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  1. Finally I found a solution: 1. Replaced the power suppy up to a 9V 500 mA adaptor 2. I found out that the reset switch of my console was also modded. It´s called "switchless pause-mode". Pressing the reset switch a shorter time results in pause mode (you can then continue by pressing the fire button on the joystick). Pressing the reset switch a longer time results in the normal effect of this switch (e.g. starting some games). Took me nearly a year to find out but now i´m happy. thx guys
  2. Hi, power suppy has Input: 100-240 V 60-60 Hz 0.3-0.45 A Output: 7.5 V 2.4 A Using reset switch results in system crash
  3. Hi there, I recently bought a harmony cardridge SD Version Deluxe and attached it to a Atari CX2600 console. This console was modified to hdmi output and a new stronger power adaptor. I transferred several PAL- .bin roms from the AtariMania Website to the SD-card. 2 problems occured: 1. The roms are loaded and also the games do start. But in more than 50% of the games trying to start gaming by pressing the fire button has no effect. They remain in the starting screen of the loaded game. Other games work fine. This also happens when I use original cartridges. All are loaded but only some could be started. 2. I had to put the roms in the main directory of the SD-card. Using subdirectories resulted in a crash of the whole system. Do you have any ideas what´s wrong ? thanx
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