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  1. True but it's out of stock and who knows when it will be available again, this is also cheaper, but I can't find any review of it.
  2. Has anyone used this and how is it compared to the retrotink 2x? I see it's a knock off of it. I need it primarily to record C64 games by plugging it in to elgato HD, I play on CRT.
  3. I'd say the PS2 because it's a jack of all trades, king of none. Neo geo mvs and Sega Saturn excel in fighting games. SNES and PS1 in JRPGS while also being good for platformers. N64 excels in racing games and 3D platformers. But what does the PS2 excel in? Nothing except for being able to play DVDs but game wise ..... it's okay I guess.
  4. This week: Dreamcast: Wind and Water Puzzle Battles- 3 hours Neo XYX- 2 hours Last Hope Pink Bullets- 1 hour Atari 2600: Jaw breaker- 2.5 hours SG-1000: Bomb Jack- 1 hour and 13 minutes Congo Bongo- 48 minutes Chack n pop- 2 hours MSX: Bomberman- 3 hours Pooyan- 1 hour Bosconian- 1 hour and 20 minutes
  5. What's included? C64c system 1351 mouse (cib) Manual Modem (cib) Atari 2600 joystick RF modulator Power supply I'm in the US, I don't do international shipping.
  6. Thanks, I'll try to open it up to insert the pcb by itself to see if it works.
  7. I noticed that it doesn't fit in the slot, so is there some kind of adapter to make it work on my NTSC Atari 2600? I'm aware of the vídeo output issue PAL games have on NTSC TVs, but I already have a solution for that.
  8. Please let me know if you have one you are willing to part with, and tell me how much you want for it.
  9. Please let me know if you have one you are willing to part with, and tell me how much you want for it.
  10. Is there a PDF version? The deadline for my speech is before the ítem can even arrive.
  11. Does know any good sources for my "Failed gaming systems" speech? I have to do a speech for my speech class that has: At least 1 book At least 3 articles No more than 2 websites as my sources
  12. Hello, I'm trying to play C64 games on my sd2iec but I came across a few titles that did not work at all (they were probably PAL), California games, Turrican, Turrican 2, and Scooby doo. I tried the supposely NTSC fixed Turrican imagen from this website https://csdb.dk/search/?seinsel=releases&search=turrican&all=1 But none worked. If you have any of the roms I am looking for please post it, I would really appreciated it, or if there is a collection of NTSC fixed games that are known to work on the sd2iec that would also be cool.
  13. Thanks for the input everyone, I sent it to Ray a few days ago so I think I'm good to go.
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