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  1. Project Neon ? Looks very interesting. Time to get my trigger figners some more training. Thanks for the heads-up Anthony
  2. You know... I really need that Geese Howard stand in my life DEADLY RAVE !!!
  3. Hello my fellow SNK Neo-Geo fans. SNK have decided to partner up their awesome Samurai Spirits / Samurai Shodown franchise with Nissin Noodles. For this reason, a cool animated tv ad was made. You can check it out over here. SNK, The Future Is Now ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eRF7ycmf5tQ&lc=z22qzdkbpqy0jb1tqacdp43ab0afxzwiv2rvfiy3fvlw03c010c
  4. Yo fdurso224 and every other Neo-Geo fanatic on this forum. Congtaulations on the 5 year anniversary, and may there be many more years in which we share are the coolest SNK Neo-Geo related material. SNK... THE FUTURE IS NOW !! And here is some Geese Howard in Real Bout Fatal Fury Special gameplay https://www.facebook.com/robert.leeuwis.77/videos/1228353237314434/
  5. Thanx bro, you know I'm always up for it. Also, cool post about the MVS Labels
  6. Guess who has been playing Real Bout Fatal Fury Special with Geese Howard today..
  7. Once again thank you for posting this one up brother I'll talk to you later because I really got some errands to run (on my day-off !!) Neo Gunloc.
  8. Anthony. Awesome collection brother, keep on rocking !!
  9. Those Samurai Spirits jackets look awesome as well, but for some reason they just aren't my style
  10. Now those are some excellent titles you've mentioned. Personally for me, my favorites are: The King of Fighters '98, Garou : Mark of The Wolves, The Last Blade 2, Kizuna Encounter and of course.. the Real Bout series. Also, I do like 3 Count Bout as well. Greetzz.. Neo Gunloc.
  11. Hello party people. I've recently begun playing Real Bout Fatal Fury 2 again. (An excellent and underrated fighter from SNK) Anyway, here's the video that I posted on my YouTube channel. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G3UFQ5rtkQ0&t=1s See you guys around on the net. (I couldn't get the embedding to work.)
  12. One of my favorite fighting game characters of all-time should be getting a year older if he was an actual person.. cool ! How I remember encountering as a 13 year old playing Fatal Fury on my old Genesis. I just started playing fighting games and was amazed that there was a character that could actually counter-attack you out of a special move. Starting with Fatal Fury Special, he became a playable character, but I missed out at the time because I still didn't have a Neo-Geo at the time. But later on, I got a copy of Real Bout Fatal Fury on the PSOne (wich did get a release in Europe), and what did Geese brign with him to the table ? One of the most difficult to pull of Super-Attacks ever.. The Deadly Rave, wich was a 10-hit combo string that could level an opponent before you knew it. Later on, I finally got my Neo-Geo AES and collected several titles wich featured the big guy himself, including The King of Fighters '96, Real Bout Fatal Fury Special and of course.. The orignal Fatal Fury. So happy birthday to one of the most innovative bad guys in the fighting game genre.
  13. Hey people. More SNK related videos are on the way on my channel. But I'm trying to master The Last Blade 2, a game that is definetly not easy if you're used to playing Samurai Shodown and Guilty Gear after all these years. @fdurso224, thanks for posting and watching my videos dude, I really apreciate it Greetzz.. Neo Gunloc
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