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  1. I will sell it for $130, price includes 2-3 day priority mail shipping!
  2. Yes I have another iPod (as I said in the first post). Got this one that I'm selling for Christmas.
  3. I have an iPod nano 4GB (silver) forsale. Barely used, I got it for christmas and only tried it out a few times. Less than an hours worth of play. Asking $130 for it, it sells for $200 new. Includes 4GB iPod Nano, USB Transfer/Charger cable, white headphones, and the manual booklet. Will take pics for anyone interested in buying it. PM me for more info.
  4. atarigamer

    Atari Karts

    http://www.direct4games.com/layout1.jsp?pa...=Atari%20Jaguar Has it for 45 Euro's, but thats still around $55 US I think, so not much better ...but they might have cheaper shipping at an online store than eBay.
  5. Just ordered the video cable and keystone kapers .
  6. I'm just looking to buy an official atari replacement cable for video/audio...where can I find one?
  7. I've lost my video cable for my Atari 2600 jr, and I was searching around atari2600.com's store for one, and I can't seem to find any "video cables" in their store... just "game cables"....I don't know if thats a power supply or video cable? There is no image, or product description... https://www.atari2600.com/item--Atari-2600J...--PROD5158.html Does anyone know? Or where I might purchase a good video cable for the Atari 2600 Jr?
  8. Anyone know about how much all this stuff is worth? My friend wants to sell it on ebay, but I need a price estimate...any help would be apprecaited . Note: If a game is listed twice, he has two copies. SYSTEM: Atari 2600 Model No. CX -2600 A GAMES: Frogger Frogger Donkey Kong Jr. Pac-Man Mountain King w/ book Real Sports Football Video Olympics Riddle of the Sphinx Space Invaders ZiMAG Tanks but no Tanks Space Attack Street Racer Tutankhan w/ book Pitfall 2 lost caverns w/ book Defender Super Challenge Baseball Combat Combat Asteroids Raiders of the Lost Arc Raiders of the Lost Arc Mega Force River Raid River Raid Freeway SwordQuest Fireworld SwordQuest Earthworld Keystone Kappers Vanguard Championship soccer Sneak n' peek Outlaw Demons to Diamonds Jungle Hunt Star Raiders Word Zapper Space War Robot Tank Warlords CONTROLLERS: Pointmaster Paddle ( comes w/ 2 in 1 cord) Video Touchpad System: Intellivision 2 Model No. 5872 Note: has 2 attached controllers GAMES: "cards" go in the controller Space Spartans White Water! w/ book Night Stalker w/ book and cards Las Vegas Poker & Blackjack w/ cards Space Hawk w/ book and cards Swords & Serpents w/ cards Atlantis w/ book and cards Space Battle w/ book Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Treasure of Tarmin w/ book and cards Vectron w/ book and cards Systems: Atari 600 XL and Commodore 64 *****also i have a Hamlin CATV converter and a Universal cable to UHF 47 channel block converter
  9. Thats that rare proto that CPUWiz was telling everyone about! He talked to some programmer and he said it was worth like $500... LOL Just Kidding ... I have no idea what it means.
  10. atarigamer

    New Haul

    Commavid! Nice score .
  11. Don't forget The Last StarFighter... well it didn't have Atari in it but a proto for the movie was made by Atari for the 5200. War Games had several Atari Arcade games in it like Galaga.
  12. How about removing the fireballs that shoot out of the exploding death star on Death Star Battle? You can't just remove the graphic images, I tried it, doesn't work. Do you have a pic of the flames, so I can see what you are talkin about? Thanks.
  13. Awesome game! I had it running in CyberStella. I'd buy a copy.
  14. Well I am interested... especially in making an RPG title for the 7800, but I have no programming skills . Maybe Andrew Davie knows how .
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