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  1. Took much longer than anticipated, but the pin collection is finally listed on eBay. Those interested can check it here: https://www.ebay.com/itm/254718049316
  2. UPDATE: The collection is already sold. I've put up for sale a full set of official Atari Lynx pins belonging to the French 'Defi Lynx' promotion from 1991. All 35 pins in one single eBay listing, shipping worlwide from Spain: https://www.ebay.com/itm/254718049316
  3. Yes, those games were released by other companies, but they were published during Lynx's commercial life and were officially sanctioned by Atari. Bubble Trouble, Fat Bobby and Raiden were released AFTER Lynx's commercial life and their final releases were never approved by Atari, because there was no Atari to approve anything anymore by that time. If anything I would object to Krazy Ace in that listing, as it was never released in the form of an official curved lip cart until two years ago, when Telegame decided to produce a batch of newly minted curved lip carts. Up until then all releases of Krazy Ace had been green PCBs with bulky EEPROMs mounted on them. Atari would have never allowed Telegames to release the game that way. I don't even understand why Telegames put the Atari Lynx Official Seal of Quality on the Krazy Ace box, as it was absolutely impossible for Krazy Ace to have passed any sort of official QA testing.
  4. It's been two months since I announced that I had a full Defi Lynx pin collection for sale. Since then, some people have showed interest, but nobody has made a good enough offer, so I've decided to list the entire collection as a single item on eBay. The listing will be published some time this week and will be a fixed price sale, not an auction.
  5. No thread hijacking, please. You can use private messages if you wish.
  6. Yes, but they are not available for trade anymore. They are part of this full set of pins that I have now available for sale:
  7. UPDATE: The collection is already sold. I have found myself in the unexpected and extremely lucky circumstance of owning two full collections of official 'Defi Lynx' pins, so I have decided to sell one of them. This is an extremely rare item, and here are the details: Included: all 35 pins of the French ‘Defi Lynx’ pin set (see post pictures). Not included: Lynx club pin. This pin was created by Atari Australia for their Lynx Club. As such, it does not belong to the 'Defi Lynx' pin set. All pins in the set belong to the 'Defi Lynx' promotion run by Atari France in 1991. 'Defi Lynx' set consists of 35 different pins: A.P.B. Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure Block Out Blue Lightning California Games Checkered Flag Chip's Challenge Cyberball 2072 Electrocop Gates of Zendocon Gauntlet: The Third Encounter Hard Drivin' Hockey Ishido: The Way of the Stones Klax Ms. Pac-Man NFL Football Ninja Gaiden Pac-Land Paperboy Rampage RoadBlasters Robo-Squash Rygar Scrapyard Dog Shanghai Slime World STUN Runner Turbo Sub Viking Child Vindicators Warbirds Xenophobe Zarlor Mercenary Lynx logo If you want to try to get this set, rules are simple: I will answer offers in private only. Feel free to ask for further details about the set in this thread. Don’t ask me for loose pins. This is a full set and I am not breaking it up for any reason. Sorry. Be polite. If you are withdrawing from our conversation, please say so. Don’t leave me hanging, waiting for an answer to my last message. That’s very rude and I will not do business with you again if you do that. I’m not going to get mad if I feel your offer is way too low, I will simply let you know it’s not enough, so please feel free to send me any offers you have in mind. I’m taking money only. Don’t bother offering things in exchange unless you have something equally rare and Lynx related (we are talking *extremely* rare here). I’m not interested in any other console or computer when it comes to collecting, son don’t bother with that either. I'm in Madrid, Spain and will ship to Europe, US, Canada, Japan or Australia. Shipping fees will be on the buyer, though. This item has also been posted in the Facebook group 'Atari Lynx Fans': http://www.facebook.com/groups/lynxfans/permalink/3774235172646824/ Good luck, everyone.
  8. UPDATE: This is already sold. I have an official limited edition Defi Lynx pin coffret available for sale right now. Here are the details: These coffrets were part of the Defi Lynx promotion run in 1991 by Atari France. There are two known limited runs of these coffrets: the firts run consisted of 250 coffrets, numbered on the back as XXX/250 and the second run consisted of 100 coffrets, numbered on the back as XXX/100. Coffrets in the second run contained one extra pin that was missing in the first run: Klax. The coffret I'm offering for sale is the open one in the first picture. It's numbered 65/100, which means it belongs to the 100 units limited run. This coffret does NOT contain all 35 pins in the Lynx pin collection. It contains the 24 pins that are usually found in the 100 units limited run: 1x A.P.B. 1x Block Out 1x Blue Lightning 1x California Games 1x Chip's Challenge 1x Electrocop 1x Gates of Zendocon 1x Gauntlet: The Third Encounter 1x Klax 1x Ms. Pac-Man 1x Ninja Gaiden 1x Pac-Land 1x Paperboy 1x Rampage 1x RoadBlasters 1x Robo-Squash 1x Rygar 1x Shanghai 1x Todd's Adventures in Slime World 1x Warbirds 1x Xenophobe 1x Zarlor Mercenary 2x Atari Lynx Logo Pins are placed in the exact same order they were originally placed. All coffrets I have seen belonging to the 100 run had pins placed in the same way. Coffret's overall condition is very good, given its age (28 years). Just a few tiny scratches here an there. I'm looking for money offers. You can offer to throw in any (really, really) rare Lynx item as part of the deal if you want to bring the price down, but your offer must be mostly cash or I won't take it into consideration. I'm in Madrid, Spain and will ship to Europe, US, Canada, Japan or Australia. Shipping fees will be on the buyer, though. Feel free to to ask anything related to this coffret in this thread so I can clarify things for everyone, but I will only answer to offers made through private messages in these boards. This article has also been posted in the Atari Lynx Fans group in Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/lynxfans/permalink/2784496444954040/ This is an extremely rare opportunity. Be sure not to miss it. Good luck.
  9. I think different led colors for read/write is a fantastic idea, Igor.
  10. Please, count me in for one of these units. Thank you.
  11. I just edited the first post adding several new available pins. Be sure to check both the updated list and the new picture.
  12. I just edited the original post adding several new available pins. Be sure to check both the updated list and the new picture.
  13. Label is not the only thing that is unique to the Japanese Klax release. Cart itself is unique, as the game is not stored in the standard Lynx ROM chip. The ROM chip used for Japanese Klax is bulkier than the standard one, which forced Atari Japan to create a custom cart for this game. This custom cart has a square bulk in the back to fit the new ROM chip and has no Fuji logo. Here is a picture of both Western Klax (top) and Japanese Klax (bottom). Manual and box art are also unique to the Japanese release of Klax, but the one I have available for trade is a loose cart, so no point in showing pictures of those items here. Actually there are two versions of Japanese Klax. One of them (the one I have available for trade) is identical to the Wester version in terms of content, but the other one shows notable differences such as the total absence of music and digitized sounds. That other version also lacks difficulty level selector. The specific differences are documented in this post from another thread: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/31147-strange-klax-cartridge/?do=findComment&comment=893638 I can testify as to the veracity of these facts, as I own myself one of those rare variation carts. Both cart versions look very much the same to the casual eye, but the green around the contact pins seems to be a givaway sign. Here are both variants next to each other. Left one is the cart containing the standard version and right one is the cart containing the cut down version. Again, the cart I have available for trade is the one containing the standard version of Klax, not the cut down version. Yes in the case of Shaghai and Gates of Zendocon. For the differences between Western and Japanese carts, you can read the above comments.
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