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  1. Oh wait I might be able to answer this myself. The SNES Retro Receiver has Switch controller compatibility so it should be fine. I'll have to get one (since I have a Switch online sub) and try it out.
  2. The Mega Everdrive Pro can now run Doom on a stock Genesis. If you have an MEDP and a Genesis, grab the shareware version from here: Good news is that it can run any WAD file from Doom 2, Ultimate Doom, etc. Video embedded here: https://hothardware.com/news/mega-doom-sega-genesis-mega-everdrive-pro Note that my stupid capture card and video export setup caused the audio to lag. It's right on time when playing. I'm going to re-capture tonight and fix the embed for those who are interested. There's a little bit of bugginess in the game with switching weapons. Don't, unless you're out of ammo, because you can only go "down" the list and picking the melee option will get you stuck there until you pick up another weapon. Otherwise, it's pretty impressive.
  3. Does it work with the 8bitdo Bluetooth receiver? If so I might have to give it a go.
  4. Great exchange. Sold a Raspberry Pi4 setup, everything went smoothly. Thanks!
  5. Pi 4 is pending to KeeperofLindblum. Super Famicom still available.
  6. I heard that, too, but I got one from Amazon in August or September and it is no better. I kept it because it's fine for certain types of games, but I can't do fireballs or dragon punches or even reliably jump diagonally in Street Fighter II.
  7. The SVP chip in those things seems to give out from time to time. I had one but pitched it some months back. Never occurred to me that the parts might be useful.
  8. My guess is that if you open it up and go to town with a magnifying glass, you'll find some surface-mounted part is either missing or loose. Probably happened in shipping. That sucks real bad, though.
  9. I do not like the 8bitdo SNES-style Dpad. They got it exactly right on the N30 for Switch and N30 2.4g for original NES. The M30 dpad is a perfect replica of a Sega D-pad. But the two SN30 2.4g that I own and my SN30 Pro + all have issues with diagonal on the d-pad. I've given up looking for third-party SNES controllers and just use originals.
  10. Hi all! I have a couple of things for sale. Price is negotiable, just send me a PM. Prices include shipping within the continental USA via UPS or USPS Priority Mail. Regular mail is pretty bogged down. Raspberry Pi 4 4 GB with 64 GB SD card, in-line power switch, official power adapter, official case (white / raspberry colored), and heatsinks installed. SD card has the latest version of Lakka but no ROMs are included. $80 shipped Super Famicom - this is a 2-chip of some sort. The shell has some yellowing. Includes Nintendo branded AV cable, a high-quality 9v AC adapter, and an original Nintendo-branded controller. Super Fami controller cables are short so you might want to buy an extension. $80 shipped Any questions let me know. AA feedback linked in sig. Thanks for looking!
  11. did the re-capper not test it before shipping it back? Sounds like it got essed in the bee.
  12. Some of the bidding is pretty crazy, too, but then I figure people are looking for a story to tell. Oh yeah this vintage 1960s Les Paul, I found it at GoodWill (*under the breath* auctions website *ahem ahem ahem*)
  13. The case by itself looks nice enough, at least. If you want a transparent gray or transparent green N64 the DIY kit at least seems to have decent plastics.
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