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  1. TF14

    RetroN 77

    I just read that the CV Phoenix also has a Atari 2600 core. Has anyone compared 2600 compatibility on the Phoenix vs Retron 77?
  2. Hello - Has anyone tested Circus Convoy on an ATGames Atari Flashback? Lots of larger size games play on it but Circus Convey is 128k - I don't think I have ever tested a game that size. Thanks!
  3. Has anyone tested the new Atari 2600 game Circus Convoy by with David Crane, Garry Kitchen and Dan Kitchen of Audacity Games on a Flashback? The game uses 128k (or kb?) so it is on the large side. Thanks!
  4. @Hastor - Could post a link to this switch? Didn't see it on Amazon - Thanks!
  5. Hi @Byte Knight! I am looking for both an Intellivision + ColecoVision Flashback upgrade. Can you still do both? Thanks for making this magic happen!
  6. Hi @Bill Loguidice, Will the Legends Flashback continue to be produced or is it being replaced by the Legends Core? Thanks!
  7. Hello @Ikrananka! Do you know if the Ultimate PC Interface is designed to work just with a PC or will it work with a RetroPie? Thanks!
  8. Does the Legends Ultimate now play Donkey Kong with all of the sounds (using any of the ways to bring a game/emulator). Let's exclude using a Raspberry Pi or cloud options. Way back when the Legends Ultimate shipped, there were examples of the DK sounds not rendering but that was many firmware releases back. Thanks!
  9. Glen Planamento shows off an active marquee (from Al Linke) on his Legends Ultimate...
  10. @Bill Loguidice - Since it's almost March, I took the liberty of starting a 2020 speculation thread...
  11. With March around the corner, I thought it would be good to start the 2020 edition of this thread. 2019 was a unique year for AtGames with all of the new releases. The Atari Flashback X looked great - Can we have that plus paddle support in 2020 to resurrect Kaboom! as a paddle masterpiece? And of course we will be looking for any news on a Stella upgrade in the Flashback. Lots more to look forward to in 2020!
  12. @Space Invader Thanks for this thread! Can you confirm how the paddle game play works well playing Kaboom! with the ATGames paddle set? Overall, I am hoping there is no "jitter" or delay. Thanks!
  13. Things are getting interesting... PDubs Arcade Loft modded an Arcade1Up into an AtGames Legends Ultimate...
  14. Retro Ralph mods his AtGames Legends Ultimate Home Arcade with Ultra Street Fighter 4 custom artwork from https://www.szabosarcades.com/products/legends-ultimate-street-fighter-4
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