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  1. High Scores – 8-Bit Waves
  2. I think I got to 460? Somewhere around there. I thought I had a picture but I couldn't find it. I have yet to break 500.
  3. This run is finished. Everything has been shipped out at this point. Send me a message if you did not receive a tracking number. Thanks again!
  4. Video footage of the game: https://youtu.be/XDrNs-6BCkQ
  5. Beluga Dreams is now available! The physical version has a few Easter eggs that are not included in the free version. Physical version: US (Shipping Included) - $40 USD Outside of US (Shipping Included) - $60 USD I know things are weird with international shipping right now, so I'm going to leave it up to you if you want to take the risk or not. Some countries are handling shipments better than others. If your country is having huge delays, or worse, then you may want to wait. Please make payment using PayPal (Friends and Family). Message me for PayPal info. Free version: https://8-bit-waves.itch.io/beluga-dreams For more information on the game visit 8bitwaves.com.
  6. Older games seem to only use a few of the brighter intensity levels from what I've noticed. Modern homebrews are all over the place with intensity which is normally a good thing. If you get a test cart or rom there is an intensity check that you can mess with. Wobble is normal. Especially with a lot of drawing and farther away from the center.
  7. I have no issues using it with Windows 10.
  8. It looks great. I'd like to buy one as well if you produce more.
  9. Lord of the Robots is a free download. It is at the bottom if this page: http://www.furyunlimited.com/_sgg/m1m3_1.htm
  10. Would it help at all to take pre-orders with a price increase to cover the cost of a Vectrex?. If I lived anywhere near you I'd let you borrow one for a while.
  11. Hopefully there is enough to go around. So excited. I love co-op games.
  12. No drama. Just a few comments on the price and talk of options to make it cheaper. I'm just agreeing that I like the price and am excited for the game. There is nothing but love for this game.
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