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  1. This is funny, someone on atarionline combined my 2 games (Yamo fight and Sumo adventure) into 1 game and created a playing demo. HAHAH, as the thought is amazing, they are still 2 differnt games with 2 differnt concepts.....
  2. well, i guess it is best if i just add the '
  3. Ok, as i was trying to write a CC65 beginner tutorial I came across with this: https://github.com/cc65/wiki/wiki/Hello-cc65! Here you have anything you need to start developing for the A8 using CC65 (C language) feel free to ask anything in AA forums or PM me.
  4. I was lazy the charset I am using doesn’t have the ‘ and I didn’t want to draw that so I didn’t include that probably will add it
  5. No need. I will create a beginner tutorial for you and post it here on Atari Age forum. Will probably prepare it next week as I am currently traveling
  6. Calling graphic persons here. anyone interested on helping me with the levels graphics (charpad charset/tiles/map or other tools for tiles )? i am not that good in graphics and there are here some really talented graphics persons any1?
  7. As wrathchild stated, please see this reference : https://www.atariarchives.org/c2bag/page029.php
  8. You can use this excellent online sprite editor : http://www.playsoft.co.uk/aplayed52.html it will give you the ability to export to data statements in basic asm and c
  9. Yes hopefully TIX will join this project BL 2 players mode was my favorite , back in the day I used to fight the ninja together with my friend who played Bruce 😀
  10. Run the xex and see for yourself it appears on my title screen
  11. As a second Bruce Lee spin off I have started to work on a new game called 'Yamo Revenge'. Game is written entirly in CC65. The game is under the wraps but I can share the title screen I have been playing with: And here is an xex to see the entire screen title animation: what do you guys think? main.xex
  12. he looks cute chubby little bugger hahahah he is so cute i start to fond him? how can i see him fight bruce now ? LOL
  13. Do you have an xex of the game but with the new images ?
  14. Phareon, great work! thanks for releasing new version, you're da man! Cheers, Yaron
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