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  1. The website says it'll take about a week for it to ship. One of the interesting bits I learned from early adopters is that it does not support multi-bin CD images. and krikzz is thinking about how to make it work, but I don't think early adopters will get out of converting their images with CDMage.
  2. RGB modded N64 is scheduled to start at 5PM Pacific / 7 Central / 8 Eastern.
  3. Some things have come off, some things have gone on.
  4. Check out my eBay store. Got a bunch of hardware for sale: https://www.ebay.com/sch/gamingcloset2019/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from= None of these systems advertise games. This is for the hardware only. If you want to buy off eBay, message me HERE ON AA not on eBay. My feedback here is just as flawless as it is on eBay.
  5. It's cheaper than a Sega CD and a RAM cart, which isn't something you can say for the Mega SD, which costs an extra ~$80 shipped from Andorra. This is pretty impressive! NES FPGA on top of it is pretty impressive, but it'd be even more impressive if he figured out how to (optionally) use the Genesis's YM2612 FM channels for audio.
  6. So far, my white Saturn is still pretty white. I guess I'll find out how much since I have the white RF controller on preorder from Castlemania Games. I think you're right, I'd probably get more than enough to cover the MODE from selling my VA0 with Fenrir installed.
  7. I have a VA0 Japanese Saturn and it's got a Fenrir in it. Pretty swank little setup, but it doesn't support multi-game discs unfortunately. That's the only downside. If the game supports saving between discs it's fine, though. I've also got a VA6 or VA7 white Japanese model 2 Saturn that I'd love to use. It's got the Sanyo drive, but the drive is dead. I bought what I thought was a perfect replacement for the laser part but unfortunately it was geared differently so it doesn't work. Trying to figure out if I want to order a MODE and bring it back to life (at which point I'd sell the Fenrir-modded system) or if I just want to toss it up on eBay. I'm not a big fan of the drab gray-green Japanese model 1s, and I love the white, but it's a lot of money. The MODE is NOT cheap.
  8. I have 8bitdo M30s and SN30s that I use with my PC via USB (since I don't have bluetooth in my desktop) and I really like the way they work with it. XInput support, works great with all sorts of emulators, and still paired to the Bluetooth in my Pi4 after using on the PC. I love retro controllers, and still have a few first-party controllers for old systems, but some of the newer stuff is also pretty retro feeling.
  9. It's unfortunate, but apparently Sega knows what it's doing. And as far as I know, these are Japan-only, right? No US announcement?
  10. That certainly remains to be seen. The concept of the day-one update for games started with the 360/PS3/Wii and we've already seen fairly significant losses of access when the Wii shop shut down. I'm hopeful that this kind of intentional backwards compatibility will help maintain access to those games. Unfortunately it looks less and less like it'll happen on the native platform. Hacked 360 or PS3 might be the only way to go, and then what happens when updates are lost to the ether?
  11. I think retro is a mix of a system has been replaced by another console for 12-15 years, and for kids that played it new to be adults with disposable income to buy one to relive their childhood. Weird edge cases about "supporting" the Famicom until 2003 are fun to use as a way to ruin someone's argument, but the system was still retro by then. The GameCube, original Xbox, and PS2 are entering their retro stage, because they've all been supplanted for at least that long. The N64, PS1, and Dreamcast (all of which lost first party support roughly 18 years ago) are all there, and the Saturn was EOL'd even longer ago than that. The 360 and PS3 will achieve retro status in probably 6-7 years. The people who played those systems as kids are in their early 20s now. Once they've got the disposable income, there'll be a mild run on them. The difference in this is that the Xbox Series X is going continue playing 360 games, so there's a chance the hardware won't see a resurgence even if games do. Microsoft is promising that at least some games will run *better* on Series X than 360, though that obviously remains to be seen.
  12. I *love* wireless controllers because my consoles are in my living room and I sit around 12 feet from a 65" screen. Most wired controllers can't even reach from a console to the couch. I have had bad luck in the past with extension cables. Either they fail because they're cheaply made or the controller connection comes loose because the cable is cheaply made. OTOH I don't love them enough to spend that kind of bank. I'm aware of the controllers you're talking about. They're hand-modded and I know it's labor intensive, but it's not for me. I got a Brook adapter instead, and pair a DS4 that I also use with Brook PS1/PS2 adapter. Batteries for me are a non-issue for me because I'm a responsible adult fully capable of plugging stuff in when I'm not using it.
  13. I think this is an unfair characterization of criticisms of the controller. Sega could easily have copied the Saturn 3D pad and fixed the weird orb analog stick and had the best controller on the market. That's what I'm frustrated about.
  14. IMO it's a huge step backward from the Saturn 3D controller. The stick is perhaps improved, but the removal of two face buttons, moving the controller wire output, reducing button size, and that awful D-pad are just part of why I never liked it. The Saturn had basically the same D-pad as the Genesis 6-button (larger, original version) and that was basically perfect. I can't believe Sega screwed it up so badly. Third party controllers are okay. I'm looking forward to getting the Retro Fighters controller I have on preorder and even more interested in something that has six face buttons, even if they're just on/off digital versions of the shoulder buttons. Fighting games are at a huge disadvantage on the system.
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