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  1. Wether you see a point or not really wasn't in the equation. They were SCSI drives internally, and yes I do realize you could directly hook them directly up to a new host, but not all ST users would have been comfortable doing that back in the day. Seems odd that Atari didn't offer Falcon users (for example) an adapter. And if not Atari, then surely a 3rd party had a solution. That's what I'm curious about.
  2. Was there ever a SCSI to ASCI adapter for the Megafile drives, so that you could attach them to other computers with a SCSI interface? I know the ASCI is similar to SCSI, and the internal drives were SCSI themselves, so it seem technically doable. Please note: I'm aware of the SCSI to ASCI adapters made now that allow you to connect SCSI devices to an Atari ST. That's not what I'm curious about. I'm specifically asking about bringing the Megafile forward to a SCSI computer.
  3. I can't find any YouTube videos on this card or any other (besides Drag 'N Derp) that mount as a disk. By chance, happen to remember where the video is?
  4. But.....you can just plug the cart into a desktop computer, mount the drive, then drag a (homebrew) ROM over to it, right? You don't need the dumper for anything like that, so you can bypass using it?
  5. OOOHHHH.....it's two separate items! My bad. So both the dumper and the flash cart have a USB port? I just didn't see the cart's usb port in the pictures, only the dumper's.
  6. Thanks, but i'm not looking for a dumper. I'm looking for a flash cart that will mount on my desktop as a disk. As far as I know, the Drag 'N Derp is the only that did that.
  7. Looking to buy (or rent if you'd rather hold on to it) a Drag 'n Derp USB cart for Gameboy. I am not interested in any SD card flash cart.
  8. I'd like to see a device that make a 5.25 drive a USB Mass Storage Device. I'm not interested in solutions where you have to use proprietary software to transfer data. 5.25 PC USB Mass Storage device. There has to be some hobbyists out there that can pull this off. Charge what you need to. I'll pay.
  9. I do a review and comparison of the two handheld electronic baseball games that started the craze in 1978.
  10. Cleanup and restoration of a Blip game, then swap out the 42 year old red LED for an auto color changing RGB LED. Really pops now!
  11. Video #2 How load programs from an Apple Watch to an Atari 2600 with the Compumate.
  12. Video #2 How load programs from an Apple Watch to an Atari 2600 with the Compumate.
  13. They still had to reverse engineer the TIA chip. That was not off the shelf.
  14. I had problems getting both Compumates up and running. I had to go through 4 different Atari's to get the pair up and running. Even when cartridges worked, the Compumate wouldn't on some machines, but work fine on another Atari. It seems the Vader models are flakier in general than the older wood grain models.
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