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  1. Playing mostly Doom Wolfenstein3d and AVP i'd like the opposite solution as mushy controllers turn smoothly
  2. Quake is still great. From what i've seen of the saturn port it's not the fastest but it sure looks amazing. It has better light effects than both pc(dos) and n64 in my opinion. The Dynamic lights are rudimentary but it has a cool middle ground between the pc's gritty look and the colored lights in one package. The port uses a different engine too so it went through a lot of work.
  3. Sandy Petersen still considers this canon.
  4. Is that about soundfonts? Or does it use an other system?
  5. It's actually Doom's prequel, with Daisy's crusade against treacherous zealots. Kar En Tuk!
  6. You have huge pants, Rip one and Tear your pants!
  7. Thanks, i thought that some games had mouse support
  8. It's a solid port too, it seems to have more sounds(than pc but not amiga tho) and the intro music sounds amazing. Considering the purchase of a ps2 mouse and a converter for mine, would it work?
  9. My first experience was on jag too, i remember sitting in front of my tv wondering what was happening, it felt so real. Before this one i only played video games to kill time and while i was addicted to sonic it didn't feel as personal. Doom was my first fps experience and quickly became an obsession i played it religiously for hours every day after school for more than a year. Weekends with my pal was Doom on pc. Fun times... I concur on the ps4 ports, the last updates really made these a must have. Doom Eternal's art direction feels like home and it has some really good maps too. Marathon never clicked for me but i might retry one of these days, it really is a well designed game objectively. Don't feel sorry for "writing a book" lol. This thread is great.
  10. That recent port of Doom64 is very good. It's pretty accurate and well made i think. I'm replaying them myself and was starting with the ps1 versions of doom 1,2 and final because it has a similar dark ambient soundtrack and the sounds are the same as Doom64.(same composer)
  11. it's 2016 reversible cover, he also has the collector's edition on xbox
  12. Beautiful! I didn't know they made a 32X bundle.
  13. I like doom too Missing: my yet to be delivered collector's edition of doom eternal...
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