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  1. Dendy - essentially an unauthorized Famicom clone standard that uses a DB9 connector for NES/FC controllers, same number of buttons as the Genesis.
  2. Hey, guys, been a while. The GPU in my main computer died a couple weeks ago, so I've been using my laptop and just haven't signed in. I'll have to set up Batari Basic to get back to workin' on this.
  3. I believe it's the PF0 register, takes a byte as argument, only the upper 4 bits of which do anything.
  4. Excellent work! This runs very smooth in Stella. My only suggestion would be to make the Color/BW switch switch between rendering modes. Now to make Tunnel Runners 2!
  5. So by playing around with the code for about a minute, I've regained some understanding of how the code works and the bug where the ball does not move in a straight horizontal line when hit from the side is caused by the clip check code I just fixed(duh): temp6 = bvx + bvy if bvx > bvy then temp5 = bvx / bvy : temp4 = bvy else temp5 = bvy / bvx : temp4 = bvx for temp3 = 0 to temp4 temp2 = temp3 / temp4 temp1 = temp3 - (temp2 * temp4) if temp1 = 0 then if bvx > bvy then bally = bally + 1 : if bvy > bvx then ballx = ballx + 1 if temp1 <> 0 then if bvx > bvy then ballx = ballx + 1 : if bvy > bvx then bally = bally + 1 if collision(player0, ball) || collision(player1, ball) then temp3 = temp4 next I'm gonna stare at it for a bit to try to figure out why it's not working properly.
  6. Why did I not think of this? Though it would make it harder to get into another atari game.
  7. YOU'RE ALIVE!! Oh crap, its so simple, how did I miss it? Also I think I forgot to mention, I added use of the difficulty switches: players will no longer be able to move fast with the fire button with the switch set to "Advanced". EDIT: So I compiled it and it works! That said, I have good news, and bad news. Bad news is I kinda forgot how some of my code worked(or at least was supposed to) and some bugs got introduced where the ball gets stuck in the bottom edge of the playfield and the ball doesn't move horizontally when you hit it from the side so I can't tell if that fixed the clipping issue. Good news is there's like 1 frame where the screen flickers when you hit the ball at full force which looks REALLY cool, I'll include the ROM so you can see for yourself! airhockey.bas airhockey.bas.bin
  8. A hex editor in binary mode is gonna be your most likely bet, just keep in mind that sprites are laid out upside-down in memory for some reason. That said, there are also graphics editors for hacking, so check out the hacking page of AtariAge to find those.
  9. Hmmm, now I'm getting this error: --- Unresolved Symbol List 284 bytes of ROM space left C:\Users\chris\atari\airHockey\air hockey\airhockey.bas.asm (3437): error: Branch out of range (158 bytes). Fatal assembly error: Source is not resolvable. Errors were encountered during assembly What does it mean by "branch out of range"? That reminds me, I hope RT is doing okay. Here's the code: airhockey.bas
  10. Thanks! I'll have to try this.
  11. Thanks, that's a good idea. If it's not too much to ask, could you find it?
  12. Is it possible to do a modulus operation without the advanced math modules? I can't get them working in my code. Haven't touched it in a while. I'm trying to make it so that when the ball collides with the paddle, it stays outside of it to make determining the direction it reflects in easier.
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