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  1. I don't have it plugged into a network or I would have given it a go. No big deal, though.
  2. Being able to update cores by drag-and-drop on Windows is really nice. No need to update the primary boot partition unless something really revolutionary happens.
  3. I've had my MiSTer getup running for about a month now, and I've come to the conclusion that it's more "gaming system" than "tinker toy" than I expected. Playing a lot more and messing with it not at all since setup. Really digging it. Also got an email from misteraddons indicating that my order is ready to ship, including a 128 MB SDRAM board and a USB hub that I don't think I really need (OTG hub has been perfectly functional), but it'll make my setup look cleaner. That's awesome, didn't expect to get the SDRAM board that quickly.
  4. With the proliferation of PS2 phat SATA adapters, there's no need. And since many games are in excess of 3-5 GB, you're not fitting much on even the largest SD cards. It's so cost effective to just use a hard drive, I can't imagine PS2 ODEs are even a viable product. Also if you have a slim PS2 (or have a Sony-original network adapter), you can play images from an SMB share over Ethernet with OPL, so you don't even need a hard drive.
  5. Kevtris told My Life in Gaming when the Mega Sg released that the PS1 was technically possible, but also unaffordable for the foreseeable future. Apparently it would only fit in larger FPGAs, which of course have both a higher price AND a longer development cycle.
  6. the color scheme reminds me of the Game Boy DMG, but I'm hoping it's a little bit more than that.
  7. doesn't matter what region you get, if you buy an Action Replay 4M Plus you can play games from any region and have hte 4MB RAM cart for games that can use it So get the region that looks coolest to you. I got a Japanese one because I like the white model 2 Saturn's looks the best.
  8. https://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2019-10-08-atari-vcs-architect-quits-citing-six-months-of-missed-payments Oh, imagine that. Atari isn't paying its bills. The statement is classic, too: LOOOOOOOOOOL just wait until more "team members" start dropping off the project because they have bills to pay and Atari isn't paying theirs.
  9. I agree. Tetris would be the perfect "zone out" game if it never sped up.
  10. I got those Burger King games for the original Xbox back in the day, and the go cart racing one was actually kind of fun. Also on the Xbox, I've sunk way too many hours into DOA Xtreme Beach Volleyball.
  11. Final Fantasy Anthology (FF5 + FF6) was $40 on the PS1 when it came out. Same iwth Final Fantasy Chronicles (FF4 + Chrono Trigger). FFA was the first time I could play Final Fantasy V (ROM hacks might have existed, but my PC was a 486 DX2 and couldn't run SNES97 at full speed), so I gladly preordered it at Babbage's.
  12. The RetroBit Saturn controller is really quite nice. I got one for use on my Japanese white model 2. Unfortunately they don't make a matching white controller, so I got the skeleton color one. I've also got a wireless 2.4 GHz version on preorder at Castlemania games.
  13. I get that, but if I came into possession of something cool (bought it on eBay let's say) and then someone else takes ownership of an IP...I dunno, I guess I'd need to go into hiding because I wouldn't want to give it up. I'd feel like I paid for it and any ambulance chaser looking to make money off of it can pound sand.
  14. It wasn't a "rip-off" because that implies it's a clone. It *is* Doki Doki Panic. It's my least-favorite SMB game on the NES, but that by no means makes it bad. After playing Lost Levels on the SNES, I never wanted to play SMB2j again. I feel like Nintendo made the right choice.
  15. I have a hard time getting mad at an owner to not want to have the ROM dumped. Undumped games are generally undumped for a reason - they're either unfinished or trash. If they'd been successful there'd be a much larger chance of it having already been dumped. "Ooh, we're missing out" some might say. On what, exactly? Frankly I'd be surprised if any "legal action" taken by Piko is more than nuisance pestering to try to get someone to give up the prototype cart they bought/found. That's kinda dickish, honestly.
  16. VGA is just RGBHV (meaning dual sync for horizontal and vertical) in a D-sub connector. I can't imagine that at the low resolutions most of the emulated systems output would be adversely affected by a combined sync signal.
  17. what are load times like? Longer than booting from disc? Reason I ask is that all the POPStarter documentation says that loading PS1 games from USB makes cut scenes in many games skip. I had always assumed that was due to using USB version 1 on the PS2, so load times on PS2 games would be much longer too. That's why I keep a PS1 with a modchip handy.
  18. Games that I haven't spent countless hours mastering but they have. OTOH, I've spent countless hours on other games that maybe y'all haven't. That's because "everyone" also took their time to get there, but once they could pull it off, the first thing they do nowadays is put it on YouTube. It took me more than a month to get to a point where I could beat it the first time, and then I could warp through and finish it in around 20 minutes. However, I can't do that any more. Just goes to show you that practice makes perfect, and if you don't use it you lose it. OTOH I can still 1CC Streets of Rage 2 on default settings, or on Hard with 5 lives at the start. That stuff is programmed into my brain something fierce. I've *finished* on Mania, but I had to use the cheat to start with 9 lives and used all my continues. Meanwhile I watched a guy on Twitch recently finish it with NO DEATHS. It was insane. He kept dying in stage 7 with the jetpack guy, but once he could do that reliably finishing the robot bosses happened on the first try and he made it all the way through to the end.
  19. None, and if you're eating something you better go wash your nasty-ass Cheeto-encrusted hands before you touch one of my controllers, you filthy heathen.
  20. I think the only way to do it today is with a GOAC (which can probably do better than the crap from Hyperkin/GamerzTek/Retro-Bit which normally use them) and then set up an RGB and audio chain similar to that of db Electronics' Triple Bypass boards (which itself is based on existing tech and Ace's Mega Amp). The only other solution is cannibalizing boards, and that leads to very expensive boutique stuff like the original Analogue Nt or their consolized MVS. The EXT port is required for some outboard development hardware, like GEMS. I don't see a reason for it on a new console.
  21. http://ebay.us/fdarHT?cmpnId=5338273189 VA4 model 2 is the one that uses the GOAC and is basically as good as it gets without a mod. Looks a little rough but performs perfectly. Includes Mega Everdrive X5, an SD card, 3-button controller, original power supply, and 3rd-party AV cable. Currently at $50. Ends at around 11AM Central time (9AM Pacific) on 9/27
  22. It doesn't have to be all or none. I can accept the <1 frame of lag from my TCL TV (according to RTings) but I'm doing things to reduce lag in other areas. I got a Bliss-Box with the Genesis-style controller cable, which connects to my 8bitdo M30 2.4G. The 8bitdo has been measured to introduce around 4 milliseconds. Since I'm using it in LLAPI mode, I've got the whole chain down to around 18 milliseconds. I can't feel or see or hear it, so I'm happy. It's on par with a real console connected to a RetroTINK or OSSC. The only way to improve it is to get a CRT, and since I have an IO board (got it for SUPER cheap on eBay) I can go that route with a VGA monitor if I want later.
  23. eBay might take a chunk of the funds, but it's the ONLY way to sell stuff without getting lowballed. That's where those people running their ads on CL end up selling. Also just start by selling the valuable duplicates at first and see if you have any seller's remorse.
  24. RetroArch's front end has been talking about cores (and downloading core updates) since before I knew what RetroArch was. It's the official name. Getting bent out of shape over it now that it's been out there for years is kind of silly. edit: kind of cool to see something I wrote get published on Slashdot. https://games.slashdot.org/story/19/09/21/007200/latest-lakka-release-on-raspberry-pi-4-showcases-great-retro-gaming
  25. Yeah it was this morning. I got up at 4:45 Central and preorders were already open. By the time I had made it through the preorder process they were closed and I got an error. A lesson learned for next time, I guess.
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