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  1. I tried placing an order online and there was an error. There was also an error when I tried using their contact form on the website. I know he has an account here, but I looked and it hasn't been active for several months. Does anyone have an email address or phone number I can use to get in touch and notify them of these issues? Please drop me a PM if you do, thanks. I apologize for the non-sale thread.
  2. Did you add a comment with your offer, or did you only give an amount?
  3. Digital Press has a fairly complete list of US released Atari 8-bit cartridges. (under the "Atari XE" system, "US Game Releases" category here) There are a few things that are missing but most US Released games are there. AA has a hidden 8-Bit database as well, but I can't recall how to get to it.
  4. 4464 RAM (4 bit x 64K) (150ns or faster) is apparently what I need. If someone could sell me two of these chips for a decent price, that would be great! Update: I got the RAM chips I need, but they hold their data after power off. I apparently need older chips that lose everything quickly after a cold boot. I am a still looking for these RAM chips, but they need to be somewhat old. The older, the better. I have a few things in my trade box I could trade, but it's mostly random stuff that I doubt anyone will want. Thanks for looking.
  5. Was this with a PAL cartridge? Does anyone know if PAL is timed differently? (I ask because I have a feeling the answer is "yes" to both) Either way, that is a very impressive time!
  6. Both the Digital Press Store and Next Level Videogames usually have Jaguar systems in stock and they always have games. Both stores price their items very reasonably.
  7. Atarimac, Thanks for your continued work on both this and SIO2OSX. I appreciate it very much, and get good use out of both programs.
  8. The bottom edge barcode placement is different, going by their picture. That makes me think the box will have other differences. http://classicgamesource.com/products.php?cat=13&pg=8
  9. I have a pair of these, and have mixed feelings. They feel fairly solid and on the outside are nearly identical to the originals, however when you use them you can tell they aren't built the same on the inside and don't play nearly as well as an original controller. The diagonals feel off and when playing a quick game, you can tell they aren't up to par with real joysticks. I suggest getting Best Electronics' new gold CX40 replacement boards instead to place inside old controllers as they play better and are cheaper. I bet they will hold up over time much better as well. Best Electronics also sells other replacement parts to fix up old controllers and make them look like new, such as new fire buttons and rubber joystick boots.
  10. I can take them from my Stella Gets a New Brain and resize them for you if you get me the exact dimensions you want. I can't print them out for you though.
  11. I would be willing to sell mine for what I paid. If anyone is interested, feel free to PM me.
  12. Ixion repros? I may have a couple extra Sega carts, I'll have to check.
  13. Use a VCR to tape it. If you don't have one, you should be able to acquire one pretty inexpensively.
  14. Thanks, these are always great. When are you going to start tracking post 1992 ROMS?
  15. Please ask if you have any questions, and I can take more pictures if needed. I don't think I have sold anything on AtariAge before, but I have many references and feedback on both the Digital Press and Neo-Geo forums. I may be willing to trade for arcade stuff depending on what you have. I'm more interested in JAMMA and later items, but there may be some older stuff that I would be willing to trade for. I have a s-video modded Sears Tele-Games 4 switch Atari 2600 up for sale. $90 + actual shipping. This price is for the deck only. I don't have any spare s-video cables to include. If you want a power supply, controller and 15 or so common games, add $20. The system is in good shape and cleaner than most 2600's. There is some wear on the back and top of the console that you can see in the pictures. It is rather minor and viewing it from the front it is even less noticeable. The S-video output is spectacular. That said, in my experience the video can vary somewhat depending on what TV you are using it on. LCD's can be picky. On my Samsung LNA550 it looked great, but a tiny bit more faded than it did on my Commodore 1702 CRT. I took pictures of a couple games running on my LCD below. The systems are modded with the recent Longhorn Engineer s-video mod. There is a topic here in the hardware forum about it.
  16. This was the problem, thank you! I removed all of the wires from the TIA and did everything by this guide and it works.
  17. I found that the hole on the front panel for the RW/RO switch was too tight of a fit and I was afraid I was going to break the switch trying to put it on. I ended up using an awl to slightly enlarge the hole from the inside out. That was the only difficulty I had.
  18. I finished putting mine together yesterday and they really are great. It only took me a couple minutes to get the software figured out - it is pretty intuitive. I still need to learn the keyboard commands and check out the more advanced configuration options though. Thanks for all of your work on this c0nsumer. And thank you too, C.P.U., for your work as well. I have one question for you c0nsumer - which PCB manufacturer did you use? I have a few projects that I may eventually try and was impressed with the quality of the SDrive NUXX PCB's.
  19. I tried to do this mod on a second 2600 last night and I have spent three hours trying to troubleshoot it. Audio works 100%, but there is no video (just a fast flicker when powering on). I tried two separate video mod boards, two TIA's, 2 s-video jacks, 2 separate 2600 motherboards. I tested the wires for continuity, and tested for bridged points. I tried on different TV's with different video cables too, and different power supplies. They system works fine without the mod installed using RF output. Maybe I messed up both mod boards, or I am blind and soldered a couple wires backwards? Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated.
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