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  1. Well, the MiSTer FAQ says that not even simpler system carts are possible, in part because the DE10-nano's GPIO layout can't handle it. Let alone something that could read fast enough to keep a PS1 core busy. Instead, micro SD is the way to go, and it'll transfer data plenty fast via traditional means.
  2. The behind-the-cabinet look is what I love. That's a great setup for your OSSC, power strip, and SCART switch. I just have a mess of cables because I don't even know where to begin with such a setup, but I have a feeling it begins with an automatic SCART switch like the gscartsw like you've got there.
  3. Ah, beaten to it. Just saw for myself. Download it here: https://github.com/MiSTer-devel/MegaCD_MiSTer Not a ton of testing done yet, and surely some fixes will be required, but that's pretty awesome.
  4. Of what's on that list, I picked Smash Bros Melee. I recently busted out my backwards-compatible Wii and put some time in with it, and it's great. Rogue Squadron II is a lot of fun, as well. The best Star Wars games of the console's era are on the Gamecube, just like the best Star Wars games of the previous generation were on N64. There's a lot (IMO) missing from this list, though. Super Monkey Ball 1 and 2, Animal Crossing, Viewtiful Joe, LoZ Wind Waker and Twilight Princess, Ikaruga (also on Dreamcast), Luigi's Mansion, and the Pikmin series are all excellent. The GameCube had some of my favorite games of the early 2000s, and the Game Boy Player added a ton of value, though I don't have one. While I don't actually own a GameCube (I traded it in when I got my Wii) I'm thinking of getting one with a Carby just for the very best video option.
  5. I was trying to talk myself into this, and I was *almost* convinced, then they went out of stock. I ended up grabbing a Gamer Pro and three cables for different controllers (SNES, NES, and Genesis). Combined with my powered OTG hub, it was half the price although it's not neatly stacked together. The only multiplayer gaming we do on it is for lag-insensitive games like Wheel of Fortune or Jeopardy, and plugging in a Bluetooth adapter took care of that.
  6. Saturn ODEs can become readily available any time now. The Sanyo laser in my Saturn is dead, and I've bought two replacements that were supposedly compatible but I can't make either one work. :(

  7. If you want real carts, it's not a good substitute. If you don't care about that (which I don't, certainly) then it's AMAZING value compared to RGB-modded consoles just covering what it already does. NES, Genesis, SNES, Master System, Game Gear, Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Neo Geo, tons of 8 and 16-bit computers, a bunch of arcade stuff (including Neo Geo), and all you've got to spend to get in is around $170 for the DE10-Nano, an OTG powered USB hub, and a 32 MB SDRAM card. Just over $200 if you decided to go with a 128 MB RAM card if you just gotta have 100% of the Neo Geo library (which I did, because I love Garou Mark of the Wolves and SVC Chaos).
  8. You have to disconnect the real hardware to use the cart. After selecting an ISO and loading a BIOS, no game would load until I disconnected the unit. Probably something you'd want to get a spare Genesis for if you want to keep your model 1 setup (which I agree looks AMAZING). They're cheap.
  9. I also forgot these other fighters that can use lots of buttons: Samurai Shodown (both Genesis and Sega CD) - dedicated four punch/kick buttons + throw Art of Fighting (Genesis) - only needed for Power Punch move ease Brutal: Paws of Fury (Sega CD) - same as Street Fighter II Other Mortal Kombat games beyond original (MK2, MK3, UMK3 all on Genesis) - previously pointed out in the thread Non-fighting games: NBA Live 96 and later (Genesis) - for calling plays NFL '95 (Genesis) - for audibles only Beyond Oasis (Genesis) - holding Mode lets you switch weapons with B I'm willing to bet there's lots more.
  10. Even today it's pretty cool, and it's absolutely the right answer for a console for arcade ports. I picked up a handful of the ACA Neo Geo ports when they were on sale last week, and they're really well done. Better than the Neo Geo mini. Too bad the Joycons don't have a proper microswitched D-pad. The micro switch buttons feel great, though. Also the port of Virtua Racing is *amazing*. Oh my goodness. Does Nintendo's pro controller use microswitches or rubber membranes for buttons and dpad?
  11. Mine showed up and it was fine. For the most part it just works. I just couldn’t get over the bad ordering experience and bad flavor left in my mouth from dealing with terra onion so I ebayed it after a few weeks. It worked as advertised, though. krikzz is demoing his own Sega CD flash cart on Twitter right now. I’m gonna hang on to a real Sega CD until that starts shipping.
  12. There are reports on Twitter that it behaves a little oddly on real hardware via SD2SNES, but that it's hit and miss. I grabbed a copy and would like to play it at some point, but I'm going to wait to see if there is a revision to address those reports. edit: I read a little further and apparently it's just a 1-CHIP issue caused by an obscure brightness setting in the SD2SNES. Probably doesn't affect most users.
  13. You're clearly Dreamcasting while on some sort of Sega Bass Fishing expedition looking for validation.
  14. I just bought an X'Eye on eBay, so I think that will automatically become my rarest item.
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