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  1. Eh i still haven't played my steam copy so maybe i'll wait for a few patches...
  2. Both my jags behave the same with CD games. -VidGrid freezes when loading title screen -Battlemorph has the same music glitch (which sounds actually cool lol it reminds me of synthesized robotic distortion sounds from vintage tech/futuristic shows). It also sometimes boots/doesn't boot... -World Tour Racing gives a black screen seconds around the start of the attract after giving me several iterations of the title screen when trying to access a menu(pushing buttons) It's on a brand new defragged Sandisk Extreme 32 Idk if it's useful info or not, i may try a different SD card to see if results vary.🔬
  3. Ordered mine on DragonBox and it arrived today. All seems to be working great on my weird jag(Dec. 93😅) so far! Finally. it is mine.🐆
  4. Ah makes sense! that was a decades old mystery to me.
  5. Yeah so i always wondered why some cartridges take longer to display the full logo intro from roar to end, like sometimes i'm waiting for the big ATARI letters to fall wondering if they are ever gonna show up👀 Pitfall and Defender 2000 are good examples in my case, anybody know what's up with that?
  6. https://www.amazon.fr/Hosa-G5s-6-Caig-Deoxit-Contact-Enhancer/dp/B00FC4YO60/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=deoxit+gold&qid=1654876917&sr=8-1 Would this product be adequate on a q-tip? @Gummy Bear
  7. I just bought it on PS4 and the input lag in the games is awful, especially in Pac-Mania. I've seen similar complaints for Xbox and Switch. This is disappointing.
  8. When i modded my pal jag to go 60hz i wasn't aware of ESD, what would be the odds i damaged something? I used it quite a bit since then and only had twice the left button not register but maybe that was a dirty port? Edit: i also had "Attack of the Mutant Penguins" crash on me once with a still frame.
  9. I'm not very knowledgeable about these things but should i store my carts and consoles in antistatic materials?
  10. Sorry if the bump feels necro. I have the same issue but to a lesser extent (no more that one vertical line). It only shows one line at a time on mine. Cybermorph is the worst offender and it does this on both the 1993 and 1994 carts i have but stronger or even absent in some areas of the game/maps. AVP shows it too but at a different place of the screen and Doom only has a dot the stats bar and it doesn't move, just flickers or disappears. It does it on any screen and type of cable (RGB/official) I don't have a means to capture video and a screenshot would only show a few dots at a time. It does it on any screen. It's not that annoying in my case but still i'd like to fix it No Gamedrive nor Skunkboard to use the test but it reads a lot like what is not supposed to happen with the "white cry" test. I intent to test components for voltage soon but i'm no tech guy so i don't even know how to do it😟 I really hope it's something that can be fixed and not a faulty/damaged chip... It's my main jag atm and i modded it to 60hz (It did it before the mod) It's a french model [K13C006824]
  11. Playing mostly Doom Wolfenstein3d and AVP i'd like the opposite solution as mushy controllers turn smoothly
  12. Quake is still great. From what i've seen of the saturn port it's not the fastest but it sure looks amazing. It has better light effects than both pc(dos) and n64 in my opinion. The Dynamic lights are rudimentary but it has a cool middle ground between the pc's gritty look and the colored lights in one package. The port uses a different engine too so it went through a lot of work.
  13. Sandy Petersen still considers this canon.
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