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  1. I had a really nice INTV ruined by a fire. It had decent controllers. Recently I got an INTV 2, and the controllers on it are extremely stiff. I wanted to get the adapters to use INTV Flashback controllers on regular systems, but Intellivisionaries apparently doesn't make them any more. So, does anyone else make similar adapters or any other controllers for use with an INTV?
  2. Once upon a time I saw a Missing In Action manual for the 7800 on eBay. I assumed it was fake knowing the title is only sold in Homebrew stores but did anyone make an actual manual of the game?
  3. If this Pokey One thing works for other Homebrews I assume they could be used for this game as well? I'm going to need a new copy someday but I'm in a game desert so no Ballblazers to be found here.
  4. OK, I'm not privy to programming and whatnot, but is there any way to make a Game Genie-like add-on to just plug a game needing a Pokey chip into the add-on before plugging it into the 7800? If the AudioVox can run separately I don't see how this idea would not work.
  5. I have subscribed though my AtariAge name and name I use on Youtube are different.
  6. Well I unfortunately could not take advantage of the free game but I ordered 2 games, you have to direct me where to send the Ballblazer sacrifice
  7. It is a relief to know it'll be back. I want the Pokey version, just bought a Ballblazer cart recently. Its sacrifice won't be forgotten...
  8. There's a 7800 Klax floating around. It was actually the first homebrew title I found oneBay, and whoever sold it mentioned this site.
  9. Sold the homebrew game, the CIB console is still available
  10. I bought Circus when it was first offered on the AA Store
  11. I'll order one once it is available. I might have to buy a copy of the first one again
  12. Ah ok, but at the least, this one doesn't have it on the side of the system. This console has served me well for quite a few years but I have a modded 7800 on the way so I don't need two of them.
  13. This 7800 does NOT have the expansion port, sorry for those looking for one. I used it for over 5 years; it played Space Shuttle but not Robot Tank
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