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  1. http://www.monoprice.com/products/subdepar...amp;cp_id=10207
  2. I grabbed some pictures of the mod a while ago but forgot to post them. I still haven't made time to diagnose the problem I was having with composite video. The s-video output looks so good, I have little reason to even have composite output! I think it's just a simple grounding issue anyway.
  3. They all look like masked roms to me (except for the one labeled eprom), so they wouldn't be pirates. They are noted 16 or 32 based on their kilobit size. I'm guessing the board at the very top is labeled for use with the 16 kbit roms? Even if it isn't, it is probably for use with the 16 kbit roms, as I can see a pin missing. I have no idea what's up with the board at the right of the picture. I would guess the ABM EPROM isn't related and just ended up in this lot as it looked similar to the other chips. You should definitely have it looked at though.
  4. This is cool. Do you mind sharing which parts you used to make this?
  5. Can I please have a badge?
  6. Here's the console Here are close-ups of the jacks Here are some screen shots: The only oddness I've noticed is that the TV's video processor doesn't love double line kernels and will offset the second scanline some. However, the picture is still far nicer than I've ever seen a 2600 do. The colors look more subdued here; I'm not sure why, but it's likely just my screen's adjustment, since I like to have more of a film-like look. It may also be a weak joint with the color pin on the TIA, but I'd expect that to be more intermittent. I'd show the interior, but I'm not planning on opening this one up until I move the mod to another console. Are those photo's of composite? (without s-video plugged in?) I have a similar issue with composite video. It's very washed out (to the point where the background in Kabobber is gray) - but when I plug in an s-video cable between both the console and into the TV, the background becomes much more visible. The S-video output is perfect. It looks much better than the 8bitdomain mod I have.
  7. On these 2.2D pcb's, is the hole for "L" (audio) for R, and vice versa? I saw you mention them being reversed, but in the guides, the "L" hole is connected to the Left audio jack.
  8. I got my boards in the mail yesterday and put one together last night. I had to mount the resistors vertically, since the ones I have are too large to sit flush with the PCB - hopefully it will still fit inside the shielding. I hope to install it tonight. Once I have it done, I will be sure to share my results.
  9. I will most likely be doing this mod on a Video Arcade II at some point. I'm still waiting for my boards to arrive, and I have some other systems to modify first. I really hope the boards get here today!
  10. I bought a cart from the 5th ghost. It was packed safely and arrived very quickly. He is a great seller!
  11. I ordered an 8bitdomain 4-switch video mod about a year ago. It took less than a month to arrive, which is apparently pretty quick going by what I have read on how long it has taken for others. It works okay, however the s-video isn't perfect and has vertical lines that are an annoyance. I wouldn't get another given the chance.
  12. I regret my earlier post. I merely meant to suggest how I think the other courses of action that could have been taken with the Meltdown ROM would have been met with equal or worse attitudes, given the situation Tempest was in with his prototype. MESS emulates this correctly. Thanks for the info.
  13. Or they could have sat on the ROM and been called ROM hoarders. Would you rather they had not share it at all, or sold it as a CGE reproduction?
  14. There was no CGE reproduction of Meltdown, only the ROM was released. I know Scott Stilphen made a handful of carts and sold them for $12 or so at CGE2K7, but that was his own thing. Anyway, here's how you play: You have a 4x4 grid of circle's you want to protect. Quick particles will jump from circle to circle shrinking them down. Your job is to line up your cross-hair and hit the tiny particles, keeping your 16 circles as big for as long as possible. You can read a page on it here: http://www.digitpress.com/archives/cc_meltdown.htm Also, one interesting thing to note is that the circles get squished and aren't displayed properly in an emulator. It doesn't have an effect on gameplay. I also could be wrong and maybe that emulation issue has since been fixed.
  15. Heavy Sixer (x2), 4 Switch, 4 Switch Vader, Jr., Sears Heavy Sixer, Sears 4 Switch and Sears Video Arcade II
  16. That looks great. Keep up the good work!
  17. I made a list of games that were meant to be used with controllers other than a standard joystick. If anyone knows of what is missing, I'd like to know! http://spreadsheets.google.com/pub?key=pHa...8hyR1NwuEoE7IFw
  18. Those are good prices. I have that PS3 keyboard, and it's great for using the PS3 web browser.
  19. Cool, I can't wait. Do you think you could post that drilling template by any chance? I see it pictured in your guides, but I can't find it anywhere to print out. I was actually looking for a good way to make my own, as I am using different video jacks, but I haven't been able to come up with anything yet and yours would be good in the mean time. Thanks!
  20. Do you have an idea on when the PCB's will ship?
  21. I think all of the Polyvox games actually say Polyvox on them, and this is Cartucho Original. http://www.atarimania.com/detail_soft.php?...ERSION_ID=19673
  22. There is one here: http://www.atariage.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=139803
  23. Seconded. I hope you are selling due to a change in direction, not out of necessity or an emergency. I wish you the best of luck.
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