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  1. @ilmenit, we did use dbg file, list file, asm file and of course configuration file with segments. To do optimized operations that require fast cpu and speed you will need asm if you're coding in CC65 you will need to add these routines as inline asm. this kinda misses the purpose of having a high level language. also DLI, VBI, OS disabling, NMI , IRQ and other atom operations are not handled straight forward in CC65 and you need to embed inline asm commands to support them, a good example can be the stack usage within VBI and DLI. We also couldn't control the size of code especially after we had the optimization flag enabled. the tricks in config file did help us a lot but still that is not full control as we have now in MADs. so now we are heavy on the ASM and so far so good
  2. I also forgot to mention size of executable. with MADs it is a lot smaller than in CC65 (even with optimizer on) i am interested to learn about your new pure MADs project
  3. I know you are strong CC65 advocate. so was I it came to the point where we needed code controll and fast performance and that could not be done with CC65 it needed the asm("") inline so i figured if we write in inline ASM why not write in pure ASM. MADS assembly is very optimized and it is very stong to perform graphics operations such as multi-diagonal scroll, interleave charset + software sprite movement, PMG and all without the need of double buffering. i am very pleased (so far!) from the results we get. it will take us some time till the forest level will be ready to publish there is A LOT! to be done. but good things are coming....
  4. CPC version from colors and graphics are close identical to the arcade fro game play perspective , scroll , movement etc , it is not as good experience as arcade
  5. that is what i aim for, and we're just at the begining of the year. so we still have time
  6. Hey all, The WB will see to its end and will be completed no matter how long it is going to take. With a brave decision and a big step, we have decided to rewrite the entire game from scratch , this time in a MADs assembly. we dropped the CC65 for now, and we keep it for reference only. We've imporved the engine significantly, and it will support all levels almost with no effort including the ones that are diagonally scrolled. We're at the point where the game flow is completed. We are now working on the forest level. Also, this time the game will be released on a Atari Max-flash 1mb cart rather than the MegaCart as the CC65 project was set to. Once I will have something to publish I will. don't worry. Stayed tuned and thanks for the patience and the vote of confidence. Cheers, Yaron
  7. Hi, good work. I'd like to learn more in terms of performance compared with CC65?
  8. Why so negative think of the porting possibility 😆
  9. Not sure if you intended that way but when game starts the screen shows the drawing from left to right not a big deal, but , if you can shut down antic do your drawing then restore it to see the screen instantly appearing .... well done . Very nice progress !
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