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  1. Sony Playstation 2 Slim Game System Comes w/Console,Controller,and Wires Great Condition-Works Perfectly-Ready To Play $30 Any Questions-Just Ask!
  2. Sega Dreamcast Complete System Comes w/Console,Controller,Wires,and VMU Great Condition-Works Perfectly-Ready To Play $50 Any Questions-Just Ask!
  3. Sega Genesis 2 Complete System Comes With Everything In Photo Ready to Play-Works Perfectly! $30 Any Questions-Just Ask!
  4. SEGA Saturn Complete System White Japanese Console w/Box Comes with 2 OE White Controllers,Wires,Brand New Action Replay,and 5 Games Everything is in Like New Condition-Works Perfectly-Ready To Play! $125 **SOLD** Any Questions-Just Ask!
  5. 2 or 3 more assholes showing their maturity level in this thread. Don't you people have anything better to do with your time? If you don't like what the OP is selling,then don't buy it!
  6. Selling this Sega GameGear System It has been re-capped,and works perfectly! Very Good Condition Comes with Sega Carry Case,and Sonic 2 game $35 Any Questions-Just Ask!
  7. Selling this Silver Nintendo Gamecube Complete System Excellent Condition-Cleaned and Tested-Ready To Play Comes with all shown in photo $45 **SOLD** Any Questions-Just Ask!
  8. Sega Genesis 2 Complete System Excellent Condition-Ready To Play Comes With Everything In Photo $30 **SOLD** Any Questions-Just Ask!
  9. 1 Console left-added game and controller to this one
  10. I have 2 of these consoles still available!
  11. 1 Dreamcast console still available!
  12. Selling this Sega Genesis/Sega CD combo Both consoles work fine,and are in Very Good Condition The Sega CD has an improvised disc holder due to the original plastic holder being broken.It works just fine holding down the disc while playing.The original magnet is there,with a stiff card glued to it.If you can locate one of the OE plastic holders,it can easily be restored back to original if desired. Comes with Both Consoles,Cables,Controller-Ready To Play $90 Any Questions-Just Ask!
  13. Selling these 2 Sega Dreamcast Consoles Both are in Excellent Condition,Working Perfectly,and Ready To Play! $20 each Any Questions-Just Ask!
  14. Selling this Sega Saturn Game System Console-Cables-Controller Works Perfectly-Ready To Play $60 Any Questions-Just Ask!
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