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  1. also, if you can attach here the command line you were using to compile the 2 files and the xex executable that was produced
  2. Hey, as @tschak909 mentioned, since you're including <atari.h> , you don't need all the defines below. for example, instead of defining "NMIEN" as you did: you can use this: just search the following files (they appear in the include directory of CC65 library) to see what can you use instead of these defines: some other things, instead of using this: you can just set the segments in the config file OR use a #define for a specific memory address you know follow the 1K, 2K boundary rules. you define int variables which are pretty wastefull in CC65 just for memory allocations and addresses for example PMBASE could be easily defined as: and then just use the PMBASE when needed, for example: easy as that. EDIT: one thing i forgot, you seem to use "memmove" , if the memory to copy is not overlapping it is recommended to use memcpy instead. general comment, if you'd like, try to separate code into other headers and c files, makes it easier to read and maintain rather than 1 big main c file.
  3. ok, some programming progress, still in sprint tests wonderboy power life is droping by the minute, and when it reaches 0 wonderboy is dying (same as in arcades he is touching a foul object). then his life left reduced by 1. when it reaches to 0 the game should exit. but for now it thows an exception i need to fix. if you want to skip waiting till power life is 0, you can use F1 to speed the emulator. enjoy wonderboy.xex
  4. @rensoup I was thinking about this challenge myself . with the dli you will handle the HPOS of the prince combined from PMGs right? If prince is splitter on the same scan mode lines , how this will be done ?
  5. Yes that is the intension, we will have to sort the legal rights for this of course
  6. excellent work @rensoup nicely done. the players priorities can be worked afterwards.. can release an intermediate version for sure
  7. ok, some progress. added status bar. this took a while as i needed to make the DLIs work correct. so now status bar is colorful with multiplex PMGs as underlays, AND wonder boy still there doing his stuff oh, i've also disabled the OS so now i have freed up some additional memory for me to be able to work with enjoy wonderboy.xex
  8. if my tutorials helps any developer to get up and start developing new games for A8, then it was worth it! I want to see more and more coders out there pick up their keyboard and start developing new A8 games - mostly arcade ports that never made it to A8 (but were released on C64).
  9. @miker, remember how many debates we had about the notes in this theme
  10. My hoax avatar - it is all @TIX work, he has made one for himself. we are now to be called “The Hoaxer Team”!
  11. ok, posting progress. wonderboy physics are completed. throw axe completed. jump high (hold down fire and jump) - completed wonderboy.xex
  12. when he turns? or you mean when he throws the axe . to me the walking,jumping,standing looks ok and has the right proportions. it is only when he throws the axe the sprite looks incomplete. but to solve that we will place the axe in the necessary postion to cover for the missing pixels. see here:
  13. here is a sprite test for wonderboy. it includes the movement physics as well. if you press the fire button - wonder boy frames will change to throwing axe if you keep holding the fire button and jump (joy up) - surprise, wonderboy jumps higher.... this is to keep the arcade game behavior. it is still a little buggy, but it can give you the sense of the player wonderboy.xex
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