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  1. Thanks! I'm using RGB and i live in PAL territory, but i'm swapping out most of my pal consoles for NTSC consoles because i just want that true ntsc experience (And who wants that green led when the red one is clearly cooler looking 😎😂)
  2. I've been searching the internet for an answer on this but no luck so far. I know there's a timing difference with some consoles (Mega drive, Snes, Saturn, N64, Ps1 for example) due to different frequency oscillators between PAL and NTSC consoles resulting in the timing being slightely off when a PAL console is running in NTSC mode when compared to an NTSC console and vice versa. Is this also the case with the jaguar or are the frequency osccilators the same in PAL and NTSC jaguar consoles?
  3. Can you sign me up for a cased cartridge?
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