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  1. Here are some more facts about LynxMod, the MOD-Player has a replay frequency of 6khz, during development we experimented also with 8khz which sounds of course better but needs more memory and cpu time. Biggest Problem on the lynx is the small main memory. During the development of Alpine Games we toyed also with the idea to write a YM-Replay Routine (to replay ST Chipsounds) but we went with the mod route instead. The Effects supported are: 11 Position Jump 12 Set Volume (only supported on Lynx 2) 13 Pattern Break Mods must be converted with a special program, it is available for the Atari ST computers, there is also a PC version available from Sage
  2. Hello You should set the Reloadable depth in SPRCTL1, in your example titleSCB dc.b %11000001 dc.b %00010000 ; <=== Set Hsize, Vsize dc.b %00000000 dc.w 0 dc.w title_sprite dc.w 0 dc.w 0 dc.w $100 ; <== dc.w $100 ; <== dc.b $01,$23,$45,$67,$89,$AB,$EF,$00 Regards Roland / Duranik
  3. There was a small supply problem but this should be fixed now, all US customers should be able to get this from Songird or Video61. The Alpine Games Bonus card is not a real game, it is a collection of small demos.
  4. The "Alpine Games Bonus Card" is now available for everyone. Visit our Homepage to get more information. Johannes / Duranik
  5. What you are saying is totally wrong. Almost every event in Alpine Games has transparency effects, which requires a constant Framerate and redrawing with 60 or 75 Frames per second otherwise you would see a strong flickering. The Figure Skating for example has transparency effects and plays a 4 Channel MOD and is loading and decrunching data in realtime during the game. The main problem with not having music during the events is the lack of main memory and the lynx not beeing able to nicely access data from the cartridge (like all the other consoles do). Playing chipsound music would be no problem at all, but the lack of time and a good editor to create chipmusic was a problem. Therefore we wrote a Modplayer which is a well known format for music creators. We never claimed AG is the pinnacle of all Lynx Games, and to stop this discussion the lynx is a very nice machine, but of course it is no SNES or Megadrive, compare it to GameGear and GB/GBC, thats what it was made for. Johannes / Duranik
  6. Here are a couple of pictures from the cartridge. We are still searching for "okiyasu" one of the winners, if you know how to reach him please contact us.
  7. Seriously, i can´t read all those jaguar is full of bugs things any more. What particular bugs did you stumble across you had to change your whole design due to limitations or bugs of the hardware ? In my opinion most of the hardware bugs people are complaining about today are not hardware related and just buggy source code. Jaguar is a complex machine, most the things should be done in assembler which makes it even more difficult. We had no problems with bugs when we developed Native a couple of years ago and it is using quite a bit of the hardware in the machine. Of course there are some limitations and the most obvious error seems to be the famous network bug. There are some bugs in every system, Lynx, Falcon, Dreamcast, all the newer systems, I don´t see jaguar to be a lot more buggy then those. Johannes / Duranik
  8. Winners are online now. Take a look at Alpine Games contest winners
  9. Of course, all scores have the same chance to win. It doesn´t matter if you have 1 or 5 scores online. Winners will be published within the next days.
  10. Hi, the last day ! send your scores in NOW if you want to win one of the carts. Ciao, Johannes / Duranik
  11. Due to some requests we will extend the date for the Alpine Games cartridge contest till 15.06.2005. This is the last and final date. Regards Johannes / Duranik
  12. sorry, our fault, your score is online now, thanks.
  13. There will be no Native on Dreamcast, but we are in the planning stage of a Dreamcast game. Johannes / Duranik
  14. the cartridge is not a complete game, nothing we want people to spend 20 or 30 bucks, just stuff that is lurking around on our hard drives. Perhaps you overestimate the lynx market, apart from the roms for the emulators, i guess there is no piracy at all. Most likely it would be much more expensive to build a cartridge like alpine games instead of just buying it. I have never seen any of the new releases like Sokomania or Championship Rally on any romsites.
  15. Yes, all scores displayed on the homepage have a chance to win, it doesn´t matter how old they are.
  16. We have started a little Alpine Games "contest". You can win a very rare lynx cartridge. Take a look at www.duranik.com to find out more. Johannes / Duranik
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