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  1. So I've posted before about how much I love Star Raiders and previously live-streamed a "Star Commander Class 1" game. After sharing that with my Dad and my Uncle, they said "Well, that's good, but can you beat Warrior difficulty with no shields on?". I said that seems ridiculous, but apparently my Uncle had done this in the past. Challenge accepted! Here's a YouTube video of my livestream game where I complete Warrior difficulty with _no shields_. I take no hits. Despite this perfect game, because of the lower difficulty my final score was still only Captain Class 5 (which seems crazy). For what it's worth, they said that completing "Commander" difficulty with no shields must be impossible. I tried that for a couple of games, and made it to 7 or 8 kills with no shields on. I agree that it seems impossible, but maybe we'll keep trying.
  2. Deepstone Catacomb is an absolutely fantastic homebrew game! The graphics, sound and gameplay are incredibly impressive and I love the homage it pays to video game classics like "The Legend of Zelda" and "Adventure". I completed the hardest difficulty (game mode 2) on my Twitch livestream last evening. You can watch the YouTube video here:
  3. Shields always on. I understand that's a way to save energy, but it's so deadly to have them off ever. Random asteroid hits and flying into a sector are big risks for that. If you can be quick about things, you can leave them up.
  4. You are correct! If you want the highest score, you must play on "Commander" difficulty. Anything lower and the highest score is not achievable. While the highest difficulty is really tough, there are a few tips that help make it more manageable. 1. Keep the enemy ships near the bottom of the screen while engaging, just enough so that you can hit them with your photons but they can't strike back (easily). Never fight enemy ships in the crosshairs. 2. When warping into a sector, try to steer around any enemy ships as you slow down on arrival. Taking an immediate hit when you warp into a sector is bad news. 3. Manage energy when jumping. Don't make long jumps unless you absolutely must. You can save energy by jumping in two short jumps rather than one long jump to reach far away sectors with enemies. Again, these are from my father who trained me well.
  5. I achieved the highest score possible on Star Raiders on my original Atari 130XE with an original 'Star Raider' cartridge! It was a lifelong goal to capture this high score on video. Star Raiders is an absolute classic and one of my all-time-favorite games. Watch me achieve the high score on YouTube:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sjhtTinGaFY&t=1364s I stream other Atari and retro games on original hardware on Twitch. My retro twitch stream: https://www.twitch.tv/ocelo78
  6. Very interested in this release of the Deluxe version. Huge fan of shooters and of "Raiden" which was mentioned above.
  7. 27" 2001 Sony Trinitron KV-27FS17. I Specifically sought out a 27" Trinitron from this era because it has composite, component and s-video connectors (for all my retro consoles) and it's possible to move by myself (it's pretty damn heavy though). I was lucky to find one locally for $50 recently. The screen looks very good with my AV modded light sixer.
  8. My father's original light sixer: NTSC MFG. Sunnyvale, CA Serial 56210N Speaker grills Channel switch I have composite modded it and recapped it. A family heirloom at this point.
  9. I don't know of a hack that allows you to use a joystick with breakout, but a "breakout-style" game on the 2600 that uses a joystick is "Off the Wall" and it's pretty good! https://atariage.com/software_page.php?SoftwareLabelID=330
  10. I had exactly the same problem. When I tried to return the adapter to Amazon, they just gave me a refund and said "keep it". Pretty disappointed with the quality. I wish there was a better option available for a new replacement AC adapter.
  11. Star Voyager uses the switches to change between weapons on your ship.
  12. I really really wish there was an NTSC version of this cartridge available.
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