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  1. How does copyright work on robotic voices? I had (have) an entire folder of words the Speak & Spell can say, which I intended on using for a scrapped game I was making in college that was a hybrid of Berserk and Windjammers. I was always curious if the Speak & Spell voice font was copyrighted and if so, if there was a royalty-free voice font people could use for games since I also dig the sound. I believe with Vocaloids (such as Hatsune Miku) you get a personal commercial license when you buy the software, but I could never find the legality of using older sound fonts in games. If Intellivision does own the Intellivoice and can license it out to developers (maybe by providing .ogg files of individual words it has said originally) I would totally be down to use said voices in my games. With permission, I'd also be willing to generate an Intellivoice sound bank if I knew which game sounds were free to use. Sorry for the tangent, but this is an incredibly niche topic of gamedev that has had my interest for years!
  2. Thanks for replying Tommy! As I alluded to earlier, I can't really be paid for my accessibility consultant work within the game industry. I've only really been compensated with travel in the past. I just love making and playing games, and honestly I am doing nothing at the moment. Payment in Intellivision stuff is fine by me. Another idea I forgot to add to my original post is the Amico is THE device to have an accessible game jam on. I was so fixated on accessibility initially I forgot to ask to be a developer, but I am interested to see what I can do accessibility-wise with your already existing dev-kit. I think an Intellivision-backed game jam having to do with accessibility would result in many developers coming up with interesting ways to use the controllers and phones for accessible gaming. I participated in Train Jam a few years ago (a game jam for people on a train traveling to GDC) and fully intended on making an accessible game for AirConsole, a cloud-based gaming service that uses phones as input devices much like the Amico optionally can do. However, I forgot that I couldn't access the internet on the train, so my ideas for that game jam never came into fruition as I had to make something playable offline. I'm really attracted to the Amico as a platform because you (and presumably everyone at Intellivision) get just how many people play games. I've had many arguments online in the past about those in nursing homes, candy crushers, disabled folks like me, etc are not real gamers. I'm surprised how many people in and out of the game industry still push the real gamer narrative. I've always held the opinion that if you play games, you're a gamer. The Amico seems all about inclusivity and the marketing conveys it well. To me, the Amico and accessibility almost have a symbiotic relationship. I believe the more accessible the Amico is, the more successful it will be. I also see the better the Amico's games and innovations are, the better it'll do at installing itself in unlikely markets. Love what you're doing, keep it up! Thanks.
  3. The Amico is shaping up to look pretty interesting, but I'm still wondering how accessible it will be to play for people with disabilities. I've personally never gotten an original Intellivision because of its controller being rather difficult to control with my feet. I reached out to the Amico team as soon as their website went live about accessibility and making the system more accessible, but never heard back. Legally, all game consoles have to adhere to a variety of accessibility standards for operation, in addition to apps having to meet a minimum accessibility requirement. I've helped Xbox over the years with making their system more accessible, even testing their Xbox Adaptive Controller since its inception. I have also done tons of app development and QA directly related to accessibility, and of course have plenty of experience playing/making games as well. This isn't me begging for a paid gig, either, as making money is actually detrimental to my way of life (thanks US disability services!) The main reason I am so vested is that I see tons of potential for the Amico in terms of accessibility. I can totally see the Amico being used in therapy, rehab, nursing homes, and so much more. Nothing ever replaced the Wii in nursing homes for example, where I can totally see the Amico being that replacement. There's plenty of awards given out every year for accessible toys and tech that I think the Amico has a good shot at winning. But, the accessibility of the software and hardware have to match and exceed the Amico's potential. I would love to talk to Tommy more about Amico accessibility and eventually, see Intellivision itself speak on the topic. I'm excited for the Amico if I can play it, but would be much more interested if I knew of its accessibility and knew my feet could kick ass with its controllers.
  4. I've just picked up a Game.Com and am slowly getting games for it. It sucks as a PDA, but I love its dedicated hiscore screen where you can easily see your scores for every game. Its puzzle games are actually fun to play!
  5. This news started me down a long road of emulating these games through MAME. There's a surprising amount of Tiger LCD games supported in MAME right now, including X-Men Project X and Transformers Generation 2, which are both getting re-released. I went ahead and pre-ordered Sonic 3 at my local GameStop and the clerk was stunned I went in to preorder one of these, haha. I'd get any of these for $5 on clearance, but they got my money with any Sega re-release. I'd love to see NiGHTs, Castlevania SOTN, and Sonic Adventure down the line as these three games I'd love to have but not for their used asking price. My personal favorite game (that I still own) is Gauntlet; supported in MAME but comes highly recommended from me should a re-release happen!
  6. The TMNT micro arcade game looks fantastic. It is single-player only, but all Turtles are confirmed to be selectable and it is the arcade version. Its Framerate doesn't look great, but I am ready for later arcade games to get the re-release treatment and cannot wait for TMNT. It'll look great next to the excellent TMNT pinball release last year. Hoping for a pair of Terminator 2 gun/pinball games down the road! Over the holidays, I was gifted my first MyArcade product, the Dig Dug micro arcade player. I was excited to get this as it is the first official western release of the Tower of Druaga Famicom I'm aware of, but it has a glaring issue I cannot overlook. It removed features from the original games. I just wrote an Amazon review, but it isn't up yet so I'll post my review here as well. I was fine with the games being Nintendo/Famicom ports. I have wanted a dedicated, western release of the Famicom version of Tower of Druaga so I was very excited for MyArcade to release this product. Unfortunately, MyArcade butchered the Tower of Druaga port, along with both Dig Dug ports. How? Simply put, MyArcade did not bother putting a select button on this Micro Player, despite putting a B button on the unit that does absolutely nothing. There is a "select button" but it only chooses a game when you power on the system. What does this mean? Each game is missing features present in their original Nintendo/Famicom form. Tower of Druaga had a continue option right on its main menu that would start you at Level 1 with all items you collected previously by pressing select (see attached screenshot). I'm positive Continue is still present on the main menu, just with the words blacked-out. Both Dig Dug and Dig Dug II have Level Select cheats that are activated by pressing Select + A + Start on the title screen, after scrolling. None of these features are possible without a select button. So what's the big deal? In my opinion, these features had no reason to be removed and all of them would be great on a portable device. I doubt anyone is going to go through every level in Dig Dug on the MyArcade in one sitting (the batteries would die long before you hit the last level for sure) but with the level select code, I can see plenty of people (including myself) digging their way to the last level. As much as I love Tower of Druaga, getting every required item in one run is a daunting task, which would be made way less daunting if I could continue the game with the items I collected after game over. And yes, Tower of Druaga has tons of required items with complex requirements to spawn them that you need to beat the game. MyArcade didn't include a Hint Book or even a decent description of Tower of Druaga with the Micro Player, so I really think it stinks most people buying this product will barely even play Tower of Druaga given how poorly the game is represented. A quick aside from this review, but if you haven't yet, play Tower of Druaga with a Hint Book. It's an impressive game that inspired so many classics (Zelda) that should not go unplayed by anyone! You get speed shoes in the second level by killing three black slimes which makes the game pace good so stick with it and have fun! As for the product itself, I find the battery life to be poor and the screen incredibly cheap. The aspect ratio isn't quite right as each game has some degree of uneven pixels (screen shimmers when scrolling). I do love the micro-switched Start button and wish that along with a micro-switched select button, and I'd maybe love for the A button to be micro-switched as well. The form factor of the Micro Player is great. As I mentioned earlier, I wish they included a printed Tower of Druaga hint book so more people can enjoy the game. In conclusion, I cannot recommend any product that took inferior ports of arcade games and made them worse than they originally were. I was actually content with playing Famicom ports of these games primarily because I wanted to own Tower of Druaga Famicom in some official capacity. But to remove features present in the original games? I'm not cool with that. I also feel the Tower of Druaga got represented poorly in this package due to the lack of its continue option (which isn't even a cheat code, just an option on the main menu) and the manual lacking information on the game's hidden treasures. This was my first MyArcade product and will be my last until the company puts more effort into their products.
  7. I'm biased and prefer his Power Rangers game (direct download https://gamejolt.com/games/power-rangers-beats-of-power/30577/download/build/434090) but he has been putting work into TMNT the last few years, so I'll try it out. Hoping he finishes his Power Rangers Zeo game someday...
  8. Under A1UP or AtGames? Either way, I doubt we'll get any of the Sega games. This will either be an Atari trilogy A1UP cabinet or AtGames putting the three Atari games on their cab.
  9. Agreed. The middle gamers are basically holding hands in the promo picture!
  10. Twenty-something here and the Marvel cab will likely be the one A1UP cab I buy. Hoping these are still hackable as while I love the game selection (Marvel Super Heroes is my favorite CPS-2 fighting game), Marvel vs Capcom 1 belongs here. TMNT would also interest me, but I was never a fan of its button layout and being authentic, the A1UP version has not changed anything about it. That and I've heard A1UP's 3 Player Rampage was very uncomfortable to play, so I can't imagine 4 player TMNT is going to play that much better...
  11. Arcade1Up just announced Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Marvel Super Heroes cabinets, coming later this year. https://www.forbes.com/sites/andyrobertson/2019/06/10/new-teenage-mutant-ninja-turtles-and-marvel-super-heroes-home-arcade-machines-announced/#25bb1ef41e2b The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will feature two games: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1989) Turtles in Time (1991) The Marvel Super Heroes machine will provide thee games: Marvel Super Heroes, X-Men Children of the Atom, The Punisher
  12. At given the jumbotron isn't displaying anything, I'm guessing this uses software emulation with some outdated emulator? Not a good look. And Mario Kart 64 isn't some obscure custom-mapper game only released in Japan or similar, it's one of the best selling games on the system. EVERYONE will immediately notice something is wrong.
  13. I wouldn't mind buying a few of these mags if they heavily focus on neo geo pocket and do not have scans available online. not sure if there's an easy way to tell contents of each issue. ive been (slowly) working my way through translating some japanese ngpc manual scans using ocr, but would love to do the same for mags focused on ngpc as well (select articles at least).
  14. But how many are unique games? I'd guess 120 games+10 previously licensed titles are the total amount of unique games from hardware. And then how many of those are in new Atari Flashback console compilations? All told, maybe you could hit 200 Atari games if you also include licensed Disney/Data East Atari games, assuming they still retain distribution rights for everything. 1042 is a wildly inaccurate guess. Even if 200/350 of the games end up being every AtGames-distributed Atari game ever, how many of those are shovelware? Who here would sit down for an afternoon on their arcade playing Basic Math? I believe I've said this elsewhere, but I'm sure the market research shows adding shovelware to these devices to pump up the total number of games correlates somewhat to sales. I'm expecting plenty of garbage and the ability to hide said garbage, but I doubt many games included will be played by anyone.
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