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  1. mvo

    Space Game

    Do you want some pointers for level 12?
  2. Yes. Also, with the element of the "smart bomb" timer, it is difficult to pad scores, so I wanted to give a good idea of what a completion score would be.
  3. As the co-creator of the game, I have more than a bit of insider knowledge, so I'm not trying to enter the competition. Just thought I'd share what a decent "finish the game" final score is. I realized that the public .bin most people are using does not include the bonus level, so I purposefully avoided it on this attempt. Really glad that people are enjoying the game, and very impressed with the current high score! /\/\aggie
  4. mvo

    Space Game

    Thanks a bunch! So glad you enjoy it!
  5. mvo

    Space Game

    I'm so glad that you liked the game, and cannot wait to see how everyone does. I had never played it on these settings before, so I had to give it a shot. It really makes it feel like the later levels WAY TOO EARLY! Great challenge, though. I want to try and improve my score. I really didn't expext to finish it on my first try. Thanks for including the game!
  6. Thanks so much! I had way too much fun putting it together, and my friend's husband totally NAILED the artwork. Besides the cover art, we used his original pencil sketches throughout the manual, and they really add a lot of flair.
  7. I noticed in the documentation included with the nominees for Best WIP that you still need a title tune for this WIP. I would be interested in taking a crack at it if you still need music. I did all the music for Space Game, and don't have a WIP that needs music at the moment. Just let me know!... And congrats on the nominations yesterday!
  8. Thanks! It was a rush job, but I was pleased with the result!
  9. I am super excited to see Mappy for the 2600! The department store nearest our house had Mappy in the foyer, and it quickly became my go-to game.
  10. I will be there! Maggie Vogel - MVo - Plymouth, IN Thanks, Albert! /\/\aggie
  11. mvo

    Space Game

    AWESOME!! Thanks so much for featuring our game. It was really fun to see real-time reactions of players figuring out the nuances of the game. Part of me wishes that I could have played the game without the insider knowledge of how the powerups/downs work and how each of the aliens behave. Figuring that stuff out is part of the fun. I've been meaning to post some game footage so that people could see a couple of the bosses and the wormhole sequence after each boss. If I can figure out how to post, I'll try to do that this week. I think I'm finally done tweaking the manual, so hopefully we are close to actual release. Really enjoyed the show. Karl & I have been playing other Homebrews lately. Planning on checking out past & future episodes! Thanks again!
  12. mvo

    Space Game

    Thanks! We commissioned it from a good friend. He really knocked it out of the park. The line drawings of the aliens in the upcoming manual are amazing too!
  13. mvo

    Space Game

    This is the second time that I've beaten the game outright. Even though I helped design the game, it still feels like a real achievement. I cannot wait for our official cartridge release!!!
  14. I have my original controllers, but the overlays have been lost over time. Thanks!
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