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  1. I'm in need of a couple of these cables too. I have an INTV 2
  2. Rikki and Vikki Bentley Bear's Crystal Quest Dungeon Stalker Frenzy/ Berzerk Serpentine This is not to say I don't enjoy the other homebrews. Hard to pick five, honestly.
  3. Interest, yes, being able to afford it, no. This collection has everything I was missing from the collection I recently sold.
  4. I used to keep a paper list of my scores when I was a kid, but I mostly post my scores on highscore.com. it is usually more fun to try to beat someone's score or just compare your best to others. Lately though, that site has been getting flooded with trolls so I am about to go back to just keeping a personal record.
  5. Heh. My reputation score is 69. Cue Beavis and Butthead laugh...


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      I'm gonna "like" this and ruin everything. Sorry/not sorry

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  6. ITEM HAS SOLD Intellivision Controller Overlay Lot -- Note, not interested in splitting it up at this time. Asking $50 USD or reasonable offers. Would be interested in trading for some 7800 stuff I don't currently own. PM if interested. Manuals are a mix of original INTV games, a couple of Homebrews, and some from the INTV Flashback system released a few years ago, 48 games total in various condition, but most in great shape. Shipping extra but is only a 3 oz package so it won't cost much even for International buyers. List of Overlays: 1. Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2. AD&D: Treasure of Tarmin 3. Armor Battle 4. Atlantis 5. Astrosmash 6. Auto Racing 7. B-17 Bomber 8. Beauty & The Beast 9. Bomb Squad 10. Bowling 11. Bump n Jump 12. Buzz Bomber 13. Checkers 14. Chess 15. Crown of Kings (Flashback’s AD&D) 16. Demon Attack 17. Football 18. Golf 19. Hockey 20. IceTrek 21. Las Vegas Poker & Blackjack 22. Lock n Chase 23. Major League Baseball 24. Minotaur (Flashback’s Treasure of Tarmin) 25. Mission X 26. Mouse Trap 27. Night Stalker 28. Nova Blast 29. Old School (Homebrew) 30. Pinball 31. Princess Quest (Homebrew) 32. Reversi 33. Royal Dealer 34. Sea Battle 35. Shark! Shark! Sharp Shot 36. Snafu 37. Space Battle 38. Space Hawk 39. Space Spartans 40. Star Strike 41. Sub Hunt 42. Swords & Serpents (Left Wizard & Right Knight) 43. Triple Action 44. Tron Deadly Discs 45. Tron Maze a Thon 46. Utopia 47. Word Fun 48. World Championship Baseball
  7. I think it would be easier to pick a "worst game' than worst game company. I'm also of the mindset that there were some good and bad in nearly every game company. I will say this much, as a kid I hate Sky Jinks, and that would have topped my list back then, but now I don't think it is all that bad. But if you have to pick a worst game company for the 2600, it could be argued Atari itself was the worst. Yes, they made the company but also broke it. The fact that people are making games today that outshines most of the original library is evidence of that fact. Obviously, games like ET and PacMan were rushed out, and compared to what these games could gave been with a bit of polish, then it could be argued that they were the worst. Granted, I like both games but we have seen improvements on both games by those who hack and make homebrews. Those Taiwan Cooper games take the cake for crappiest box art, though.
  8. I personally would love a 7800 Mini. The only issues may be some of the great arcade games published on the system might be an issue,but then again, Namco seems to be generous with licensing compared to some other organizations, like EA, who made One-on-One and Touchdown Football. But if a 7800 Atari Mini was made, there are certainly enough unique games as mentioned in my past rant to offer something different. In all honesty, with the 7800 having such a small library, homebrews included, you could put basically the whole library onto one. Sadly, I don't think there is enough of an audience for any decent company to invest in it, so it would end up being another ATGames project, and I find most of their work to be subpar. From what I've read here, 7800 emulation is not as developed as it has been for other systems.
  9. I'm not entirely sure how to respond, but in my opinion, the allure of the 7800, as with any system, lies in the exclusives. As far as the originals go, Desert Falcon, Food Fight, Ninja Golf, Midnight Mutants, and Alien Brigade are all good exclusive games. I've preferred many of the 7800 arcade ports over the NES ports despite sound issues. I doubt anyone would argue Ikari Warriors on the NES beats the 7800. The Homebrew community has made the 7800 even more exciting by adding both more obscure but great arcade titles like Armor Attack II, Astro Blaster, Astro Fighter, and Moon Cresta onto the console, along with amazing ports of more well known games like Pac Man Collection, Frogger, Burger Time and Q-Bert (albeit with some name changes). The homebrew community has also created some 7800 exclusives like T:Me Salvo, Bentley Bear, and my personal favorite, Dungeon Stalker. The 7800 is a very underrated device. As much as it cost to buy the more obscure gems like Midnight Mutants, it isn't incredibly difficult to collect for the 7800... well except for Tank Command because that game is so damned hard to find. I have recently streamlined my collection. As far as keepers go, here are mine: 7800 Original Run -- Ballblazer, Dark Chambers, Desert Falcon, Dig Dug, Food Fight, Mario Bros, Ninja Golf, F-18 Hornet, Winter Games (Sentimental value, mostly), Robotron, Tower Toppler, Xevious and Xenophobe. 7800 Homebrews -- Asteroids Deluxe, B*nq, Beef Drop (Pokey version), Bentley Bear's Crystal Quest (until I beat the game, which I haven't yet), Crazy Brix, Dungeon Stalker (can't stress this one enough, this one is awesome), Frenzy (also has Berzerk, yes), Froggie, KC Munchkin, Meteor Shower, Serpentine, T:ME Salvo, Pac-Man Collection (fast Ms Pac Man), Alpha Race, and Rikki and Vikki.
  10. I had a really nice INTV ruined by a fire. It had decent controllers. Recently I got an INTV 2, and the controllers on it are extremely stiff. I wanted to get the adapters to use INTV Flashback controllers on regular systems, but Intellivisionaries apparently doesn't make them any more. So, does anyone else make similar adapters or any other controllers for use with an INTV?
  11. Once upon a time I saw a Missing In Action manual for the 7800 on eBay. I assumed it was fake knowing the title is only sold in Homebrew stores but did anyone make an actual manual of the game?
  12. If this Pokey One thing works for other Homebrews I assume they could be used for this game as well? I'm going to need a new copy someday but I'm in a game desert so no Ballblazers to be found here.
  13. OK, I'm not privy to programming and whatnot, but is there any way to make a Game Genie-like add-on to just plug a game needing a Pokey chip into the add-on before plugging it into the 7800? If the AudioVox can run separately I don't see how this idea would not work.
  14. I have subscribed though my AtariAge name and name I use on Youtube are different.
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