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  1. Still trying to look at this. Speaking to people with in depth knowledge of the 3DO software, it may require a BIOS mod to allow the CPU to access the extra memory.
  2. Either way around is ok ( same for the input side). It’s AC voltage at this point and swings between negative and positive. Once it leaves the transformer, the negative voltage is converted to positive voltage in the bridge rectifier. https://www.teamwavelength.com/power-supply-basics/
  3. The data sheet says to connect your mains cable to pins 1 & 5. Connect 2&4 together. On the output, connect your blue connector cable to pins 6 & 10. Connect your red cable to pin 8. https://imgur.com/gallery/a0AdRrn
  4. Sorry, just checking you probed the voltage between the pins (blue connector) and not between each pin and ground (red connector). What voltage does your region use, 110V or 240V?
  5. That’s correct, probe both pins on the blue connector (+ on one pin and - on the other). If the transformer is working, you should get 10 - 18VAC. If it’s lower than 10 VAC the transformer is faulty and needs replacing.
  6. Did you check the 2 pins on the transformer output (probe to pin, not connected to board)? If it’s still low voltage it sounds like a problem with the secondary winding inside the transformer. In which case check that other thread for recommendations for replacing the transformer.
  7. I haven’t had chance to test it yet. It might require a custom bios. It’s simply a SOP28 to TSOP32 conversion pcb to allow up to 512kb memory instead of the stock 32kb. Once I’ve had chance to test it, I will update results.
  8. I designed an SRAM upgrade board a while back but I think it will also require a bios hack to make use of the extra space.
  9. Here is the main info page with useful links https://www.black-dog.tech/3dorgb.html @citrus3000psi no longer makes the boards but has open sourced it so some resellers are making the boards and offering installs.
  10. The RGB mod replaces the function of the original video encoder when in BT9101 mode. It also enables 240p mode on BT9101 3DO which was previously not supported. It would have been another solution to your problem.
  11. That’s good to know. BT858 should be relatively easy to source. Another option would be to install @Citrus3000psi RGB mod and run it in BT9101 mode.
  12. Yes this should be fine. I use my uk transformer to run a UK board and a US board for testing purposes.
  13. There are 3 key factors in getting good burns. 1. The quality of the burner - is the laser dying? 2. The quality of the CD-R, Taiji yuden are the best choice. 3. The quality of the reader - 3DO lasers are extremely flaky at this age and there are no replacements available. Burning at lower speed is not a universal rule. It’s best to burn at the recommended speed for the media and burner. At this point I would recommend people start planning to switch to 3DO usb. Lasers are starting to fail more and there are no replacements for 3DO.
  14. Check the link in this thread for the required part.
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