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  1. Lightening Force, MUSHA, and Gaiares. That last one is super hard, but I love it.
  2. Yeah, basically what you've said is true. The Junior does not support S-Video or RGB out of the box where the regular SNES does. The problem is that the regular SNES went through multiple internal component revisions and it's not possible to tell without taking apart which one you have. Some look better than others, but on a CRT, they all look pretty good to me. You'll pay quite a bit more for a "1-Chip" original SNES, which has better video quality out of the box and can be further modified to get even clearer video. Personally I don't own an SNES; I got a Super Nt. I don't like the look of the original SNES, and I'd have to modify an SNES Jr to get RGB to work with my RetroTink 2x, and then I'd need component cables. It was actually cheaper to get a Super Nt even though I have the converter solution in hand because the mod (which is currently out of stock at Mobius Strip Tech) is $60 + $15 return shipping + your initial shipping costs, so that makes it $90 + the cost of SNES component cables + the cost of the system. If you have an OSSC, a good SCART cable is half the price of the component cables and that changes the equation a little. As Flojomojo said, if you're just getting into the SNES and aren't concerned about the very lowest of latencies, an SNES Mini is a great solution. It's $90 on eBay. Adding games isn't hard, either. It'll hold around 200-250 games on its built-in storage, depending on exactly which games you want and the ROM size. An NES Classic Mini can be modded to play SNES games, too, but you need to replace the default controller in that instance.
  3. The Genesis II always had the US-shaped cart slot. This has a big flat square one. That means this one has been modified for region-free gaming, which is cool. You can see from the underside pic that the motherboard extends the full width of the system meaning it's an older model 2 that won't sound very good. It's also obviously missing the RF shield under the motherboard, which probably doesn't mean a whole lot but I wouldn't buy a Genesis without all its innards intact, and I wouldn't buy a VA 1.x or 2.x Genesis 2 at all. Even for $15 I think you can do better with some patience. Don't forget to include an extra $20-30 to get a replacement AV cable, power supply, and controller (variable cost because controllers range from OMG awful to pretty decent if you get a Retro-Bit Sega repro). Complete Genesis systems with all of that usually go for around $35, so that's what I'd be looking for. Used SNES consoles go for considerably more. More than likely you'll be paying 50-65 for a complete system, at minimum with AV, power, and one controller.
  4. Frankly I'm glad Terraonion didn't go that route. I do not have the skills to (for example) re-cap a Sega CD or replace a chip if something goes bad. FPGA (done right) is the only way forward IMO. Genesis consoles are cheap and selling a broken one on eBay is cheap. Sega CDs are not cheap (although selling broken ones on eBay is also easy). 32X is not cheap, either, for that matter, but I would be very surprised if anybody actually sells an FPGA clone for one. That'll probably be the domain of MiSTer when it migrates to another platform.
  5. Gonna echo some choices from earlier in the thread: Snatcher Silpheed Sonic CD (which is not my favorite Sonic game like it is for some, but it's solid) Terminator Lunar (specifically Eternal Blue; I'd rather play Silver Star Story on PS1 for that game) Shining Force CD Also some un-mentioned ones so far: Amazing Spider-Man vs the Kingpin (also on Genesis but the soundtrack is great) Flashback (same as Spider-Man) Road Avenger
  6. Can't blame you there. It's REALLY hard to distinguish the "OK" model 2's (VA2 and VA2.3) from the bad ones. The only chance you have without disassembly is to open the cart bay and count traces based on the Sega 16 thread. And I've had a VA2.3 and didn't like it. PSG channels were WAY too quiet. I removed a resistor that helped but PSG still sounded a bit too faint to me. I sent a VA7 to a reputable modder to get a Triple Bypass, and giving that to a buddy for his birthday. Also got a non-functioning HD Graphics Genesis in great condition so I can swap the top of the case onto it. It's not *REALLY* a High Def Graphics model, but it'll look and sound as good if not better than any of them.
  7. It does that and it runs Genesis/Mega Drive and Master System ROMs, so if you're currently an Everdrive user, that flash cart becomes redundant. Definitely waiting to see what people who buy it have to say first, but I'm very hopeful.
  8. Same. It's not an either/or thing for me and at the current price it's not a cost thing, either. It's a matter of reducing wear and tear on the Sega CD unit. I'm just waiting for StoneAgeGamer to get them for preorder, which probably won't be until after this initial release in August.
  9. Ah, OK I missed that. StoneAge Gamer says they'll do trade-ins on EverDrives, but I'm more likely to just buy it outright and then sell my Mega Everdrive X7 on eBay to make back some of the difference.
  10. Same all around. I wonder if it either acts as a RAM cart or increases the internal save space. Having to plug this into the cart slot without RAM cart functionality makes it a total no-go.
  11. According to RetroRGB, it draws less power than a Virtua Racing cart, so no extra power source needed.
  12. Yeah that's kind of what I'm looking at. It's only $100 more than a Mega Everdrive X7, so that means I can sell my X7 and make back most of what I would be paying for this. Just gotta budget for one of these. I expect that despite the price, they'll sell well.
  13. I have to start selling stuff because I ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO HAVE THIS
  14. This would also be my guess. A Sega CD ODE would be so welcome, even if it's less like an SSDS3 and more like a GDEMU, giving Sega CDs with dead lasers new life.
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