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  1. did you use asm just for the music part? music can be supported also in CC65 , well not straight forward, but still easily supported... i use RMT and SFX in my wonderboy game all in C (with some asm annotations)
  2. well, i ran v.080 and v.087 and for some reason to me, 0.80 is much faster than 0.87.... weird....
  3. Was the game written in C originally? why the decision to move to assembly? Gain speed? Gain performance ? you can use inline asm in c for slow parts but from what I am experiencing in the wonderboy game which is written in C , speed and performance are very good (I am using CC65)
  4. trying my luck here. is there a way with altirra, to get a routine performance. for example, to set a routine and get everything one can get on: - clock cycles - cpu usage - fps etc.... i saw there is an analyzer in altirra, i tried it and it didn't get me what i needed....
  5. The main character revamp kinda reminds me of rick dangerous 😃
  6. hmmm...Crownland looks more like this: that game above, looks like super mario to me, but i am not sure a the main character looks like it was taken from Super Mario 3... or something....
  7. Say , what is the first game above? is it super Mario ? where can I download this?
  8. @phaeron, excllent release! many thanks as for next versio 4.0 i am still facing the goto source issue with agreggated project folder, finding my self needing to select the source file myself, even though the folder to pick the file is correct.... will that be solved? also would be nice to be able to search for routines in the c file. currently the search doesn't do anything....
  9. Hey there, so as the static objects engine is almost does, i can share some screen shots of the progress: i am now working on optimization and speed up and once ready i will release this POC. things progressing pretty well. cheers
  10. ok, last lesson #8 - RMT music files and SFX support You can find code sample from all the lessons in the following GIT link: https://github.com/AsafSaar/Atari-8bit-Programming I know this is not in english native language, but you can view the videos and see the explanations. I hope this will help someone. I trully encourage to develope in high language such as C for the atari 8-bit. everything is possible, you just need to understand the language and 8-bit limitations. Cheers, Yaron
  11. lesson #7 - Disable OS - RAM under ROM & Scrolling Theory
  12. lesson #6 - Antic Mode E , pre-shifted software sprites I also covered @ilmenit cc65 optimization improvements at the second part of the lesson. you can find the reference here: https://github.com/ilmenit/CC65-Advanced-Optimizations
  13. thanks @mikerthat linked worked although the level itself had some glitches it is playable... but it requires 1MB of memory
  14. i use rambo320 in altirra configuration....?
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