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  1. Interesting question I think its a combination of things, first the Blitter was one of the first components designed at the end of 90 (The Netlist has a date of 29/11/90). At this point in time there was certainly not much talk about texturemapping. The second is that the market start for the machine probably was not late 93 but more like late 92 or early 93 but as the software was not even ready for late 93 that would have never worked out As the developers were from the UK and the Amiga was the dominant machine at this time it looks like they got a lot of inspiration from there so they made the Jaguar an all around flexibel machine with Sprites and the possibility of line drawing support. The main 3d performance problems are very well known today and have been discussed frequently. - No triangle rendering so a lot more complexity in your code. - page misses when texture mapping. There were some changes made between the prototypes and the production machine which slowed down texture mapping according to the eclipse coders, i don´t know what exactly was changed but the only thing that would make sense is that the production machine used some different memory maybe for cost cutting reasons.
  2. The Charity Auction is a great idea. Unfortunately the programmer of the original Atari Falcon Version (and Native etc...) is suffering from a related very bad disease these days.
  3. Calm down guys. There is some tearing in this demo. I don't remember it occurring very often. It happens because of this large white "cloudy" object that passes by, this object is a so called "RMW" object if I recall the name correctly. It basically modifies the content of the pixels, in this case adds to the brightness and is slower because it takes additional reading and writing. It has nothing to do with the Jaguar main bus, the Objektprocessor has simply to much to do and can't finish his line. This was around 1996 when we were all flashed by the fancy Playstation transparency effects. We played around many many hours trying to get this RMW thing rendering but couldn't get it to work because there was only very limited information available. At one point we got it running and it looked like some sort of transparent glass instead of a random mess of pixels. I think we were so hype and pasted it everywhere into the demo. There is certainly A LOT that could be done in this demo to improve performance, first thing that comes to mind is splitting the Object Lists in some horizontal strips to avoid parsing all objects all of the time etc.
  4. Very cool ! That sounds awesome
  5. Do you know if there is a more detailed/higher res drawing availabale for the JagDuo ? I can only find this
  6. Yes mine is a half size model
  7. Here are the stl files. Depending on the printer it may be better to use the two half files with the Panther splitted in the middle into a left and right part. Original 1:1 dimension would be 253 mm x 175 mm x 77 mm. Panther_3D_STL.rar
  8. I ask Matthias if he will share the STL Files as he did some adjustments to get better results on a 3d printer. If you can print one do it, its a very cool looking little piece of Atari history. I always had the impression the original device would be very small but in real world scale, its larger than the Jaguar case.
  9. Inspired by the "We love Atari Vol2" Book I decided to create a 3d model of the classic Panther housing. Our good old friend Matthias Domin was kind enough to do a 1:2 3d print of it. It looks really lovely on my desk So why not share a picture. The Panther would have been sooo cool... well at least maybe.
  10. Sturmwind EX was just released on consoles two weeks ago. There is a Switch and Xbox one Version. A Steam Version is also available since a couple of weeks. Your support would be greatly appreciated. Nice that someone still remembers Native after almost 20 years, it certainly would be time to finish this now
  11. Did you discover some hidden secret features of the 32X ? The 32X VDP is very simple, it doesn't even do sprites. All is done in software on the 32X, there is no chip that can render textured or shaded polygons, it has only one feature that the Jaguar is missing and that is a simple line fill command which might be useful for flat shaded polygons
  12. Just wanted to share a link with a nice interview/podcast with John Mathieson one of the Jaguar Harware developers. There are some interesting little bits about Atari/Jaguar and a bit of Nuon in there. Hope you enjoy it as i did ( start at 3:40 to skip some commercials)
  13. Sorry for the delay. The bonus carts are ready now. We will start shipping them within the next 1-2 weeks.
  14. Would certainly be more in line with the look of the Amiga/ST Version We would like to use a bigger cart for this project (2MB or more) so this should be doable but it doesn't look to be as popular as i expected so its off the list.
  15. The games doesn't run well on an emulator (flickering issues, sound etc) thats why we don't like to put a rom download for now. Patching it to work better is certainly possible but we rather would spend the time on some new stuff now.
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