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  1. The AVS is a very nice device. Outputting 720p means that the image is full size (minus overscan) with integer scaling. There are a bunch of different palettes so you can get what you want, just like the RGB NES. The big difference is whether you already have an RGB upscaling device, and how much you're paying to mod the NES or doing it yourself. The AVS is only $200 after shipping, where the RGB mod itself + paying someone to mod your NES could cost a lot more. If you want the best of both worlds, get a RetroTINK 2x Mini and plug in your NES for that old fuzzy composite feeling, and get an AVS to use when you want sharp graphics.
  2. Alrighty now THIS is what I'm talking about. Too bad they're out of stock, but I can live with that. I've signed up for an alert. A 360 controller is a good substitute, and an Xbone controller would be a good one too. I might need one of those Brook Xbox One to Xbox 360 adapters for that, but no biggie. I knew about these, but not really what I was asking for. Thanks tho.
  3. I love my wireless controllers. MiSTer, PC, modern consoles, doesn't matter. I prefer the convenience of wireless over the few milliseconds of lag I won't feel because I'm playing on an HDTV with inherent lag and I'm 42 years old. Anywho, I was wondering if there were any modern (recent) wireless options for the original black monolith. I'm aware of the Logitech wireless controller that was available back in the day, but those are pretty pricey for what they are. I've looked at Brook Accessory and some of the cheaper brands and it seems nobody does this. I have an Xbox to PS2 adapter, so I guess the Brook PS2 to PS4 adapter might do the trick, but I'm afraid that might be too many conversions to work cleanly. Anybody try this, or have a better suggestion? Thanks!
  4. that's not a converter, it's a pin adapter. It doesn't change the signal in any way. You need something to upscale the 15 kHz signal to 31 kHz and split the sync so that Hsync and Vsync are on different pins.
  5. That's a big bummer, sorry to hear it. You can make back at least some of that on eBay. Recapped units (especially if the shell is in good shape) usually get up close to $100. Most of the recapped units up there right now are $130+ but I doubt anybody buys at that price. Price it lower than the rest and recoup what you can, I guess.
  6. There's a thread for this already: It originally went by a different name so it's not obvious unless you're familiar with the history. I think it's pretty well established already that this just uses Mednafen.
  7. Three tips: 1. Start with the Redump set 2. Put them in different folders 3. Run the cd-fix utility on the firmware download site. #3 is accomplished by downloading and extracing to the root of the folder where the images sit. It will hit EVERY image in that folder so there's only a need to run it once. Don't run it directly on the SD card because it's SOOOOO SLOOOOOW. Run it on an SSD for fastest results. That's how I got it working.
  8. It's very, very bad. Anything that messes with the sprite tile map mid-frame (which apparently is a popular trick on the NES) is unplayable garbage. You can't even see sprites on the screen in any Castlevania game. Only the simplest of games work with it. Definitely not a selling point, just a fun throw-in.
  9. https://www.ebay.com/itm/283978963329 ends Friday the 21st at 7pm Central. I got it preordered at launch and used it for a couple weeks but I’m just not that into the Saturn like I am other Sega consoles.
  10. Agree. Every Redump image I've tried works fine as long as you run that cd-fix util. The nice thing about it is that if you put it at the root of all your images, it'll traverse folders and do them all in one big pass. I did a copy of the full Redump set residing on an SSD in about 15 minutes. Very minor inconvenience.
  11. So I gave the NES core a go, and I can see why he frames it as just a freebie. It's interesting, but *lots* of games are unplayable garbage. Super Mario Bros and Tetris both worked well, but Mario 2 and 3, TMNT 2 Arcade Game, and Mega Man 2 were all pretty rough. Contra and Super C both had some corruption, but were at least playable. The sound is "off" too, but miraculously it's actually *more accurate* than those NoaC clones from Hyperkin and Gamerz Tek. Those things actually play games, though, so...
  12. The user manual says the NES core has some limitations. Based on Krikzz response here, I think what you're seeing in SMB3 is expected. Given the limitations of the NES core, it'd be cool to see someone come up with a GB or GBC core. GG has a larger color palette (4096 possible) than the Genesis (512 possible), so I'm not sure that one is realistic. Wow, yeah, sounds like it's definitely lost. Probably best to contact him sooner rather than later, though.
  13. I ordered on 7/4. It shipped on 7/13. Got to New York ISC 7/23 and delivered on 7/29 in Peoria, IL. So not quite a month for me. It's *really* nice for the price. The Sega CD stuff was controversial because it doesn't support ReDump right out of the box. It works but you don't get CDDA. However, Krikzz created a "cdfix" app for download on his site which traverses all subfolders of its location and converts every image. It converted a copy of the full Redump set in about 30 minutes. I haven't launched every game, but every one I've launched has been good. One warning: Don't use CDX or X'Eye BIOS. For whatever reason, CD audio tracks are VERY quiet with those BIOSes. I switched to the model 2 BIOS and everything fixed itself. I'm really impressed. Delivers everything that Terraonion did with the Mega SD with a less fancy OSD for much lower cost.
  14. OK that's good. Nintendo Life was confusing on the topic.
  15. I'm open to being wrong, but I thought it was a move to try to protect their ROM store so people didn't pass around carts to install. But if it plays CD-Rs I guess that's out the window too.
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