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  1. I highly recommend the Longhorn Engineer S-Video Mod to anyone who may be considering it. It does some truly amazing video output. I'm surprised there isn't more interest, as it always seems like there are people looking to get an s-video capable 2600.
  2. I'll definitely take some pictures. Although, I will warn you that they will not look nearly as good as your photos! The bulk of the parts I ordered should arrive Monday, hopefully with the SIO connectors arriving soon after. I am excited to get these all set up. I should probably start getting files ready for the SD Card.
  3. I am excited! I have all of my parts ordered except for the cases, I really need to order those now.
  4. $60 is a great price. If I wasn't trying to curb my spending, I would definitely take it.
  5. I bought Stacker from Shawn Sr. It arrived quickly and looks great!
  6. What is "EMR" ? Check out his signature.
  7. I will probably get one. (and maybe even a spare or two if I could afford it) As for price, $50 or less would be ideal.
  8. I could only manage 4,800 to start off. I think that is a seven!
  9. I have the same problem with both a 130XE and an XC12 - both were bought new. I intended to make topic asking about it, but Marius beat me to it. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  10. Only one screenshot? Can you post a video? Just kidding! I will definitely take one.
  11. You guys are brutal. Why don't you reserve your judgment until the game actually comes out?
  12. Has anyone completed "D"? Does it cycle back to "A"?
  13. All of you detectives could have figured this out much sooner had you taken a closer look at the pictures posted early on in post 8 of this thread. I did, but I didn't want to ruin the gag for everyone else.
  14. If you don't like signatures and the default style, go to the very bottom left of any page and select "Work Safe" from the drop-down box.
  15. 27,985 Those "rabbits" are annoying!
  16. Unfortunately I don't have anything you want. I'm just curious, what do you consider the 815, 1450 or 1090 to be worth?
  17. Private Eye is another in-depth game.
  18. The ports I used are from Parts Express. The RCA jacks have nice solder terminals. The s-video jack however is just a coupler, and is enormous. If I remember correctly, it needs a 5/8" opening (maybe a tad more) and the entire piece is almost an inch in diameter.
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