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  1. It looks great. I'd like to buy one as well if you produce more.
  2. Lord of the Robots is a free download. It is at the bottom if this page: http://www.furyunlimited.com/_sgg/m1m3_1.htm
  3. Would it help at all to take pre-orders with a price increase to cover the cost of a Vectrex?. If I lived anywhere near you I'd let you borrow one for a while.
  4. Ordered. Very excited.
  5. Hopefully there is enough to go around. So excited. I love co-op games.
  6. No drama. Just a few comments on the price and talk of options to make it cheaper. I'm just agreeing that I like the price and am excited for the game. There is nothing but love for this game.
  7. I thought it would be here in 2 days with free shipping! At day 4 I started to worry but didn't want to deal with the AtariAge customer service department. I forgot about it and just realized that it has been over a month! So I figure I'd come here and figure out what the deal was. I get it. This isn't my first rodeo. I have a lot of money tied up in things like this. I'm just trying to see if I'm in the waiting for months, quarters, or years category. I think Curt is a big boy and can defend himself from my awful question. Thanks for your input though. I hope to one day be as experienced as you. I look forward to getting my "Scare Away 100 Newbs" badge.
  8. A similar thing happened to me with an Atari 800 XL. My dad gave it away at least instead of chucking it.
  9. How long do orders generally take? I have an order in from late December. Not complaining. Just curious.
  10. In my earlier post I meant to say VecFlash, not VecMulti. I'm very excited for this.
  11. I've been excited for this for a while. I won't be throwing away my box unless my mom travels from the past to throw away my game boxes again. I can't wait to check out this custom sound chip. I hope this is successful enough to encourage you and others to make more awesome games for the 7800.
  12. Just ordered! This will allow me to try different colors for some future projects.
  13. Very cool. I wish I had a flash cart to try this on.
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