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  1. I have subscribed though my AtariAge name and name I use on Youtube are different.
  2. Well I unfortunately could not take advantage of the free game but I ordered 2 games, you have to direct me where to send the Ballblazer sacrifice
  3. It is a relief to know it'll be back. I want the Pokey version, just bought a Ballblazer cart recently. Its sacrifice won't be forgotten...
  4. There's a 7800 Klax floating around. It was actually the first homebrew title I found oneBay, and whoever sold it mentioned this site.
  5. Sold the homebrew game, the CIB console is still available
  6. I bought Circus when it was first offered on the AA Store
  7. I'll order one once it is available. I might have to buy a copy of the first one again
  8. Ah ok, but at the least, this one doesn't have it on the side of the system. This console has served me well for quite a few years but I have a modded 7800 on the way so I don't need two of them.
  9. This 7800 does NOT have the expansion port, sorry for those looking for one. I used it for over 5 years; it played Space Shuttle but not Robot Tank
  10. Item is sold. Atari 7800 Console complete with box, all manuals, 2 controllers, the RF cord with the RF to Coax adapter, power cord, an extra box for the controllers, and the Pole Position Game. Everything is tested and works. This 7800 survived a house fire, so it has some slight scratches on the metal surface and the pause button is slightly lower than the other buttons but it does not interfere in its usage. All pics were taken the morning of 8/7/19 and is stuffed in the package box waiting for a buyer. This price is in USD, since I live in the USA. Not interested in trades at this time. Price: $78.00 Shipping is not included, box weighs 9.5 pounds and the dimensions of the box are 22x17x11. I live out in the sticks so my only real choice at the moment is the USPS. Please send me your zip code so that I may calculate your shipping. Example USPS Shipping Rates Anchorage, AK -- $38.58 San Diego, CA -- $28.61 Toronto, Canada -- $64.95 Atlanta, GA -- $23.62 PM me with your zip code if interested so that I may give accurate shipping costs. The close you live to Nebraska, the cheaper it will be. There was a separate listing for Super Cirus AtariAge CIB but I sold that to a fellow AA member, so I only have this game 4 sale
  11. The only downside to needing the manuals was the fact no one had the manuals when they resold them at yard sales and flea markets. But my least favorite game on the system as a kid was Sky Jinks. I have raised my opinion of that game as an adult but as a kid I despised that game.
  12. On a related subject, how feasible would an 8 bit or 16 bit console be today designed with the latest technology? We don't have the limitations of the 70s and 80s so there could be less slowdown/ flickering, and could be designed in a way to make programming far easier for people who want to program but lack the skills. I get more excited about new games for older consoles (and spend more money) than I do on mobile phone devices or the latest consoles. Would that have been a better option than a system that does what everyone else is already doing?
  13. Non-Homebrews Top 5 Midnight Mutants Ninja Golf Food Fight Fatal Run Desert Falcon Homebrew Top 5 Pac-Man Collection Rikki & Vikki Bentley Crystal Quest Super Circus Atari Beef Drop Of course, I'd love one with a full collection of 7800 games but I know how challenging that can be. I also recognize that AtGames hasn't exactly been the greatest at emulation over the years, and the 7800 doesn't have a great emulator community IMO. Still, the 7800 was the system I grew up with so I want it to get some love.
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