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  1. This would be amazeballs!
  2. The Aliens will be disclosed before i play Atari Karts. 👽
  3. What could possibly rip and tear? A shotgun saved is a shotgun earned.
  4. Social media's binary response type has us getting from 0 t 100 with our opinions real quick. As pointed by someone else i'm floored to see that the game can offer that much more so it wasn't a hardware limitation... I'm late 500s on Sain't list so the wait is gonna be long to try your Doom remaster.
  5. Also i don't know about the super shotgun i think it will ruin the difficulty or maybe nightmare Pinkos will balance that?
  6. Oops i replied thinking it was for me sorry i edited
  7. My only grip with blue Spectres is that they are too visible while Spectres are supposed to be hard to notice. It kinda defeats the purpose. Nightmare Spectres on the PSX version were an other type of enemies that didn't replace the fist one. so why not both? Anyway i missed these updates and since it my favorite version of my favorite game i wanted to thank you guys for your work on that.
  8. Print it with a red face instead of green and tag it as rare variant. Ebay madness ensues
  9. I love component but i have SCART cables already that my TV accepts and my concern lies with newer models that don't have both of these analog ports. When i'll have to replace, an adapter will be the mandatory route.
  10. The Jag is still kicking. People still make games and the console's price has skyrocketed. Can't say the same about a lot of others... It's easy to trash on it but it's time people don't allocate to new systems/other systems so i'd say that even the haters love the Jag...
  11. Yeah i'd rather have an hdmi output for my real Jag. At least it will be 100% accurate.
  12. Wouldn't a fake one even have more value since it would be quite rare?
  13. Eh i want to play these so bad
  14. I just hanged my old Ecstatica poster two weeks ago and never finished the game back in the day, i've put it aside but i'll try again, the atmosphere is cool and the enemies are quite stressing.
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