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  1. Yes they are incredibly expensive. If you need new ones they will be for sale at some point this year. I have been working on getting them manufactured.
  2. Really, I will have to check that out. Thank you for letting me know
  3. Pool of Radiance is great and I would play it more often however it doesn't have the fix command that auto-casts healing spells if I remember?
  4. Message me anytime about them. I am a fanatic and have played most more times that I can list. The Savage Frontier and Treasures being my favorite two in the series. I can't tell you how awesome it is to finish off General Vaalgamon and equipment my entire party with +5 weapons with the cloning trick or to have two wizards in Treasures and to finish off whole parties of monsters with duel wielding fireball casters!
  5. RCA decided to be super special and make two box sizes one only very slightly larger than the other hence the problem you are experiencing. I was trying to collect a list of titles that fit the smaller sleeves that I had made while trying to get the larger ones made as well.
  6. Thank you for the feedback. As for the price if you buy in quantity the price drops a lot.
  7. How many would you need and how often would you re-order? Assuming same price structure as the Atari 2600 shells.
  8. I have the blacks shells for sale on my website. I hadn't made the clear ones yet.
  9. Most definately, I have the Atari 5200 shells coming out shortly as well. I also have prototype clear Atari 2600 shells as well.
  10. Yes they are common however is it worth your time to strip Atari 2600 shells of their labels and clean them up when new ones are for sale for cheap? Its certainly an individual question.
  11. Just to inject I already have Atari 2600 shells for sell that are injection molded.
  12. Yes they are still for sale. https://www.mortoffgames.com/index.php?route=product/category&path=300
  13. The protectors have been completed and are really nice. Hope people enjoy them. For sale on my website, WWW.MortoffGames.com. https://www.mortoffgames.com/atari-7800/game-stuff259?product_id=948
  14. I am a purist and re-made the Atari 2600 shells as designed. I have Atari 5200 shells coming next and if people need them I can have Atari 7200 shells made as well.
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