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  1. Robotech? Oh, for fuck's sake, I hope Harmony Gold just stops existing in this world as a whole so we can have actual Macross stuff.
  2. Damn, I think the tacos are starting to get a little stale by now...
  3. Christ, it's nearly been three years since this tacofest reared its ugly head, and there's barely been any movement.
  4. The keyword here is "Pre". https://comicbook.com/gaming/2019/11/30/atari-vcs-final-stages-pre-production-new-images/
  5. It's the 30th of July, where's that release date, Strictly Limited?
  6. I'm wondering why this thread hasn't been locked yet.
  7. Maybe you can put in those unused sounds from Donkey Kong into one of the Homebrews: https://tcrf.net/Donkey_Kong_(Arcade)#Unused_Sounds
  8. I'm skeptical as hell about this. Also, the design. Last time I checked it was 2018, not 2006.
  9. Yes, I am aware of an Easyflash crack that has both Turrican 1 and 2 on it. However, there's a problem. Here's what I wrote on the Lemon64 thread about it: Now, that issue with T1 5-2 probably has gone away now that I use a new config. But I still hold my case.
  10. No one? Not a single person has a clue?
  11. I originally posted this on the Lemon64 forums, but no one wanted to help. So I have IDE64 installed for VICE, and I'm trying to load the IDE64 crack for Turrican. I can't seem to get it to work however. I can load the file "!turrican1", but that seems to be just the crack and trainer. All the guides I've found for running IDE64 programs in VICE seem to be of no help. I tried using D64 Editor(/http://www.d64editor.com/), but problems arise when you try to fit a two-disk game on one disk without any modifications to the files. Any help?
  12. From the CoolCV thread because no one bothers to check that anymore: I have this model controller: https://www.amazon.c...e/dp/B01EO5QPN2 Is there any way to set it up in the bindings text file so it uses the D-Pad for movement instead of the thumbstick?

    1. OldSchoolRetroGamer


      your link does not work.

    2. Sgt Jack V

      Sgt Jack V

      That's because I copy-pasted it directly from the thread I originalyl posted it in. Let me post the real link here. https://www.amazon.com/Matricom-Rechargeable-Bluetooth-Controller-Compatible/dp/B01EO5QPN2

  13. I have this model controller: https://www.amazon.com/Matricom-Rechargeable-Bluetooth-Controller-Compatible/dp/B01EO5QPN2 Is there any way to set it up in the bindings text file so it uses the D-Pad for movement instead of the thumbstick?
  14. Not to mention how Erica technically doesn't even exist, instead being a gender-swapped version of Adam's other brother, Eric.
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