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  1. If you like the "Megaman" style of game progression with a catchy soundtrack and have a childhood crush on Barbara Eden, then this is the game for you.
  2. SOLD Bought this jacket off of Playasia about a year ago. Brand new with tags and has just been sitting in my closet (smoke free home) since I received it. $115 shipped in the US. Material: Front, Lining, Insulating Material: 100% Polyester / Ribs: 95% Polyester, 5% Polyurethane Size: XL Approx. Length 74cm, Width 63cm Manufacturer Cospa Sold out at Playasia Now you too can look as good as the best veritech fighter pilot at UN Spacey (better than that wimp Max Sterling).
  3. Please delete post. Game acquired. I'm looking for Starfleet Academy for the 32X with manuel. Thanks.
  4. Some stuff removed, some stuff added and some prices lowered.
  5. I really enjoy the 2nd Doctor's adventures. However I typically gravitate towards the 4th & 7th. It's hard to pick one.
  6. Please delete post. Games acquired. LMK if you have these 2 games with asking price and pics. Thanks.
  7. Any Doctor Who fans on AtariAge? Below is a list of DVDs that I have available. All are in great shape and from a collector’s home. If you buy 5-9 DVDs I’ll include a 5% discount off the total cost. 10+ will get 10% off the total cost. Shipping is not included. 1St Doctor An Unearthly Child = $5 3rd Doctor The Three Doctors = $8 Planet of the Daleks = $5 Frontier in Space = $8 4th Doctor The Face of Evil = $10 The Robots of Death = $5 The Talons of Weng-Chian SE = $10 The Deadly Assassin = $5 The Keeper of Traken = SOLD Logopolis = SOLD 5th Doctor Castrovalva = SOLD Four to Doomsday = $5 Black Orchard = SOLD Time-Flight = $5 The Visitation = $5 Earthshock = $5 Kinda = $5 6th Doctor The Mysterious Planet = SOLD Mindwarp = SOLD Terror of the Vervoids = SOLD The Ultimate Foe = SOLD 7th Doctor Battlefield = $10 Survival = $8 Ghost Light = $8 The Curse of Fenric = $10 8th Doctor The Movie SE = $30
  8. SOLD I’m selling off my Model 2 Genesis with 32X. The bundle includes all the necessary wires and components. The biggest difference is that this set comes with a SCART cable and DUO M2 A/C plug. This plug was built to power both the Genesis and 32X with just one outlet (instead of two). Also comes with 2 six-button Genesis controllers. One controller does have a little plug damage but still works perfectly. Otherwise everthing is clean and works great. See pics below. Asking $200 $150 (includes shipping in the US). * Update* I found the Genesis componet cable and will include with the sale.
  9. SOLD New, never used, Sega Genesis Model 2 Retrovision YPbPr Component Cable. $50 shipped in the US. Link to website details: https://www.hdretrovision.com/genesis
  10. SOLD I have a white Mega SG that has less than a dozen hours of play. While it doesn't come with a controller, I will include a Genesis Super Scaler Multi-cart (Comes with Outrun, Space Harrier 2, Super Hang-On, After Burner 2) + a free mystery cart! Asking $160 (US shipping included).
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