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  1. Yes, they work, many thanks! If there are any other remaining Infocom games you can convert, I'd be interested in those also. They were all great.
  2. With Hello Dan, with the AVG cart and the SIO cable, how do you select multiple ATR files? Does it have some sort of user interface that boots when you plug the SIO cable into the port on the back of the Atari, and you can then select the various ATR files? Also, I have a stock Atari 800 XL with no memory expansion. Would AVG and SIO work for multiple ATR games? Thanks!
  3. Ok, thanks Wrathchild. Any updated files would be great. Ideally, I would think one ATR file runnable on the MyIDE II cart for each of the adventure games would be great, because of the memory limitation on that cart. Or, maybe if it is possible, one CAR or XEX for the Ultimate Cart, which can run large files?
  4. Thanks Wrathchild, but I already tried those with the MyIDE II and when I try to run them I get an error stating the files are too large. I know my Ultimate Cart will run large CAR files, but doesn't run ATR files.
  5. Thanks for the fast responses! One final question: Does anyone know of an XEX or CAR version of the various Infocom adventures that I could run on the Ultimate Cart or MyIDE II cart? Thanks!
  6. Thanks. Looked at the AVG cart and it states: supports ATR files (read/write) – support is limited due to Atari cartridge port constraints So, does that mean it will only load single ATR files? It is not clear what the limitations are? Which would be better, the new Side3 cart or AVG cart? Thanks.
  7. Hi, are there any solutions that allow the loading of multi floppy ATR file games like Lurking Horror? I have an Ultimate Cart and the MyIDE II, and neither seems to support multi ATRs. Thanks!
  8. On a different subject, is there a complete collection of HAGA HDD games available all in one file for download? Thanks.
  9. With your replacement TOS, my Atari STE has the chips soldered to the board so I think that won't work? With the PP HD driver, the version I have is dated 2014. Is there a later one I can get? Thanks!
  10. Ok, thanks. A HAGA version of Barbarian 2 would be great.
  11. Hi, the game I tried was Barbarian 2, it has two .ST floppy images. There was no HAGA version of it that I could find, and it was one of my favourite games on the Atari ST. I have a previous PP HD driver from around August 2019 for the Ultrasatan. I think you're the same person I got the PP HD driver from? From your message, perhaps I should try using http://atari.8bitchip.info/VirtualFloppy.html? I didn't see a download link on that page for the software though. Is there a link? Thanks for the fast reply and the great work on the Atari ST.
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