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  1. I'm biased and prefer his Power Rangers game (direct download https://gamejolt.com/games/power-rangers-beats-of-power/30577/download/build/434090) but he has been putting work into TMNT the last few years, so I'll try it out. Hoping he finishes his Power Rangers Zeo game someday...
  2. Under A1UP or AtGames? Either way, I doubt we'll get any of the Sega games. This will either be an Atari trilogy A1UP cabinet or AtGames putting the three Atari games on their cab.
  3. Agreed. The middle gamers are basically holding hands in the promo picture!
  4. Twenty-something here and the Marvel cab will likely be the one A1UP cab I buy. Hoping these are still hackable as while I love the game selection (Marvel Super Heroes is my favorite CPS-2 fighting game), Marvel vs Capcom 1 belongs here. TMNT would also interest me, but I was never a fan of its button layout and being authentic, the A1UP version has not changed anything about it. That and I've heard A1UP's 3 Player Rampage was very uncomfortable to play, so I can't imagine 4 player TMNT is going to play that much better...
  5. Arcade1Up just announced Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Marvel Super Heroes cabinets, coming later this year. https://www.forbes.com/sites/andyrobertson/2019/06/10/new-teenage-mutant-ninja-turtles-and-marvel-super-heroes-home-arcade-machines-announced/#25bb1ef41e2b The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will feature two games: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1989) Turtles in Time (1991) The Marvel Super Heroes machine will provide thee games: Marvel Super Heroes, X-Men Children of the Atom, The Punisher
  6. At given the jumbotron isn't displaying anything, I'm guessing this uses software emulation with some outdated emulator? Not a good look. And Mario Kart 64 isn't some obscure custom-mapper game only released in Japan or similar, it's one of the best selling games on the system. EVERYONE will immediately notice something is wrong.
  7. I wouldn't mind buying a few of these mags if they heavily focus on neo geo pocket and do not have scans available online. not sure if there's an easy way to tell contents of each issue. ive been (slowly) working my way through translating some japanese ngpc manual scans using ocr, but would love to do the same for mags focused on ngpc as well (select articles at least).
  8. But how many are unique games? I'd guess 120 games+10 previously licensed titles are the total amount of unique games from hardware. And then how many of those are in new Atari Flashback console compilations? All told, maybe you could hit 200 Atari games if you also include licensed Disney/Data East Atari games, assuming they still retain distribution rights for everything. 1042 is a wildly inaccurate guess. Even if 200/350 of the games end up being every AtGames-distributed Atari game ever, how many of those are shovelware? Who here would sit down for an afternoon on their arcade playing Basic Math? I believe I've said this elsewhere, but I'm sure the market research shows adding shovelware to these devices to pump up the total number of games correlates somewhat to sales. I'm expecting plenty of garbage and the ability to hide said garbage, but I doubt many games included will be played by anyone.
  9. I'm interested but am worried that with 350 games included, the vast majority will be shovelware, padding out the collection to 350. If this arcade includes every game off the Atari Flashback collections, Data East carts/mini arcades, and 80s Disney arcade/Atari games, I doubt that's even 250 games in total. Adding additional games from the Atari and Genesis PnP systems, terrible shovelware included, I still can't come up with 350 total games...
  10. Make a Rock N' Sock 'Em Robots toy using the IP and congrats, you've made the best game in the franchise! Thanks for responding to my post; Metal Masters is now on my want list. I would love to see an Atari Jaguar port! And I had no idea a Primal Rage film was coming. That's cool I guess, but I was disappointed WB didn't re-release the Rampage games to modern systems (and reprint to classic systems?). I am afraid the same will happen with Primal Rage, which is a shame because Primal Rage 2 could be finished and distributed through the right company if its source code still exists.
  11. Well, my "Japanese" Neo Geo Mini came in this afternoon, and it isn't the Japanese version. It's the International Neo Geo Mini in the Japanese cabinet, the cabinet I already have, except in came with a single Kyo marquee sticker instead of G-Mantle. I am too lazy to send it back (I got a decent deal...), so I decided to hack it. I would have been fine with just restoring the Japanese firmware, but the hack image floating around also comes with multiple pre-built emulators and games, in addition to the original 40 Japanese games. The included FBA emulator in the hack plays Neo Geo games perfectly (as expected, though the games are their MVS versions), and the CPS-1 games also run fairly well. CPS-2 has a bit of slowdown and sound lag, it didn't come with any 6 button fighters, and interestingly there's a pornographic puzzle game among the FBA rom list, but what's there is definitely worth checking out. What isn't worth checking out is most of the other emulators, those being GBC, GBA, NES, Genesis, and SNES. All of them have non-integer scaling, lack of battery backup (save states do work) and sound issues, ranging from NES and Genesis with "okay" sound to GBA and SNES having sound so bad it actually hurts to listen to. GBA doesn't have L and R mapped to anything, so most of its games are unplayable (I only could play Super Mario Advance, many games that may work end up crashing). NES seems fine, but the included game selection is piss poor, with Namco PacMan and Ninja Gaiden being by far the best. No Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Mega Man, or really any of the usual Famiclone games are present. GBC emulation is the definition of okay, not broken but with shimmering and sound channel issues, it's not worth bothering with its 15 Pokemon games and 10 Winnie the Pooh/Yogi Bear kid games. Genesis is the only emulator worth checking out as while it does have minor sound issues and shimmering, the game selection is solid and it plays better than anything AtGames ever put to market. Super Nintendo, however, is rough. Lack of buttons is obvious, but the game lag and sound are the worst I've seen in emulation. And I played bsnes on Intel HD Graphics! You can play more games with a USB drive, but why would you do that? In short, if you MUST play games on your Mini outside of FBA, Genesis is the only library worth your time. As for Magician Lord on my International Mini? Love it but damn is the AES version difficult! Infinite continues are nice, but you don't respawn right where you die like in the MVS version. And reloading a memory card save puts you back to the beginning of the level! There isn't a difficulty select, but I am assuming it's on easy as you get 3 hits (6 powered up) instead of 2 (4) hits. Despite that, I find that respawning right where you die is far more valuable, so I won't be playing much AES Magician Lord until I'm better at the MVS version (which I now have on my hacked Mini). Love the game, but it is really difficult and I'm stubborn to use save states. Trying to stick to internal memory card saves only, which means I'll have to 4CC Shock Troopers/2nd Squad as I learned today neither have memory card support. I guess this is a first impressions again, but I do love both of my International units. I'll try to more formally review both in some capacity eventually, and when I do, my posts here will be great to reference back to.
  12. Thanks. I'd have to figure out how to record footage for longer review, but I can definitely type up the script. I'm getting the Japanese version in the mail today so I can compare the two. I've put well over 20 hours into the International version by now, and most everything plays great. The one strange glitch I've run into is when playing Crossed Swords, the text language will jump between Japanese and English at random. I found one archived post elsewhere reporting the same glitch. I was not able to replicate the behavior in FireBurn Alpha on my PC, though I can't say for sure what triggers it. My Mini also runs warm if played for more than an hour, but otherwise, it's great.
  13. I'm a 90s kid, one who didn't grow up on DOS at all, and the only IP I know my generation would recognize from Piko Interactive is Duke Nukem 3D. I know a few more IPs listed, but Switchblade is not one of them. Human faces with crap paint put me off to most action figures, and Switchblade definitely falls into that category. A Duke Nukem figure with shades could work, but my interest would increase exponentially if there were also alien figures such as Pig Cop. You don't own the IP, but a rerelease of the Primal Rage figures from the 90s would be my ideal retro figure. I collect Power Rangers stuff to this day, and the brand, build quality, and Megazords are what keep me interested. The Megazord designs and connectivity are great. Like Transformers before, Megazords were designed as toys first so that gives them more appeal over the competition.
  14. Horizontal games are included on the Namco Museum MyArcade? Why? I can't see Splatterhouse and PacMan 2: TNA looking or playing well at all on it. Could be worth it for the vertical games, but this is MyArcade we're talking about. Their emulation and joysticks have been historically trash.
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