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  1. BTW, if anyone wants to try to negotiate with a reasonable offer, I'm willing to listen. Again, after my recent issues with eBay scam artists, I'd rather it sell here.
  2. I've had a recent problem that apparently has been a problem with a lot of eBay sellers. I sell games I'm done playing with on eBay and recently I got an order for one game. Not big sale, just $9 plus shipping, and as usual I paid my shipping via eBay since I get a shipping discount AND they automatically log the . Well, 4 days after it ships, while it is still en route through USPSm, the buyer puts in a refund request for "item not received." I found that to be odd, so I looked it up, and the address is to a business front in Wilmington DE, and there have been numerous BBB complaints made as the company is a front for Georgian scammers (Russian Federation, not the US State). eBay game the scammers their money back but I was able to reclaim my monry from eBay, but it wasn't easy. The account is rokaram9 (since eBayers technically can't leave "bad buyer" reviews, I left a "positive" review warning folks about them). But each buyer has a different name. Mine was "Guram Karamanian" but the Paypal account lists the name as "Vano Trashvil." Other BBB complaints list different buyer names so the "buyer" may just be a bot. Here is further info on them: Inex Group, LLC 2601 B W 6th St Wilmington, DE 19805 https://www.bbb.org/us/de/wilmington/profile/mailing-services/inex-group-llc-0251-92002123/customer-reviews
  3. I already have it on eBay. I'm unwilling to pay those eBay reserve fees just to satisfy a curiosity. I'm entertaining best offers there but I have to charge more there because of the eBay fees. Reserve not met: $5.00 or 7.5% of reserve price, whichever is greater (maximum fee $250) Charged whether or not your item sells. So if say, the top bid was "tree fiddy" but my reserve price is $500, then I'm out nearly $30 in fees. I'm on a fixed income so I'll et someone else try it. I was doing this in hopes that someone would recognize this as a bargain. The problem I have is I'm now far from civilization so shipping costs are probably a sticking point. It is also a problem when getting shipping supplies. It isn't easy finding the right size boxes. I'd rather it sold here than eBay. I've been hit twice by eScammers over the holidays. I just want to get rid of this stuff so now it feels like a burden, but at the same time, I'm trying to get enough to get back some of the money I spent.
  4. PM me with your Zip Code/ country so that I may get a shipping quote. Ships in a 9 oz box USPS First Class or USPS Int'l if outside the USA UPDATE -- Sold on feeBay
  5. Price $220 plus shipping Included in this lot: A/V Modded 7800: Note that the power button is a little bit fussy. I have to push it hard to turn it on. It came back to me this way when I sent it to get modded but the system turns on so I didn't want to send it back to adjust the power button. Including Power and A/V cord along with an A/V to HDMI converter box. Includes 2 Painline controllers. Four Games: Includes Serpentine, Frenzy, Tower Toppler, and Xevious. Sepentine and Frenzy have manuals. Includes a 20 game holder for your Atari games. AtariVox: The newer version, I bought a year ago from AtariAge. Includes a controller cord extension needed to plug AtariVox into the console and the manual. Note: Rikki & Vikki is NOT included in this lot, the pic was used from my last posting sio you can see the system working, I just didn't want to have to unpack the system to take another pic. SHIPPING IS NOT INCLUDED! Contact me with your Zip code/ location so I may be able to estimate shipping. Box is super thick corrugated cardboard and package weighs 11 lbs, 2 oz, and the dimensions are 16X14X13, so shipping isn't going to be cheap the further from SE Nebraska you are.
  6. Special has many meanings. Sometimes, they're special because they're the go-to games and sometimes it was attached to some kind of other meaning, like it was a special gift. I got my first Atari (7800) at a time when everyone was getting into NES, Limiting myself to just Atari, the games I enjoyed most (or has the most nostalgia for other reasons) on my 7800 console were: 2600 -- Adventure, Haunted House, Defender, Pac-Man (yes, I loved the shitty old Pac Man game), Ms. Pac-Man, Journey Escape, Space Shuttle, Double Dragon 7800 -- Ms Pac-Man, Desert Falcon, Dig Dug, Food Fight, Xevious, and F-18 (special gift from my mom) Going beyond that -- Arcade -- Mr Do, Legendary Wings, Black Widow, Popeye, Shy Shark, Xevious NES-- Wizards & Warriors, IronSword (first game I beat), Double Dragon 1 & 2 (2 was the second game I beat but I utilized the seven lives trick to do it), Mega Man 3, Final Fantasy, Dragon Warrior, Zelda 2 (even managed to beat the game) SNES -- Final Fantasy IV and VI (or "2" and "3" as we knew it back then), ChronoTrigger, Zelda Link to the Past, Street Fighter 2 (the original reason I got the SNES), Final Fight, Illusion of Gaia, Secret of Mana (hated it at first but grew on me) PS1 -- Granstream Saga (very underrated game), FF7 (I still prefer 6, though), Parasite Eve, Wild Arms In terms of anything more modern, I love the Resident Evil, Silent Hill (downpour was my favorite), Dragon Quest, and Mega Man franchises and have beaten every maiun game in each series save MMX Command Mission. However, I rarely find myself going back and replaying modern games I've beaten because beating many modern games require a lot more investment. Now that I've had the privilege to play new games for Atari, I have new special games for my 7800-- 2600 Homebrews -- Ature, Aguna, Space Cactus Canyon 7800 Homebrews -- Dungeon Stalker, Beef Drop, Pac Man collection I may come back and delve further into my early experiences in gaming.
  7. I have a physical copy on Switch and a Vita copy on digital. I find the touch screen ov the Vita a bit lacking but the touch screen on the Switch is very responsive. It is great for Breakout.
  8. I'm just curious, is there a reason why this is going to be a Kickstarter project instead of published by AtariAge? Is this going to be some kind of limited run title where only the kickstarter backers get a copy? I'd be more than happy to buy a copy, but I'm in a position where my near future is uncertain. I'd just hate to miss out due to my current life circumstances because I've been awaiting this project for a long time.
  9. Dungeon Stalker is my personal favorite. i've wondered about Travi the Traveler thing though. Is it even a playable game?
  10. I have never had a problem with playing 2600 homebrews on my 7800. If you're into ARPGs I'd suggest getting a copy of Ature or Anguna, and maybe pre-order Deepstone Catacomb.
  11. I also suffered a fire but I lost my desire to collect since then. I never knew there were so many 7800 games out there. Someone should honetly write a book about just the 7800. It may be for a very niche audience but I'd buy it.
  12. Of the games on this list, Desert Falcon was my favorite as a kid. That and Xevious. I only had the 2600 version of Double Dragon and I beat that one.
  13. I'd like one but considering how light these things are, why stuff it in a priority flat rate box? How much do these things weigh? i'd just ship it in a padded envelope and send first class, and that'd cut down shipping costs considerably.
  14. What's the address? i'll send you two games that don't work, and I won't worry about the store credit, i just need to make space.
  15. Dungeon Stalker, Meteor Swarm, and T:me Salvo are all homebrews that give off the old arcade vibes
  16. Depends on whether you were adding only originals or only homebrews. For the originals, I'd go with the hard-to-find exclusives, maybe Ninja Golf, Midnight Mutants, Fatal Run and Basketbrawl (of course, you may want to substitute one of these for Food Fight, as it is a fun exclusive) For Homebrews, I'd say Pac-Man Collection, Bentley Bear, Rikki & Vikki and Beef Drop (although my favorite is Dungeon Stalker, and a case could be made for Super Circus Atari) Just sticking with 4 is hard
  17. I'd love to see a Popeye on the 7800. I'd also like to see Mr. Do! These were among my favorite arcade games back in the day. I'd love to see Legendary Wings too someday. That was another favorite. I don't know the first thing about programming, however, so I can't do it. so maybe someone someday will try it.
  18. I wish more homebrews would make boxes that look like the old Atari boxes no matter if it is original run, the red boxes, or the silver ones. Hell, I'd love to see a Telegames mock up. Even better, if someone could replicate the hand drawn art of the early boxes.
  19. I never owned a Colecovision system, just a Flashback, so this will be a first for me. When should I expect to see this latest batch of Phoenix systems be sent out?
  20. I imagine computer class wasn't easy for her...
  21. I'm in need of a couple of these cables too. I have an INTV 2
  22. Rikki and Vikki Bentley Bear's Crystal Quest Dungeon Stalker Frenzy/ Berzerk Serpentine This is not to say I don't enjoy the other homebrews. Hard to pick five, honestly.
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