legendary Axe 1

    Legendary Axe 2

    Military Madness

    Ninja Spirit

    Time Cruise



    Fighting Street

    Final Zone 2

    Last Alert

    Riot Zone


  2. 20 hours ago, sixersfan105 said:

    Have you looked into getting a Lock-On 2600 adapter to solve your 2600 woes on your 7800? It's a must-have imo. 

    It's very tempting, although a couple of the 2600 games I have are ones like Star Master that need the Black & White button, and as far as I can tell the 7800 doesn't have one.

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  3. On 9/4/2020 at 5:37 PM, 4300 said:

    Stopped by goodwill expecting to find nothing and actually walked away with an $80 game for 2 bucks.  I can't remember the last time I found anything decent at goodwill



    Every time I find a game in a Goodwill, some asshole has stolen the disc/cart out of the game case.

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  4. For additional clarity, these were all late-era Red Box Atari games, not Activision ones:



    Moto Rodeo

    Radar Lock - this got it the worst

    Realsports Boxing

    Mouse Trap

    Ikari Warriors - Just the manual

  5. I recently got back into Atari 2600 stuff and bought a stack of games. A fair number of them were shrinkwrapped, and as I sadly discovered today, 6 of them had brown mold either on the cartridge or the manual or both. :(


    That leaves me with two questions:


    Is there a way to remove mold from a cartridge label or manual without damaging it? I figure the answer is 'no' but I thought I'd ask anyway.


    Is the mold likely to spread to other games or manuals if I store them all together? Right now I've got the moldy ones isolated from the rest, but if it isn't going to spread, I'd prefer to keep it all together instead.

  6. I think it looks super-cool, but what's the build quality like? Are there any games it can't play?



    I'd like to pick up some kind of 2600, since my 7800 wont play everything. I'd love to get a Heavy-Sixer (wouldn't we all?) but I figure that's not likely to happen since demand/price is so high for those.

  7. I am looking for a nice, complete, working 2600 console.


    Ideally, I would love to get an Atari branded heavy-sixer, but I am sure that's what everyone else says too.


    I am open to any kind of US model, even the weirder ones, as long as they can play all 2600 games, unlike my poor 7800. :(


    Let me know what you have.

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