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  1. Oh, I was wrong. It has SMS but not PCE. MiSTer does, but the PC Engine core is in a state of flux...the goal is to bring CD support, but they're rewriting the main console core right now.
  2. The Nt Mini was so popular because the jailbreak plays so many consoles. TG16, Game Boy, GB Color, Atari 2600/7800, Colecovision, and several more. That said, if you want to play all those systems, why shell out $450 when you can spend around $200 on a MiSTer setup?
  3. The local retro shops have all taken to eBay to keep selling stuff and stay in business. Not sure what they'll do once the stock of things people actually want dries up, though.
  4. I love Animal Crossing New Horizons, but the premise is incredibly shady. Tom Nook is a totalitarian dictator. "Come live on an island with me! Also I control all commerce, run the banks, and define the currency. You have to spend your own money to develop the island, you can never leave, and I reap the profits."

  5. Wonder if anybody's going to implement a design with Tim Worthington's RGB converter built in. That would be pretty fun, a whole-system replacement.
  6. I agree completely. The PSOne was adorable. It was also in some ways objectively better than earlier versions. The video output I feel is cleaner, especially RGB.
  7. I have auto rules set up for every offer I accept. If it's a serious lowball, eBay will reject it for me. If it's something I'm willing to take, eBay will accept it automatically. Unless you're totally afraid of computerized rejection, I see no reason to pay full price.
  8. I think you answered your own question there. It's highly unlikely they're flush with cash.
  9. Since I can't read Japanese, I'm playing the US release of Lunar 2. Fortunately, this guy restored balance to these games (which is what Crossbow was hinting at): http://stargood.org/unworked/index.php
  10. The good news is that batteries are some of the easiest soldering jobs around. Just get the tip hot enough and you can wick solder away with a little braid, and then the old one pops right out. A new one goes right in just as easily...put the right legs through the right holes and run a dab of solder on. For a replacement IIRC you need a CR2450, which is kind of a big motha. I'd recommend getting a couple of cheap carts that have batteries and some CR2032s and practice if you're nervous. It's basically the same process all the way around.
  11. The RAM cart is another reason to get the Everdrive, which not only loads an alternative BIOS but also acts as a RAM cart after doing so. A dead internal RAM battery is bad news, though, since many games don't know or care about the cartridge and only save internally. For some games where you might want to track your progress (NBA Jam springs to mind) you'll have to replace a bad battery. That just depends on what game you want to play, though; RPGs don't have that problem, for instance.
  12. Given how rumors are swirling of iPhone shortages and whatnot I'm surprised they haven't already done so.
  13. Is it possible to bypass the TMSS? Maybe it was modded?
  14. That's wild. I've never heard of a non-TMSS Genesis / MD. Every model 2 I've ever had (going back to November of 1993 when I got a Sonic 2 bundle) had the TMSS screen.
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