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  1. That was quick. Just looking for Subterranea now.
  2. Found one. I have everything I want for now. The next few days at least. I am looking for NTSC Subterranea in loose or complete in box, condition is not important. If you have one, let me know what you have and what your asking price is. Thanks for looking!
  3. I'm 95% sure that Metal Slug 4 is a bootleg.
  4. My plane tickets are booked, so I will definitely be coming! I look forward to meeting some of you there.
  5. I bought a big lot of games from him. He was a pleasure to deal with, and I would not hesitate to buy from him again.
  6. I'm with everyone else on this - I wish I had the money to make a reasonable offer. Good luck with the sale Chickybaby.
  7. At that price, put me down for at least two!
  8. Are there any documented 130XE RAM upgrades that retain separate ANTIC/CPU access (130xe Extended Video Mode)?
  9. Yes it works with OS X. You just need the SIO2OSX software and a USB to Serial adapter. I have an adapter from Coolgear that works perfectly with it. Allan I was wondering about compatibility with this Atarimax USB one:
  10. I have actually been wondering the same thing. A couple days ago I sent Atarimax.com an email asking if he knew about the SIO2OSX software and if their USB SIO2PC Interface was compatible, but have yet to hear back.
  11. This looks great. For $20 each, I will definitely take a couple boards. (maybe a couple more to build for people here since there seems to be a large demand for populated units). However at $80 total for front and rear panels, I am not sure if I would want any. Maybe I would take one set at that price. With the enclosure and front/rear end panels, the total cost is about $150, correct? I guess that may be part of the reason projects are so often done without an enclosure. Also on a (sort of) unrelated note, are you a big fan of Underworld? I know I am.
  12. If it can be programmed, it sounds like a great idea! Maybe the paddle controller button could accelerate the car, and the paddle knob could control the power.
  13. CPUWIZ is a top notch seller. He packs well, ships quick and sells quality stuff.
  14. I concur. Excellent work. I got mine yesterday and it is quite amazing. The box, manual and label are all perfect. I need to get some of those box protectors now.
  15. CRAP! I ordered one of the loose ones too. Please keep me updated.
  16. It works on real hardware now!
  17. Maybe each 100 pts, the hearts' movement becomes more advanced? 0-100 - Stationary 100-200 - Horizontal movement 200-300 - Vertical movement 400+ - Diagonal movement
  18. Simone, I'm not sure what that means. I just used DOS to copy two of the file to make a 4k ROM to burn to eprom, and it doesn't seem to work.
  19. As far as I know, you have to stick to paying the high ebay prices. I believe the GC Component cables have a propriety chip that converts the Cube's digital signal to analog for your TV. This is why there are not third party cables.
  20. A lot sold with a loose one for around $175 on ebay last week.
  21. It looks great, I'm sure it plays well too. I love lead 1k. I'm having an issue playing it, however. Moving left and right the character will jitter as I move. It's sort of similar to a jittery paddle. For example, as I move to the right, I will progress to the right, but I will jump back to the left about three times a second. Moving up and down is fine. I'm playing it on real hardware (I doubled the the bin to 4k and put it on a 2532 eprom). Has anyone else successfully got it working on an actual 2600?
  22. 30 minutes left and it's at ~$370 Just over $700 maybe? $707.07
  23. That's a great story, thanks for sharing. It's too bad customer service like that is basically non-existent these days, with companies of that size.
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