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  1. I usually have this issue in reverse when shipping from America to the UK. I wonder if it's some kind of trade agreement issue?
  2. What a wretched person. His ex and those kids deserved so much better than this.
  3. Golf for the NES is a good shout, that always helps with me. Diablo clones always help me as well. Grinding for loot while mowing down legions of enemies is quite relaxing.
  4. Wow, nice find. I used to spend a lot of time looking through the Argos catalogue each season and checking out all the newest toys, games and consoles!
  5. I don't need even more games. I've barely played anything from this generation, let alone the next. I'll pick stuff up on PC if they really interest me and make it that way but apart from that I'm done.
  6. I lost inteest in the Amiga but it wasn't overnight. I still love my late 90s PC though.
  7. I don't see the problem tbh? If they're new then of course they won't know all of the finer details and tbh, they don't need to. It sucks that prices rise but I'd rather not be one of those people that gatekeeps based on age.
  8. As per Flojomojo's link you can install it on x64 Windows so long as you use the replacement installer. It probably works quite well in PCEmu now as well. It's still an amazing game Elvis and well worth playing today.
  9. That's probably what I'll end up doing. There's a few people I can ask and get quotes from. Of course part of me says, No! Save money, do it yourself! lol but I'll leave it to someone else.
  10. I've never owned a vintage apple computer but the II GS just really stands out to me as a cool little system. They rarely show up though and usually get listed for £500+. Going back to PCs I do have an Abit KT7-Raid motherboard that really needs a recap. It has an AGP slot, 5 PCI slots and an ISA slot. With 512MB RAM and an XP2100+ CPU it's pretty much the ultimate 9x motherboard for me but I'm terrified of fucking it up. I've never recapped anything and I'll be kicking myself if I somehow kill the board during my attempt.
  11. Depends what you're going for I suppose. Do you have to have that Voodoo instead of a cheap Nvidia card and nGlide? Must you have access to Roland music or the fastest cpu for your particular chipset? Like you say, if you want perfection you'll pay for it. I think in general you can still pick up an old desktop and parts pretty cheaply that will play most games with a bit of tweaking. Other computers? I dunno, they've all certainly raised in value over the past ten years but I guess that's to be expected. At the very least the C64 is still affordable here in the UK which is great since that's the computer I plan to pick up next. The Apple II GS however...
  12. Sounds like a cool idea to me, looking forward to see if he makes any headway.
  13. It's £49.99 everywhere in the UK right now but that's still too expensive imo. If it was £20 I'd buy it just to mess about with.
  14. Things haven't got that out of hand thankfully but I am sitting here after dragging out three old PC's I've scavanged parts from over the years and wondering why I still have them. That's after watching Marie Kondo's new show on Netflix and being inspired to have another round of decluttering which tends to happen when I watch those kind of shows. I do like that PCem has finally reached the point where 3D accelerated games are playable. I've been waiting years for that and I was quite impressed to see G-Police runnning well on it the other day. Life would be a lot simpler if I could transition to emulation only but I just enjoy playing games on real hardware too much for it to ever happen.
  15. I did not reach my goal last year of obtaining Dragon Warrior 2 and 3 heh. I really want to pick them up in 2019. No other goals really, just going to keep playing through my backlog.
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