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  1. I don't know people that grew up with Fox Kids with the X-Men and Spiderman shows plus all of the newer generations with the MCU and X-Men movies would find it as a nice surprise. People like seeing familiar characters in games that and unlike the home consoles most of the Arcade properties with super heroes were actually pretty good. I personally love the X-Men game specifically the huge 6 player version due to the unique huge setup and double screen. That being said they are Genre games and like anything that fits in a Genre there are tropes and conventions at the expense of creativity. This is also the case as well for books, TV and movies so arcades are not special. I have a cultural theory also that Japanese developers tend to work within genres and are very good at refining a given genre, where as many Western devs were open to far more experimentation. In the end though it may have been too much to their detriment as people like a genre for a reason and it is a crapshoot on whether a new idea or concept will click with the audience. That and by making predictable games you can standardize controls and you have things like the JAMMA standard which leads to cheaper and generic products and easier to maintain cabinets. It is simply less risky and easier to buy a property and conform it to a genre and ship it than to blow money on custom parts and risk things on an unproven concept.
  2. How did you set up the switch for the joystick / paddle controller? Can you show the wiring?
  3. I was thinking at the very least have the coin mech tied to the reset button which is tied to a killscreen in most games. Since most games are abandonware this shouldn't be an issue. If you have the actual carts inside the actual arcade cab I personally don't see any problems.
  4. I know you hate me, but I have a four switch 2600 that I have to switch out the controller port and I have my main 7800 that I use now.
  5. So the Atari VCS has had a tone of Arcade ports to the system and has tones of games that could have been arcade games in their own right(Yars Revenge, Keystone Kapers). What I am wondering is are there any arcade rom hacks that can turn a 2600 into a home arcade and if someone wired up a coin mech would accept coin credits? I had the idea that home consoles can be arcades in their own right given arcade sticks a cabinet and monitor and given flash carts you can cycle between games without having to switch out any cartridges. Given flash carts can run hacks and modded games has anyone tried this? Is this a dumb idea to begin with? If you had a 2600 arcade cabinet what games would you think would you most like to see modded?
  6. Interesting they are using joysticks in a modern arcade game that is recreating a game that didn't use joysticks. That is rich. Oh well at this point I will take what I can get it is worth a play or two if I ever find it.
  7. Two people died just not directly playing the game. The owner admits to a person dying while playing the game. So at least one person died playing the game, apparently due to heart issues then you have the stabbing incident now you have two deaths associated with the cabinet. But yes the second heart related death is a myth. The myth goes it was the first person's friend trying to beat his high score. A fun myth but a myth none the less. But the facts do remain there are two deaths tied to the game one heart condition the second was a stabbing over stolen quarters from the game.
  8. It happened here is the report from the Chicago Tribune if that is evidence enough. As for the first one Even the owner admits someone died while playing Berzerk. The only myth is that two people died while playing the game it was just one and the second kill was initiated at that cabinet then finished in the alleyway. It happened and that cab is a very historic and infamous Arcade cabinet, are you the least bit interested in where it is located?
  9. With ceilings that high it looks more like a setup in a convention center rather than a permanent arcade. Either way point taken.
  10. Let them try, they will hoot and holler then get distracted to holler at the next outrage. If you remain steadfast and silent things will blow over. If you engage or comment you keep it in view.
  11. Monitors are a problem however with a worse case scenario FPGAs can be adapted to output lag free digital output on modern displays and can even have built in scan-line generators. This is of-course the nuclear option but having a digital display is better than no display.
  12. I think Custer's revenge could be better and needs a remake. It would be nice to have AtariVox support with some sweet one liners. It also could benefit from some extra stages and more modes.
  13. It fixes some sort of lag since you can have a pure digital signal with no need to translate to analog you save on some time and having the same speed clocks you can poll the input the same exact way without having to do USB translations. It won't fix the lag from the input to the displaying on the actual screen but it fixes all of the other hardware lag. Yes you can have a very inaccurate FPGA implementation but you also can have a very accurate one as well. A skilled person could test the input and out put of the device and ensure it meets the same specifications and test for it. I never said it magically gets programmed to be perfect I said it can be close to a perfect implementation if done right which is the case. But if you have an open ecosystem you can share some blocks like the 6502 or other common processors so the important bits can be mature by the time someone wants to work on the dedicated or less common chips needed for a board. I see it as the option going forward shy of actually making systems on a chip for every board which is an even higher threshold. Emulation is an option but is limited far more than a skilled FPGA implementation. When you are talking about drop in replacements for an arcade cabinet, a FPGA just seems like the better solution.
  14. It's not really pirate if you have the broken board and the Cabinet. The williams and Berzerk boards are designed to literally replace the broken board. They also may have a license, I don't know. It isn't anything like throw 1000 MAME roms on a device. They also can run more accurately running at the same clock speed having the same slowdowns and same hardware bugs. They also have zero input lag and don't have to do any software translations. FPGA like it or not may be the best thing going forward. How many parts or fixes can we expect in 100 years? At least FPGA can adjust to newer displays and account for dwindling supplies of chips. The raspberry pi is all well and good for what it is but MAME can't do things the same way real hardware can proof of that is how it loads objects which is how they knocked the DonkeyKong record down. Furthermore input and display lag will also be problems with MAME compared to hardware.
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