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  1. To me the game is simply an easier version of Vanguard
  2. For me it is because it was my first console and I still have that same console. Another thing I believe it has going for it is it was THE home console during the Golden Age of arcade gaming when video games were a huge cultural phenomenon.
  3. Chopper Command, Breakout and Adventure have been my VCS games of the week.
  4. Yeah I would add that one to my list also. The original Mario Brothers is poor when compared to SMB for NES and DK even for the VCS. Boring boring boring.
  5. What are some near universally popular VCS games that do little or nothing for you? There are two that fit neatly into that category with me and they are Pitfall Just falling into a bunch of holes like ET gets scorned for doing while running around with no music or real sounds. Boring game. Yar's Revenge My least favorite space shooter. Shooting sideways at walls (yawn) Excuse me while I play Space Jockey instead.
  6. Atari 2600 was the biggie when I was a kid. Loved it. When I was a teenager the NES caught my attention but I was around 18 before I owned one so I give the award to the Atari.
  7. Yip, the only arcade games around my area are in a Pizza buffet and marketed toward children. A racing game and one where you shoot baskets. Just simple stuff that gives tickets I think most really casual gamers that used to drop a few quarters just play Android and IPhone games nowadays.
  8. I dig that. Before I owned my Atari I used to daydream of having two or three arcade machines in my bedroom The VCS really was that to me.
  9. Golden Axe (Genesis) 2 hours Golden Axe 2 (Genesis) 3 hours Centipede (VCS) 30 minutes Street Fighter 2 (SNES) 3 hours
  10. Well....played the ROM. For collectors I can see the interest but for 2600 players this game really ain't much pumpkin Boring.
  11. Thanks Thomas! Got it! Now let's see if it lives up to all the fuss
  12. Ah! I didn't read this whole thread....and had no idea Hozer even still existed much less selling RSC pirates.
  13. I'm getting sick of not having a ROM of Red Sea Crossing to play! How long has it been now since we first heard of this game?? Is NO one gonna dump it?
  14. SnexXbox It is working great but the 7800 emulator ain't workin' for shit . I have it loaded with a full romset of VCS and 7800 games but everytime i try to play one it says "No Header. Will have to be configured manually press B button" and when I press the B button it just goes to a menu where u choose PAL NTSC and other useless stuff. Im at a loss on how to play the Atari games.
  15. Got my Modded XBox back and I have to say I am really intrigued by the SNES emulator and games. I am one of the people who jumped straight from NES and Gameboy to the Playstation so I have very little experience with SNES or it's library but now having every ROM right here on the XBox is causing me to really appreciate that system and era. I pretty much missed the entire fourth generation of consoles due to my terrible working hours in the early nineties and having a girlfriend who needed tons of attention Seems some really cool stuff was on that platform.
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