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  1. Oh man, I swear I've seen so many indie games with descriptions similar to that. XD Pretty much as soon as I see anything like that I nope out right then and there.
  2. Yeah, Breath of the Wild was another one of those games that just did absolutely nothing for me. Although that's reminded me of a few other design elements that usually get me to swear off a game: 'Roguelike' - A term I already disliked, but so many games in that genre just use it as an excuse for sloppy level design, cheap deaths, and unfair difficulty spikes. "The player expects to die sometimes, so we don't have to work as hard on testing to make sure things are balanced!" 'Crafting system' - Why have the player look the item he needs to progress when we can make him collect 20 different items that he then has to combine into the item he needs to progress? That way he'll have to play twice as long to accomplish an easy task. It's another crappy way to pad out a game's run time. 'Open World' - An excuse to make a big, giant empty map with nothing to do in it so the designers don't have to bother with designing fun, unique, memorable levels. "Just copy paste the same few trees and houses, and then do that 20 more times. Bam! We got our game's 8 exciting (empty) cities for the player to explore (and do nothing in)!"
  3. Any game that has a system/mechanic with your equipment breaking/degrading with use. I don't want to waste time buying another sword because I used my old one 20 times and now its broken. I also absolutely despised the healing system in Metal Gear Solid 3 where you had to navigate multiple menus to heal a wound instead of just eating a ration like in the older ones. You still had to eat a ration, but now you need to go through several other menus to select the suture or bandage or whatever to keep your health from continuing to degrade.
  4. Looking for new (I wish) or nice, complete (box & manual) copies of the following games: 2600: Boxing - Just need a nice cartridge Frostbite H.E.R.O. Robot Tank Sentinel Super Breakout 7800: Alien Brigade Lynx: Xenophobe Intellivison: Frog Bog Shark! Shark! Let me know what you've got.
  5. I absolutely love Fast Food by Telesys. My dad picked it up randomly years ago from a Goodwill and as silly as it sounds, wanting to play that again is what got me back into 2600 stuff.
  6. What are your favorite 2600 games from some of the less well known/popular companies? For the purposes of this discussion, let's say any company other than Atari, Activision, Imagic, and Parker Brothers.
  7. Thanks for the heads up. Is there much demand for the variants? I'd honesty prefer to have the older style ones, and may try to swap 'em/hunt down the other kind.
  8. After getting bit with the nostalgia but last week and rebuying an Atari 7800, I've started to go crazy and buy 2600 games again. I had a modest collection as a teen, but sold it all about a decade ago to free up space. Now I've started collecting again, this time trying for just complete boxed copies (none of the games I've wanted are particularly pricey). It's partly for the added challenge, and partly to keep myself from buying too much stuff too quickly. Of course, I wasn't expecting Atari stuff to be so plentiful, and in the past two days I've already built a pretty modest collection just from checking out the local game stores. So far, here's what I've managed to snag: Imagic: Atlantis - Picture on the cart version Cosmic Arc - Picture on the cart version Activision: Boxing - Blue Cart, pinkish box, black & white instruction book Chopper Command - Yellow cart, maroon box, black & white instruction book Skiing Starmaster - This was a blind buy based solely on the box art, hope I don't regret it. Parker Brothers: Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back - a childhood favorite I'm just waiting for my system to get here so I can fire this stuff up! I do have a question about Boxing and Chopper Command. From the little bit of info I've dug up on here, it sounds like those are later re-issues? Are those properly complete copies I snagged, or did someone just Frankenstein them together? I noticed the address printed on the manuals is different from the boxes. Is that normal?
  9. Just missed one on eBay. Can anybody help me out?
  10. Did the Game Guru always come with an outer cardboard box? I picked one up ages ago that I thought was new, but it doesn't have an outer cardboard box, and now I'm wondering if I need to track one down to make my copy 'complete.' I know the cardboard doesn't really matter, but it's just one of those little things that will bug me otherwise.
  11. I really like the look of them, and I'd kind of like to pick up a few, but I'm dreading the answer.
  12. After thinking I had just completed my Atari Lynx collection (not going for a full set, just the ones I like) I tried Xenophobe for the first time and suddenly realized I need it! 😛 I'm looking for a complete US copy with the box, manual and cart. Box can be a bit beat up, but the manual and cart both have to be in great shape. Let me know what you've got.
  13. Thanks for all the suggestions and recommendations. I'd love to pick up an 800XL, that's another one I remember spending a lot of time with as a kid, especially playing River Raid. My dad was a big Atari fan in the 80s/90s and collected most of the 8 bit computer line. When he retired and moved to Florida, he gave me pretty much his whole collection, except his 800XL (that was his first computer). I think he said he even modded it with the newer version of BASIC (version C?) back in the day. Besides B & C Computer and Best Electronics, are there any other good sources for picking up Atari parts/games? I suspect I'm going to have a lot of maintenance/clean up work on my hands when I finally get around to cleaning/sorting everything. Besides those faulty 'ingot' power supplies, are there any other serious issues I should be aware of as I get back to playing/testing things?
  14. I recently got bit by the Atari bug again. I just finished off my Lynx and Jaguar collections (wasn't going for full sets, just the ones I wanted), and now I'm looking at my poor neglected 8-Bit computer stuff again. What are your favorite games for the line of systems? What's your favorite version of the hardware? I know the build quality isn't supposed to be the best on them, but I'm a real sucker for the XEGS. It wasn't my first 8-bit Atari, but I have fond memories of playing Missile Command on it at my dad's work while he was off teaching.
  15. Tried to order some stuff from Best recently. Sent him an e-mail asking if a few things were in stock. He responded with a shipping total. I told him there were actually a couple other things I wanted to order with those and got a gibberish, grammatically incorrect response basically saying he was too busy to give me a new total and that I could either only order the first two things I asked about or buy nothing at all. Pretty frustrating since now I'll have to put in another order, either with him or someone else, and end up paying more for shipping two boxes instead of just one.
  16. Darn. I was hoping it wasn't on the box. Thanks for the info. That'll save me from making a purchase I would regret.
  17. Is the Atari France sticker on the back of Blister Pack Lynx games on the actual cardboard box for the game, or is it on the outer plastic blister pack? I was thinking of buying a couple of games released that way, buy I don't want to get game boxes that have stickers stuck on them if I can help it. You can see the sticker I'm referring to in this picture: https://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/xTsAAMXQsmFRctqn/s-l500.jpg
  18. I'm interested in this, and I have a few questions. Can you share any more details about who you are working with to translate this? Is this a new translation of the game, or does it use the same patch that has been available on sites like romhacking.net for several years? If it is the one from Romhacking.net, are the people who made that patch affiliated with this release? Has anything else about the game been changed/localized for this release of the game?
  19. Awesome! Thanks for the link. Now I just need to find someone with a vice.
  20. Hi guys! I recently dug out my dad's old Atari 8-bit collection (I inherited his stuff when he retired and moved to Florida), and was getting ready to relive some childhood classics when I noticed a couple of my games had crooked PCBs. One side of the board is sticking further out of the casing than the other side. I figure it's something that could easily be fixed if I took them apart and repositioned the board, but they're both gray cartridges from the XE era, and I can't figure how the heck you're supposed to disassemble them. Can anybody help me out? I haven't tried testing them yet because I was worried not having them lined up properly with the cart connecter could break something.
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